May 1894

Tuesday 1st   It rained all day.  Henry was out shooting all day.  I mended the hearth in dining room.  Went down to the Steamer in evening.

Wednesday 2nd   It was a fine day.  Henry hauled up from the Wharf 1 Sack Maize,  2 Coils Plain Wire,  1 Coil Barb wire  & 2 large Parcels Drapery from Rushbrook & Co.
I was shingling the closet.

Thursday 3rd   Henry was shooting.  I finished shingling the closet.  Made a path at the back gate.  Went to Mrs Fordhams for tea, it was Claras birthday.

Friday 4th   It rained all day.  We were unable to do any work out of doors.  Henry sent some game by Charlie to Warkworth  to go by steamer to Auckland.

Saturday 5th   Willie & Henry went to Tomarata shooting.  I was making a path to the  Dairy.

Sunday 6th   It was a fine day,  I read service in the afternoon.

Monday 7th   I was making a path to the closet and burning clay.  Henry & Willie came home in the evening.

Tuesday 8th   Henry went shooting round here & Willie went shooting up the hill.  I put in a new gate post going into the pigs paddock.   Mr & Mrs Pratt came here and staid for tea.  Mrs Pratt staid all night as she is going to Auckland in the Steamer tomorrow.

Wednesday 9th   The boys went down to the Steamer in the morning to see Mrs Pratt off.  I was digging Kumeras.  Henry made a maul.

Thursday 10th   We burned off the fern above the farm orchard also the tea tree near Mr Wyatts in the morning.  I dug Kumeras in the afternoon.  Henry was burning heaps on the farm.

Friday 11th   It rained last night and also this morning, it was also blowing very strong.  We sowed grass seed above the farm orchard, also by the Koeroa.  Killed a sheep in the evening.

Saturday 12th   It was showery all day, and was blowing very hard.  Was too wet to do much out of doors.

Sunday 13th   It was a fine day and very calm.  Revd R. McKinney was to have preached in the Hall in the morning, but on account of Mr Southgate’s death he did not come.  Revd J. Law preached in the pm.  Walter was here for tea.

Monday 14th   I was cutting fern & tea tree in the Barley Paddock where Willie is cutting firewood  in the morning.   I was burning clay and forming the road in the pm.

Tuesday 15th   It was sowery all day.  Henry was shooting.

Wednesday 16th   It was a fine day.  Henry was shooting.  I sowed grass seed on the hill behind Mr Wyatt’s house.

Thursday 17th   It was a fine day.  Henry & Willie went shooting to Pakiri.   I sowed grass seed next Frearson’s fence in the Barley Paddock.  Cleaned out the pig sty & closet, formed the road & burned clay.

Friday 18th   It was a fine day.  Willie was working here to day helping Henry cross cut some Puriri logs for posts near Henry‘s garden.  I was burning the tea tree for the fence near Mr Wyatts.  There was an entertainment in the Hall in the evening given by the Whangateau mistrel troupe, all of us went but Jane.

Saturday 19th   Willie & Henry went shooting, but only brought home 2 Pheasants.  I was burning clay etc.  There was a meeting of the Farmers Association in the Hall in the evening, but there were very few present, no business was transacted.

Sunday 20th   It was a fine day.  I taught Sunday School and read service in the afternoon.  Maud and Willie went up to Pratts in the pm and Henry went to Pakiri in the evening to be ready for shooting tomorrow.

Monday 21st   The wind has changed round to the NE and threatening for rain.  I was doing odd jobs round the house.  Charlie killed a beast and we too 75 lbs and we have to return an equal quantity when we kill Masie.  I sowed some Cabbage seed in a box near the closet.

Tuesday 22nd   It rained nearly all day.  I was asked to go and read the funeral service over H. Dyer’s boy who died last Sunday night but on account of the weather I was not able to go.  Maud,  Willie  & Henry returned from Pakiri.  Mrs Pratt returned from Auckland in the Steamer but on account of the rough passage she was very ill and had to stay at Harper’s all night.

Wednesday 23rd   It was a fine day, but the ground was very wet.  Mrs Pratt came up here until they came over with horses to fetch her.  Willie was working here to day, he and Henry were splitting posts, and in the afternoon we commenced to put up the fence from the gully at the bottom of our orchard to Mr Wyatt’s fence, we are putting the posts 8 ft apart.

Thursday 24th   It rained very heavy last night, but it was very fine today.  Willie was helping us again today putting up the fence.

Friday 25th   There was a very heavy shower of rain in the morning, but it was fine for the remainder of the day.  Put in two Straining Posts in the fence between our orchard and Mr Wyatts.
Willie was working here to day.  In the afternoon he split some posts near the farm orchard and we commenced putting in the posts up the steep hill to the big gate.  Henry went down to the wharf  to haul up some goods for us, at the same time he hauled some goods for Harper.

Saturday 26th   Henry was shooting all day.  Willie & I were working at the farm orchard fence.

Sunday 27th   It rained all last night and it was showery all day.  Revd R. McKinney held service in the Hall in the morning, Maud & Jane went.  I went over to Joe Wyatts in the afternoon .

Monday 28th   It was a fine day.  Henry was out shooting all day, Willie was working with me.  We finished putting in the posts on top of the hill, hauled up the straining posts from the bottom of the orchard and put one in just before dark.

Tuesday 29th   Wind very strong from the W,  with slight showers.  Willie was not working here to day.  Henry was out shooting all day W Browns infant son was buried this afternoon at the Pa cemetery.  I read the service at the grave.

Wednesday 30th   It was a fine day.  Henry was sowing grass seed near Mr Wyatts lower side of the path in the morning.
I put the struts to the straining posts, bottom of the orchard and Mr Wyatts fence.   Willie was working here in the afternoon, he and Henry cut off a block of Rata to make rollers, afterwards Willie put in the Straining post near the hedge of the farm orchard.  I bored the straining post at the big gate.  Henry sowed grass seed on the farm across the creek up the gully.

Thursday 31st   It was a fine day.   Willie was working on his own account cutting firewood.  I put the struts to the straining posts round the farm orchard in the morning .  I made rollers in the afternoon.  Henry finished sowing grass seed on the farm.