January 1924

Tuesday 1st   It was a very fine day.  The Annual Sports & Picnic was held in the Domain, there was about 500 present, Jack Walden had a booth and supplied lunch & supper & tea, soft drinks,  lollies & tobacco, there were several picnic parties under the trees, the Wallace party, Whitakers, Evans & ourselves formed a large party on raised ground under a totara tree, Johny Greenwood, Mrs John Greenwood, Ethel, Willie & Grace, Mrs Gozar & Mrs
Dale joined us, so we were a large party, we
had lunch & tea there, the sports were well  
[indecipherable]   I met many old friends and had an
enjoyable time.  The children & I came home just
before dark & went early to bed as we were tired  
[indecipherable]   was helping Jack all day.  May Dunning  [indecipherable]   staid for the dance, a Maori band    [indecipherable]  the music, and some Maori maidens  [indecipherable]  for dance, and songs were rendered. 

Wednesday 2nd   It was a very hot day.  We were
all very tired after yesterday.  Jim was clearing up
the hall and carting the things back to Jack’s
store  [?]  I commenced to burn shells into lime
 [indecipherable]  Taylor,  Mrs Evans brother,  borrowed the sulky to drive his sister to Matakana, when he brought the sulky home, he had a look round my garden and staid here for tea, he seems a very nice young man.

Thursday 3rd   Another fine day, but very hot.  I walked across the beach at low water to Ti Point in the morning to Joe Torkingtons, Joe was at the flat digging gum, but Minnie, Alma, Agnes & Norman Smith were at home.  I had lunch there, all of us went down to the wharf in the afternoon to meet the steamer, but she went up to the top wharf first , so we had a long wait until she came back, there were a lot of girl guides waiting and they seemed a merry lot.  Mr Birss & 8 choir boys came up by the steamer to camp in Arthurs bay Ti Point, as the tide was full in Mr Wilson Senr very kindly put me ashore at the cemetery point.

Friday 4th   There were some slight showers in the morning, fine in the afternoon, and heavy rain in the evening, so much so that the cows were not milked.  Jim was carting goods over to Leigh for Jack. Jane & the children went a picnic to Ti Point with the Wallaces, Laurence Whitaker took them in his launch, the weather was so damp that they had their lunch in the wharf shed, and they came home early.  I staid at home and started to dig the piece of ground that was in three rows of peas, I buried the pea haulms and manure in the trenches.

Saturday 5th   There was a lot of rain last night, there must have fallen more than an inch of rain , which will do a lot of good as the ground was getting dry.  Jim was working for Jack, but he came home at dinner time.    Pat Dunning carted his furniture into the house opposite as he is starting to work for Jack on Monday as carter.  I finished digging the piece of ground I started yesterday.

Sunday 6th   It was a fine day.  Mr W. Birss,  Lay Reader of St Matthews, Auckland held service in the Claim hall at 11 am, he was accompanied by 8 Choir Boys, the girl guide attended and there was a good attendance ,  4 Choir boys sang an anthem, the Collection was £1 . 2 . 6 .
Pat Dunning brought his wife (Dolly) into the house opposite lately occupied by Mr & Mrs Holder & Archie & Charlina Dunning ,  they came here for dinner.  In the evening I went to call on the Wallaces & Jack Walden drove me home in his car.

Monday 7th   It was fine in the morning , but in the evening it came over very misty and it looks like rain.  Charlie Whitaker took Jack’s wagon over to Leigh to cart some manure up to Johny Greenwoods place.  I went with him as far as Leigh, went up to Eddie Wyatts and then up to my old garden to take up the Daffodils, I was working there all day, in the pm I went down to the beach to see the breaking down saw working at Wyatts saw mill, called at Gozer’s.  Stayed the night at Eddies, the Kirks came in the evening & we plated cards.

Tuesday 8th   It was fine in the morning, but showery later in the day.  I returned home in the cream cart.  Very tired, did not do much.  The Wallaces left Jack Walden’s house today.  Jim was working on the road.
Miss Burgin mistress of the Girl Guides, & two of the girls came in the late afternoon to see if I would sell them some vegetables, so I gave them some lettuces and beans.

Wednesday 9th   It rained continuously nearly all day.  Was not able to do any thing outside.  Miss Burgin and two other girl scouts came in the afternoon to see if they could buy some vegetables , so I gave them lettuces & beans.  Wrote a report for the R  & O.  Times.

Thursday 10th  There was a lot of rain last night & everything was very wet this morning.  I went in the “Gael” to Ti Point and called on Mr Birss who is camped with 9 choir boys,  had a long talk with him, and then went to Joe Torkingtons, had lunch there & then Joe put me across the river in his boat and I posted the report to the R & O Times & walked home.

Friday 11th   My son Jack’s 52 birthday.  It was fine in the morning, but it came across misty & slight rain in the afternoon.
I sowed 3 rows of Garden Swede Turnips where the peas came out, also transplanted a row of Red Beet.  Jim rode to Warkworth  to attend a Loan sale.
The Girl Guides gave a concert in this hall in the evening, all of us went, the hall was crowded, it was very enjoyable.

Saturday 12th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I went to the P.O, called in at the girls camp to take them some lettuces & beans.  I sowed 1 row of Swede Turnips & 1 row Canadian Wonder Beans .

Sunday 13th   It was fine in the morning.  Mr Birss held service in the hall in the morning.  4 of his choir boys sang two anthems, the girl guides were there, the congregation would be about 70.  The Offertory was 17/6.  It commenced to rain while we were in church and when we were coming home.  Jean & Mildred went round to the girls camp in the afternoon & took them some cucumbers & tomatoes.

Monday 14th   It was a fine day.  I dug up the remainder of my potatoes, weeded the onions, took out the pea sticks from the 4th row of peas and made a heap of manure on the ground.  Jim was working on the road.

Tuesday 15th   It rained last night.  Jim was laid up in bed, Jane & the children had to milk the cows.  I went round for the mail in the afternoon.

Wednesday 16th   It was a fine day.  Jean went to Auckland by the steamer to stay at Ken Wallaces.  Jim & Jane drove her to the top wharf .  I staid at home & shelled some stratagem peas.

Thursday 17th   It was a fine day.  We had a picnic to Lew’s bay.
Mrs Whitaker,  Mrs Norman Matheson, her son & daughter, Mrs Birdsall, Mabel joined us, we had lunch & tea under shady trees.
In the evening Jim drove Hector & me over to Leigh to a concert in the hall given by the Girl Guides.  The programme was the same as the one they  [had]  in this hall, the attendance was good.  Gus Neeley and Claude Wilson drove the girls home in two wagons.

Friday 18th   It was a fine day.  I was very tired after the picnic and out last night.
Late in the afternoon I planted out 4 Carnations that Charl gave me, 3 Salpiglossis  & sowed seed of Brocoli in a box.  Received a very nice letter from Mr Stewart who is spending his holiday at Port Chalmers.

Saturday 19th   It was a fine day.  There was a cricket match at Matakana between the local club & Omaha, Matakana batted first & made 133 runs, Omaha then went in.  Pat Dunning made 133 off his own bat , Jim Wyatt over 30,  W. Dunning 2 figures & J. Dunning 10. Jim & Jane drove over, Hector & I were left at home, I went up to Whitakers in the afternoon & staid for tea.

Sunday 20th   It was a very fine day.  Revd Poole held service in the hall in the morning all of us attended,  Mr Poole had dinner here.  In the afternoon I went up to Birdsalls and had a long chat with Bowden.

Monday 21st   It was a very fine day.  Laddie Whitaker came in the afternoon & cut the cocksfoot seed  in the garden.  In the evening I went round for the mail.

Tuesday 22nd   It was a very hot day.  Did not do much outside. Shelled all the stratagem pea seed.

Wednesday 23rd   It was fine in the morning, but showery in the afternoon.  I did some weeding & broke up some shells.

Thursday 24th   It was a fine day.  I planted a second lot of Leeks. Thinned the Swede Turnips,  broke up shells.  Wrote a report of the Girl Guide concert in this hall.

Friday 25th   It was a fine day.  I emptied the water out of the pool and scooped out all the mud.

Saturday 26th   It was a fine day.  There should have been a cricket match at Puhoi to day between the local club & Omaha, but as Omaha were so short of men they did not go.  There was a Tennis Match at Leigh between Leigh and Matakana, the latter won.  Jim went over in the afternoon .  I picked in some flower seed. Took Evans’ mail in the pm.

Sunday 27th   It was a very fine day.  There was no church service here today.  Spent a very quiet day.

Monday 28th   It was a very hot day.  Before breakfast I went round to post some letters.  I picked up a few pieces of thin board under the hall and I made two shallow boxes for Jane to put Tomatoes in.

Tuesday 29th   Auckland Anniversary.  A perfect day.  There was a Cricket Match at Matakana.  A Whangarei County Club had challenged Rodney who are the holders of the Walker Shield,  so the Whangarei players  [drove]  to Matakana in two large cars.  Ted Gravatt ran his motor lorry from Leigh to Matakana and all of us went in it.  We had a picnic (lunch & tea) under the shady trees and we were a very large party.  I was pleased to meet and have a chat to many old friends whom I had known for years.  I was also pleased to meet dear old Jim who was reaping at Matakana & was playing in this match.
Rodney batted first and made 285 runs.  The chief scores were
W. Dunning 112,   J. Matthew 45,   Landgraze 38,  Jim Wyatt 21.
Whangarei   1st innings made 65 runs
The only double figures was Whimp 28
Whangarei 2nd innings made 71 runs
Highest scores.  McLean 27,   O’Neil 17 runs
Thus Rodney won in one innings and 147 runs to spare.
In Whangarei’s 1st innings  P. Dunning took 6 wickets for 5 runs
J. Matthews 5 wickets for 29 runs.  In 2nd innings J. Matthew took 5 wickets for 39 runs.  Jim Wyatt took 1 wicket & made several catches.

Wednesday 30th   It was fine in the morning.  Mr Guy Ashton was here for dinner.  There was a shower of rain at mid day & also in the evening.  I sowed a row of Canadian Wonder Beans next the Onions.

Thursday 31st    It rained in the morning,  fine in the afternoon.