September 1922

Friday 1st    It was a fine day, but the wind is blowing in from the E.
I was up at the garden all day, I re-sowed the Sutton Peerless Peas that had missed and dug between the rows.
Jim was drilling at Neil Neeleys.

Saturday 2nd    It was a very fine day.  I sowed seeds of Sweet Peas in a flower pot, made a shallow seed box & sowed Enfield Market Cabbage in it .  Took flowers down to the church and called at Gravatts.

Sunday 3rd   It was fine in the morning.  I went up to the garden and picked some Daffodils and took them to Mrs Hoskyn and Mrs Hewett and told them of the Anglican service this evening.  It started to rain about 4 pm and continued till about 6.30.
Jim & I went down to the Church.  Revd Addenbrooke preached a very good sermon there were about 25 present.  Collection 14/3.
Mr Addenbrooke staid the night here.

Monday 4th   It was a very fine day.  Mr Addenbrooke came up to see my garden, he then left here and went up to Johny Greenwoods.
I dug over again the piece of ground I am preparing for Cauliflowers.
I planted 6 Antirrhinums in the round bed that Miss Hewett gave me.  Went down for the mail in the pm.

Tuesday 5th   It was a fine day.  It came over cloudy, but we only got a sprinkle of rain.  I planted 19 Cauliflower plants, loosened up the ground each side of the sweet peas.  Jim was discing in the barley paddock.

Wednesday 6th    It was a very fine day.  I was up at the garden morning & afternoon.  I dug round and manured a row of Cabbages at the front gate.  I planted out a Daisy,  a pink & white Geranium ,  a white Geranium & a fancy Pelagonium in the border near front steps.  Went down to the village in the afternoon took Mrs Dunning a bunch of Violets, got the keys of the Library & changed my books.  Posted a letter & paper to Mr Wallace, got the mail.

Thursday 7th   It was a very fine day.  I was digging over some ground that I had dug before to make it fine enough for planting,  Mrs Jas Vipond  of Matakana died early this morning, they wanted Revd Addenbrooke to conduct the funeral service, he being away in Auckland, Mrs Leather rung up to see if I would take the service, so after dinner I went down to see Mrs Harper to get her to tele Mrs Leather that I would come.  I ascertained from Trevor Gravatt that he would take the buggy tomorrow to get the mail, so I will go with him.  Wyatts had a cow that had a difficulty in calfing, so they got Mr Neeley , but they had to kill the cow.

Friday 8th   It was a beautiful day.  I went with Trevor Gravatt in the mail cart to Matakana went up to Robert Williams and [had] dinner there, his brother Tom & his daughter Mrs Irvine drove over from Warkworth, Mr & Mrs J. Day from Takatu called in the afternoon.
Revd Addenbrook arrived from Auckland in time to take Mrs Jas Vipond’s funeral so I was not wanted, however I did not mind as I enjoyed the drive and met a lot of old friends.

Saturday 9th   The wind is blowing from E and there is indications of rain.  I sowed a row of Stratagem Peas and a row of 17 Cauliflower plants.  In the afternoon Charlie & Eddie fixed up a new stand for their new cream cart at the gate.

Sunday 10th   It was a very showery day.  To assist my cold to get better I staid in bed until the afternoon, and they were all very kind in bringing my mail in to me.  It was my Sunday to conduct service, but had I been well enough, there would not have been many present on account of the weather.  I had picked a lot of Daffodils and other flowers, so I got Jim to take them to Mrs Gravatt, which he was very willing to do, as there is an attraction there,  Good old Jim.

Monday 11th   A good drop of rain fell yesterday , so everything were very wet this morning, It was a fine day with the exception of a few slight showers.  My cold was very bad however I went up to the garden, I pulled out 400 Onion plants for Mr Dunning and Mrs G. Wyatt and delivered them in the pm.  The remainder of the day I was digging round Apple trees in the top orchard.

Tuesday 12th  Not a very nice day.  Several showers.  In the morning I went up to the garden, hunted for slugs and dug a little in the top orchard.  I was the only one home for dinner.  In the afternoon I staid at home to nurse my cold.  Read the papers and did some mending.  Received a letter from Mr Wallace.

Wednesday 13th   It was a fine day.  I went up to the garden in the morning and after hunting slugs I picked a bunch of Daffodils & Violets to send up to the Wallaces.  Had lunch early and went down to the wharf to see the steamer off, Jane & Mildred were going up to stay at the Wallaces.  I wrote a letter to Mr Wallace & sent it by Jane.
Eddie drove in the sulky and brought some iron work back.

Thursday 14th    Wind blowing strong from SE, a few showers.
Charlie & the boys went to Pakiri to spray the cattle for Tick.
I was up at the garden morning & afternoon.  I loosened round the Sweet Peas and put short sticks to them, dug out a trench and filled it with manure & filled it in ready to plant Cabbages.

Friday 15th   It was raining & blowing all day.  My cold & cough were very bad and I only moved out of the house to get some firewood. Jim came into my room in the evening and we had a game of cribbage.

Saturday 16th   It was a fine day, but strong wind blowing.  After breakfast I went down to the village, changed my books at the Library, got the mail, deposited a cheque for £9 . 10 . 0 in the bank.
In the afternoon I went up to the garden, hunted slugs, cut some cabbages & 2 bunches of Violets to take home.

Sunday 17th   It was a very fine day and the wind has gone down , Revd Poole held service in the Hall in the morning, Jim was the only one from this house who went.  My cold was so bad I should only have disturbed the congregation with my cough.  In the afternoon I took a walk up to my garden.  Mrs G Wyatt, Irene & her young man came to have a look round.

Monday 18th   It was a very fine day.  My cough & cold were still very bad.  In the morning I went up to the garden, loosened the ground with the fork each side of the rows of Peas.  In the pm I burned the heaps of furze I had made outside the Hall & horse pen, went down to meet the steamer &  got the mail.

Tuesday 19th   It was a very fine day.  Charlie W. went to Auckland by the steamer this morning.  I was up at the garden all day.
I stuck the 2 rows of Sutton Peerless Peas.

Wednesday 20th   It was a very fine day.  I was up at the garden morning & afternoon.  I planted a row of 17 plants, Pilkington’s Express Cabbage.  Also made up a row next the Sweet Peas – 3 plants Enfield Market Cabbage.  Stuck the Sweet Peas.
Mrs Johny Greenwood was here for dinner, and she came up to see my garden in the afternoon.  I gave her some flower plants.

Thursday 21st   It was a very fine day.  I was up at the garden all day.
I planted a row of 17 plants of Enfield Market Cabbage, dug up the ground between this row and the older planted row of cabbages.
There was Community Singing & Cannon in the Hall in the evening, Jim & Ivy went, Eddie & I stayed at home as we had bad colds.

Friday 22nd   It was a fine day, ‘tho dull as if rain were not far off.  The boys were working down at the beach so that I was the only one at home for lunch.  I commenced to dig the piece of ground next the Silver Beet.  I dug out the Cauliflower that have gone to seed and the Red Beet and put them in the trenches.
Went down for the mail in the evening.  Received a letter from A. J. Shepherd.

Saturday 23rd   It was a very fine day.  I continued digging where I started yesterday.  I was the only one home for lunch as the boys were playing a scratch Cricket match at the Claim.  In the afternoon I called at Mrs Gravatts,  Revd Richards had just come from Warkworth, he brought me a box of Daffodils from Mr Shepherd, I opened them out & showed them to Gravatts, had tea there.  Called at Mr Stewarts to show them the Daffodils.

Sunday 24th   It was a very fine day, Miss Mystle Williams & Reggie Gravatt came to see my garden in the morning, she was very charmed with it, I gave her several plants.  Revd Richards held service in the Hall in the afternoon,  Eddie, Jim & I attended.
I took the Daffodils that Mr Shepherd sent me & distributed them umongst the ladies after church.  Mr Richard came here for tea.

Monday 25th   It was a fine day, it came over cloudy in the afternoon,  & spitted with rain in the evening.  I nearly finished digging the piece I started last Friday.  Took up 200 Onion plants for Sandy Matheson. Dug each side of the Sweet Peas.  Jim was unwell in the evening and went to bed without any tea.  Charlie & Maggie returned from Auckland this evening.

Tuesday 26th   Slight rain several times today.  Vince Gravatt was married to Miss Elsie Wyatt  (Bobs third daughter)  at Pakiri by Revd Richards.  I went down to the village in the morning to post an order to D. Hay & Sons for plants, afterwards went up to the garden, hunted slugs and planted out several flower plants ,  Alf Dunning came up to the garden for 200 Onion plants,  I gave him some Cauliflower plants.
I wrote a long letter to Mr Shepherd.

Wednesday 27th   It was fine in the morning, but cloudy, there were some slight showers in the afternoon.  I was up at the garden all day.
I replanted some Cauliflower plants, forked between the rows, planted out several flower plants.  Eddie & Jim were working at the beach all day.

Thursday 28th   It was a fine day.  Working in the garden all day, planting small plants.  Went to the Community singing in the evening.

Friday 29th    Fine in the morning, shower in the afternoon.  Working in the garden all day.  Ivy & Jessie drove up to J. Greenwoods so I was the only one home for lunch.
Dug over again the piece intended for onions, planted 3 Scabious. Frank Whalen came to the garden in the afternoon, I gave him 200 onion plants , Stratagem Peas, Canadian Wonder & Homestead Beans, Cauliflower plants , & Eschevera plants.  Went for the mail in the evening.

Saturday 30th   It was a fine day, ‘tho dull, wind blowing from E.
I was up at the garden all day, digging borders & planting.
Took flowers down to the Church in the afternoon.  Trevor & Elva Gravatt & Jessie Wyatt were playing Tennis here in the afternoon.