December 1902

Monday 1st   It rained nearly all day, a steady rain without wind, and it came over misty in the afternoon.

In here are the Marsden Electorate results

Tuesday 2nd    The rain that fell yesterday has done a great deal of good in softening the ground.  We dug the piece of ground between the young Peach trees where the Early Rose Potatoes were growing.  Willie and I went down to the Steamer in the afternoon, it was the “Claymore” and she arrived here about 1 pm, so when we went down there was nobody about and the tide being low, the Steamer was anchored out from the wharf.

Wednesday 3rd   It was a fine day with the exception of a few slight showers.  We commenced digging the piece of ground the other side of the path, before the rain you could not get the spade into the ground.  In the afternoon we sowed 2 Rows Dun Beans near the path.

Thursday 4th   It was a fine day.  Minnie came round from Ti Point in the “Kawau“, she had dinner here and then Jane went back with her on Empress.  We picked some Peas for the first time this season.  Willie and I continued digging the piece of ground we started yesterday.

Friday 5th   It was fine in the morning.  We continued digging the piece of ground, there was a shower of rain in the middle of the day and we had to knock off, but we managed to finish it later in the afternoon. It was very showery after that, and Jane came home after that in the rain.

Saturday 6th   It rained nearly all last night which has thoroughly saturated the ground.  Wille rode to Ti Point to fish and brought home a large baracouta and two schnappers.  I was fixing up the smoke house for a Dairy in the morning, and in the afternoon Charlie and I went to lay out some work on the road between Harpers & Gravatts.

Sunday 7th   The wind is blowing in and it was a dull day.  Willie walked to Ti Point to spend the day.  I went to the Bible Class in the morning, and I read service in the Hall in the afternoon , there was only a small congregation.

Monday 8th   It was a fine day.  I sowed a row of Lettuce the top side of the house, also 3 hills of Pie Melons.  Willie was cleaning the Strawberries, in the afternoon Willie and I sowed a double row of White Dutch Beans.
In the evening Archie & Jim Dunning came to get me to witness their signatures to some deeds.

Tuesday 9th   It was a fine day.  Willie took the Eggs down to the Store in the morning.  We went down to the Steamer in the afternoon, it was the “Claymore” that came this week.

Wednesday 10th   It was a very hot day.  I rode to Pakiri first thing in the morning. The Floral and Industrial Show was held to day.  Jane came later in the day.  The Show was a great success.  We took 9 Prizes between us.  I had dinner at Joe Harpers, I staid for the concert and came home after,   arriving home at 12.20  .

Thursday 11th   It was a very hot day.  Walter Frearson was married to Miss Langdon in Auckland today and they came up in the “Rob Roy” this evening.

Friday 12th   It was a very fine day.  Walter Frearson is going to give a Dance in the Hall this evening to celebrate his marriage.  Willie and I took some flowers down to the Hall and helped to decorate.  We all went in the evening and enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday 13th   It was a fine day.  I went down to the Hall in the afternoon.

Sunday 14th   It was a fine day.  Willie rode to Ti Point to spend the day.  Jane went to Bible Class in the morning and I read service in the Hall in the afternoon.

Monday 15th   It was a fine day.  Willie went fishing to Ti  Point to catch bait to take to the fishing excursion tomorrow.
Willie took the Eggs down to the Steamer in the evening, and I took the bullock down to the wharf and hauled up a box of Groceries from Dumpers.

Tuesday 16th   It was a fine day.  The McGregor Co placed the SS “Claymore” at the disposal of the settlers for a fishing excursion.  About 60 persons availed themselves of the trip, the Steamer started from this wharf at 8 am, and steamed to Simpsons rock between the Little Barrier and Mokohinau, fishing lines were soon got out & a large schnapper & a hapuka were caught, when the steamer lost her anchor, and as it was blowing very strong and most of the excursionists were sea sick, it was decided to put the Steamer about and steam for Point Rodney and Goat Island, where a few fish were caught, and then we came back to the wharf again .  It was unfortunate that it was blowing so strong, we anticipated a pleasant outing, and on account of sickness no one enjoyed themselves.  Mr Masson came up with me and staid all night.

Wednesday 17th   It was a fine day.  I went down to the wharf first thing in the morning to see Mr Masson off by the “Claymore“, he is going away for his Xmas holidays, a week earlier than usual on account of sickness amongst the children.

Thursday 18th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were mending up the farm fence round the orchard.

Friday 19th   It was fine in the morning.  We got all the Sheep up from the paddock at the back of the house, we killed one wether and then put the remainder out in the front.  While we were killing the sheep we had a visit from Mr Laing representing Donald and Edenborough.  I gave him an order for 100 Fruit Cases.
It came on to rain in the afternoon and rained steadily for 14 hours.  There should have been a meeting of the Farmers Union in the evening, but on account of the weather, it did not come off.
Willie went down for the mail, I got a letter from Jack.

Saturday 20th   It was still raining when we got up, but it cleared up afterwards .  I cut the sheep up and did odd jobs .  I went down to the village in the afternoon, carried some sand up.

Sunday 21st   It was a fine day.  Wind blowing pretty strong from NE which is drying up the ground.  Willie rode to Ti Point to spend the day , he took them a quarter of mutton.  I read service in the Hall in the pm, there were only a few present.
I gave notice that I would discontinue the service after this date.

Monday 22nd   It was a dull day with very little sun, wind bowing from NE and every indication of rain.
We sowed Maize broadcast on the piece of land in the garden with a slight dressing of B & B and dug it in, the ground worked well.  In the afternoon we sowed 2 rows of Dun Beans next the others between the peach trees.

Tuesday 23rd   It was a fine day.  We caught 17 hens and put them in to a coop and hauled them down to the wharf to send to Auckland for sale.  The “Rose Casey” came this week .  Grace Simpson came up by her to stay with us.  We also received a Case of Hams that the boys sent us from Te Araroa.  There was a Xmas tree in the Hall in the evening, Willie and I went, but Jane and Grace Simpson staid at home.

Wednesday 24th   It was a fine day.   Alf Wyatt came first thing in the morning to borrow Empress to go to Warkworth, on his way to Auckland.  I went down to the Store in the afternoon to post some letters.

Thursday 25th   Christmas Day.  It rained last night and early this morning, but cleared up later in the day.  Just before dinner Noel Wallace put in an appearance, having come up to Warkworth last night as Alf Wyatt and he brought Empress back  We were all very glad to see him.  After dinner we all went down to the village.  The boys played a scratch Cricket match Noel played with them and got 12 runs, the girls played Tennis.  Alf Wyatt came up with us for tea and we played a rubber of Whist.

Friday 26th   Boxing Day.  It was a fine day.  After dinner we went down to the beach to the usual Picnic that is usually held there.
In the evening there was a Hall Social , there were a good few present and we spent a very enjoyable evening.  The sum of £3 . 0 . 0 was taken at the door for admission.  After the Social was over, the “Rob Roy” came in from Auckland bringing Flo’ Simpson, George Simpson and Harold Torkington came up by her, Miss Simpson and Harold came up here.

Saturday 27th   It was a fine day.   Flo and Grace Simpson , Harold and Willie walked over to Ti Point to spend the day, returning here in the evening.
Noel Wallace borrowed Albert Wyatt’s horse and he and Jane rode to Pakiri over Pratts hill down to Big Omaha and home by the Claim.  After tea Jane and I went to see Noel off by the “Kawau” which called in here about 9 pm on her way to Auckland.  We were very sorry to lose Noel, but he has to be at the Bank on Monday morning, but he might possibly come up again for the New Year.
There was a meeting of the Road Board in the Board’s Office in the afternoon, I was present.

Sunday 28th   It was a fine day.  Revd Marshall (Wesleyan) held service in the Hall in the pm .  Jane, Flo Simpson and I attended.  I went to Alec Haskells for tea.

Monday 29th   It was a fine day, but rather windy.  Jane, Willie, Flo and Grace Simpson went to Ti Point to spend the day, they went sailing in the harbour and had a pic – nic on the sand – spit.  Willie brought home a large schnapper.  I staid at home and did odd jobs and wrote a long letter to my sister Jane in England.

Tuesday 30th   It was a fine day.  Jane and Grace Simpson rode over to Williams (Big Omaha) returning in the afternoon.
Willie and I went down to the “Claymore” in the afternoon.  I took the Eggs to the store and a large bunch of flowers to the Steward on the Steamer.

Wednesday 31st   It was a fine day.  We killed a ram Lamb that had a long tail.  Harold  &  Wilfred and George Simpson were here in the afternoon and for tea.  We had a game of cards in the evening.