November 1906

Thursday 1st   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were digging in the farm orchard all day.  Noel rode to Ti Point in the afternoon, returning in the evening.
Mr A. McNeill representing the Egg & Poultry Co called here in the afternoon.
Heard that Mrs Jas Lord had died this morning.

Friday 2nd   It was a fine day.  Willie and I finished digging that portion of the farm orchard where the Orleans plums are.
In the afternoon Willie took the bullock down to the wharf as we thought there was a Sack of Maize and a Sack of Bran for me there, but he found that it had not been shipped, so he hauled up a cask of tar for the Tennis Club.  Mr Roose came here and staid all night, we were playing at cards.

Saturday 3rd   It was a fine day.  We gave Mr Roose a small order after breakfast and he left soon afterward.  I went down to the village to post a letter, also to the wharf, the “Kawau” called in from Mangawai while I was there bringing the remains of the late Mrs Lord  to be buried at Pakiri tomorrow.
Willie and Noel Wallace went down to the Goat Island beach with their pea rifles.
Willie Dunning came to spend the evening, we played at whist, cribbage and three handed euchre.

Sunday 4th   It was a very fine day.  Jane, Willie and Noel Wallace walked over to Ti Point to spend the day, they went out in Joe’s yacht for a sail, they returned home at 10 pm.
I rode up the hill in the morning calling in to see Mr Kempt Senr who has been ill.  Next I went to John Greenwoods where I had dinner,  afterwards Mr & Mrs John and the two boys went with me to Pakiri to attend Mrs Jas Lord’s funeral, the attendance was very large, I read the service at the grave, she was buried alongside her father, mother & brother (Gravatt).  After the funeral I went with Mr James Greenwood to his place for tea, and had a look round his farm, his potatoes look beautiful, returned home in the evening in the company with Mr & Mrs Arthur Greenwood who had been spending the day with his parents.  Arrived home at about 8 pm.

Monday 5th   There was a shower of rain in the morning, but it soon cleared up and was afterwards a fine day.  I was digging a little in the garden and hoeing in the orchard.  Willie was mending a fence between the farm & Mathesons.
The latter part of the afternoon I went down to the village to post some letters, also went down to the wharf to meet the “Kawau” which arrived from Auckland about 5.30.  She landed for me 5 Sacks of Fowl feed.
Mr Avey gave me a Herald in which I saw the death of my old friend and neighbour Mr M. M. Kirkbride  M H. R,  of Mangere who was born on the 15 August 1848 at Ulleskelf, Yorkshire and came to Auckland in the ship “Portland” arriving on July 23rd 1863, they brought a small improved farm of Mr Angus Stewart, which is now owned by Mr C. Gravatt and took up bush land on Razorback which they partly cleared and sowed in grass.  This place is now owned by Mr Arthur Greenwood.

Tuesday 6th   It rained during last night, but it did not sink very deep into the ground.
Noel, Willie and I went down to the wharf at noon when the “Kawau” called in on her way to Auckland, we carried up some maize & bran.  In the afternoon I went up to Mr Handbys to crush some Maize for the chickens,  Willie got the bullock up and hauled up from the wharf 3 sacks of Fowl food.  In the evening, Jane, Noel & I went down to spend the evening at Mr Archie Dunnings, we played at cards, and spent a very pleasant evening.

Wednesday 7th   It was a fine day.  Noel rode to Matakana to see his Aunt  (Mrs Joe Smith).   Willie hauled the remainder of the fowl feed up from the wharf.  (2 sacks).  Jane went down to the beach and staid.
I was down when the steamer came in, and I carried up a parcel of drapery that came from Mr J. B. Roose.

Thursday 8th   It was a fine day.   Willie returned from Ti Point at 10.30.  I went down to the wharf to see the “Kawau” off,  Mrs Moody who came up last night went away by her.
Noel Wallace returned from Matakana about noon.  We were digging in the orchard, the ground is very hard.  Jane returned from John Wyatts after playing Tennis.

Friday 9th   When I awoke in the morning it was raining and found that it had been raining more or less all night, but not in any quantity as the ground is still very hard.
Willie and Noel walked over to Ti Point to spend the day, returning in the evening.
Being the Kings birthday there was a holiday at the School and Mrs Carr organised a picnic to the Goat Island beach, but it was a disagreeable day there being several showers of rain & hail.  There was a Euchre party in the Hall in the evening to get funds to get toys for the Christmas Tree,  Jane, Noel & I went.

Saturday 10th   It was a fine day.   Willie and I were digging in the morning and I in the afternoon.  In the afternoon Willie & Noel went fishing to the Goat Island.  The “Kawau” arrived here at 9 pm from Auckland on her way to Mangawai.  Revd J. T. McWilliam  arrived by her.  Jane and I were down to meet the steamer and Mr McWilliam came up with us.

Sunday 11th   It was a fine day.  We lent Empress to Mr McWilliam to go up to Mr John Greenwoods where he would get a horse to go to Pakiri for service and then over Pratts hill to the Claim Hall and back here in the evening.
Willie and Noel went over to Ti Point to spend the day returning here in time for tea and service.
I went up to Mr Handbys in the pm.
Revd J. T. McWilliam held service in the Hall in the evening,
55 present,  Collection 17/6

Monday 12th   When we got up it was blowing very strong from the N,  soon after it commenced to rain and rained steadily all morning.
After dinner Willie returned John Greenwood’s horse that Mr McWilliam had borrowed, and brought Empress back to our place.
We all went down to the Tennis Court in the afternoon, Noel and Mr McWilliam were playing with the young people.  There were several showers and they had to knock off.
Mr & Mrs Archie Dunning and Willie came up to spend the evening, we were playing at cribbage and euchre.

Tuesday 13th   There was a heavy shower in the morning, but it was very fine in the afternoon and evening.
In the morning Noel rode over to Ti Point to say good bye to the people over there.  After dinner we all went down to the Tennis Court,  Willie Dunning and Mr McWilliam tried conclusions in singles.  Mr McWilliam beat Willie 6 games to 3.  We returned home for tea and then we all came down to the wharf to see off Mr McWilliam & Noel Wallace we shall miss them very much as we have enjoyed their company.

Wednesday 14th   It was pretty fine in the morning, but showery in the afternoon.
Willie carried the box of Eggs down to the steamer, I am sending the Eggs to the Co-operative Eggs Company for the first time.

Thursday 15th   It was a showery day.  Willie and I were pulling up tea tree behind the cottage all day.

Friday 16th   It was blowing very strong from SE.  The “Kawau” did not go to Mangawai as advertised.  A showery day.  Willie and I were pulling up tea tree behind the cottage all day.

Saturday 17th   It was a very fine day.  The weather seems to have taken up again.  Wind SW.   Willie was digging round 6 Burbanks the far side of the orchard.  I was hoeing in the orchard.  The “Kawau” called in at noon brought 2 patent egg boxes.
We all went down to the Tennis Court in the afternoon, I carried up one of the patent egg boxes.

Sunday 18th    It was a beautiful day.  Revd  E. G. Evans held service in the Hall in morning, there was a good congregation , Jane and I went, afterwards we went to spend the day at Joe Wyatts.
Willie rode over to Ti Point and staid all night.
There was a Salvation Army service in the evening.

Monday 19th   It was a beautiful day.  Willie returned from Ti Point in the morning, bringing a large Yellowtail  (fish)  with him.
I stuck the 2 rows of peas and dug up between the rows afterwards.  Willie was hoeing ground next to the pigs paddock and manured 6 hills ready to sow with Pumpkins.   I cut one of the patent egg boxes in two, to hold 14 Doz.
Gus Neeley came to tell us that he would come to shear tomorrow.

Tuesday 20th   It was very dull in the morning and we thought it was going to rain, but it turned out to be a very hot day.
Gus Neeley came to shear, we got the Sheep in from the farm in the morning, and we were shearing all day, Gus stayed here all night.
There was an entertainment in the Hall in the evening, a Keinomatograph & singing, none of us went, we heard that it was not well attended.

Wednesday 21st   It was dull again this morning, but it turned out a fine day.  We kept the Sheep in the Pigs paddock last night, we got in a few sheep from the farm, Gus finished shearing those we had in the yard just after dinner. we then went over to Walter Frearsons and in the Sheep that were the other side of the creek, there were only 3 of ours, which they sheared, also sheared 5 of Walters for him.  Ours had 3 Lambs, 2 Ewes and 1 Wether, they also sheared one of ours out on the farm.
Gus finished shearing in the evening and I paid him.
There was a Concert in the Whangateau Public Hall in the evening to get funds to put down an asphalt Tennis court.  Jane went.

Thursday 22nd   It was a fine day.  Got up early in the morning and commenced to pack the Wool.  We packed 1 Bale and 1 Fadge containing 54 & 14 fleeces respectively, Willie hauled it down to the wharf also a Box of Eggs.  I also went down to the Steamer, she had a miscellaneous cargo of Wool, Eggs, Poultry, 1 Horse and Sheep.
In the afternoon Willie sheared 2 Sheep on the farm.
Charlie Wyatt came the latter part of the afternoon to tail the Lambs, there were 15 Wethers and 11 Ewes, with the 3  that we tailed and marked in Frearson’s yard yesterday they stand as follows.
Whethers       16
Ewes                  13   

Friday 23rd    It was a fine day.   Willie went down to the Post Office in the morning to get the mail.  Willie and I were hoeing the ground for Maize.  Jane went to Tennis in the afternoon and brought home with her the remainder of the parcel of drapery from Mr Rooses that came by the mail carrier.
We killed a wether in the evening.

Saturday 24th   It was a fine day, but it looked threatening for rain in the evening.  I was sorting over the dirty locks of wool.
Willie was hoeing the ground for Maize.  Cut up the Sheep in the morning and Willie took out the Mutton.

Sunday 25th   When we awoke in the morning, it was pouring with rain and it rained nearly all morning.  Cleared up and was fine in the afternoon.  Willie walked over to Ti Point to spend the day returning in the evening with a Yellowtail.
In the afternoon Jane went down to John Wyatts staying for tea.
I went down to the Wesleyan Service, Revd Jory officiated.

Monday 26th   It was a beautiful day.  The rain that fell yesterday has done a great deal of good.  Willie and I finished hoeing the ground for Maize.  It works up splendid now.
Afterwards we commenced to plant Ninety Day Maize in rows 3 ft apart and the hills 2 ft apart , in the evening we had planted 11 rows.
After we knocked off Willie walked over to Ti Point to go fishing with Joe this evening, as Harold is away in town.

Tuesday 27th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I finished planting the Maize, 2 more rows, which makes 13 rows.  Afterwards I went down to the Store and wharf, called in at the Library to change my book, they were deckorating the Hall for the School Concert this evening.
Jane and I went to the Concert in the evening and we enjoyed it, the sum of £4 . 16 . 0  was taken at the door which is to be used for buying prizes for the school children.
Willie returned from Ti Point in the evening, he and Joe caught 34 bundles of fish which went by the “Kawau” this morning.

Wednesday 28th   It was a fine day.  Jane and Mrs Archie Dunning rode to Warkworth and they staid over there all night.  Willie took the bullock down to the wharf and hauled 6 Sacks of Sawdust up to the Tennis Court, we tarred the Court and then sprinkled the sawdust on.  Willie and I were helping.  We had dinner at Mr A. Dunnings.  When we had finished the “Kawau” arrived from Auckland.   We went down to the wharf  I was expecting some Fruit Cases, but they did not come.  Willie carried down a Box of Eggs to the wharf in the evening.

Thursday 29th   It was a fine day.   Willie and I were working in the garden, we sowed hills of the following, 2 of Cucmbers,  2 of Squash,  2 of Marrow in the orchard,  the seed that Henry sent me, also 1½ rows of Harriot Beans and 1 row of Dun Beans
Jane returned from Warkworth in time for tea, there was a cheap excursion to Auckland from Mangawai and here to the Auckland Show which is to be tomorrow and Saturday, Willie and 6 others went up from here.  Jane and I went down in the evening to the wharf to see Willie off.  The “Kawau” called in here a little after 9 pm, I found that the steamer had landed my fruit cases this morning.
Jane brought some Lettuce plants from Warkworth, I planted them before I went down to the Steamer.  I saw Jack Dunning down at the wharf, he came home this morning after an absence of 4 years.

Friday 30th   It was a very hot day.  I took the bullock down to the wharf in the morning, I stacked my fruit cases on the wharf and hauled up 30 Cases, 6 bundles of lids and an empty egg box.
In the afternoon I swept out the work shop and stacked the Cases in it.  Afterwards I sowed another row of Dun Beans.
Honor Wyatt and Miss Brewer came in the afternoon and staid tea.  Jane went down with them in the evening to get the mail, amonst the mail brought home was an account of the Wool sold by the Loan and Mercantile last Wednesday.  My wool fetched  10¼ per lb.