January 1907

Tuesday 1st    It rained more or less nearly all day, it put a stop to the Annual Pic Nic at the Claim and we were not able to do anything out of doors.
Willie went down to the Store in the afternoon, but could not get the mail on account of it being a holiday.

Wednesday 2nd   It was a fine day and the ground is drying up.  We got up early and picked
2 Cases of Jargonell Pears  and   1 Case of Apricots after breakfast and Willie and the boys took the bullock down to the wharf with the following fruit
4 Cases Burbanks
5 Cases Jargonell  Pears
1 Case Apricots
I am consigning them to A. Tooman this season.  The boys took the bullock home, but I staid down and the “Gael” called in from Waipu and took what fruit there was and several passengers, visitors who were returning after the holidays.  In the afternoon Grace, Willie and the Wallace boys went over to Ti Point.

Thursday 3rd   There was a misty rain in the morning first thing, but it cleared up and was a fine day, tho’ rather dull.
After breakfast, Willie, the boys and I picked 5 Cases Burbanks and 3 Cases Jargonells,  afterwards we all went to a Pic Nic at the Goat Island beach,  Mrs A. Dunning and her two girls joined us and we spent a very pleasant day.

Friday 4th   It was a fine day.  In the morning we picked 1 Case of Jargonells and 1 Case Burbanks and hauled them and the fruit we picked yesterday down to the wharf.  The “Kotiti” took it.  Afterwards the “Kawau” came in from Mangawai and took some fruit and vegetables.  The “Gael” also called in from Waipu.
The boys went over to Ti Point to fish and they brought 3 schnappers home.  Jane & Grace went down to Tennis, and I went down later on.

Saturday 5th   It was a dull day tho’ fine.  The adjourned Annual Pic-nic was held at the Claim this afternoon, all our young people went, I staid at home.
Arthur Greenwood commenced his contract to carry the mail.
I went down to the Post Office in the evening to get the mail afterwards went to Mr A. Dunnings for tea, and we had a game of cards.

Sunday 6th   It was a fine day.  Willie and Alan Wallace rode to Matakana.  Bert walked to Ti Point.  I went down to the beach and had dinner at J. Wyatts.

Monday 7th   It was a fine day.  Willie, the boys and I picked 6 Cases Burbanks and 7 Cases Jargonells.  There was an Euchre Party in the evening, we all went and enjoyed a very pleasant time.

Tuesday 8th   It was a fine day, but there was a misty rain in the evening.
Alan and I went to enquire after Alec Haskell and then down to the store.  The rest of the day we were picking fruit. We picked 7 Cases Pears and 4 Apricots.
Jane and Grace walked over to Ti Point to spend the day.  It came on a misty rain in the evening.

Wednesday 9th   Everything was very wet this morning.
We picked a case of mixed fruit for Grace to take to Auckland with her.  The “Energy” came in yesterday afternoon and she left here this morning at 11 am for Auckland, she took about 300 Cases Fruit and four passengers, I went down to the wharf, but she had just left.  In the afternoon I took some Apricots up to Mrs Handby and then went down to the village.  Willie hauled the fruit down to the wharf.  It came on to rain while we were down there.
The “Orewa” came in first from Big Omaha, she discharged her cargo here and then went on to Auckland.  The “Kawau” called in from Mangawai, and took all the fruit and all the passengers.  Grace and the Wallaces returned to Auckland in her.  Jack Dunning also on his way back to Taranaki and our young friend Willie D went with him, whom we are very sorry to lose.
We had a Romney Ram which came in the “Orewa“, from Mrs Jones of Takatu Point which we have purchased for £2 . 15 . 0,  Willie lead it home, the road was very heavy on account of the rain and we had a job to get it up the hill.  When we received it, it had a  V  shaped piece out of its near ear and we marked it with our mark on its off ear.

Thursday 10th   It poured with rain last night and nearly all this morning, it then cleared up for awhile.   The water is running off the hill at the back and down the drain.  We were not able to do anything out of doors.

Friday 11th   It rained nearly all day.  No work out of doors.

Saturday 12th   The wind is still N, but it cleared up and the sun came out.  Willie and I picked 4 Cases of Jargonell Pears.  Went down to the village in the afternoon to get the mail and the Library.

Sunday 13th   It rained steadily all day.  Revd E. G. Evans should have held service in the Hall in the morning, but on account of the weather I suppose he did not come.  None of us stirred out of doors.

Monday 14th   It rained steadily nearly all day.  We were not able to do anything out of doors.

Tuesday 15th   It rained heavily last night, showery in the morning, but cleared up in the afternoon, and towards evening the wind got round to the west.
Willie and I picked 7 Cases Burbanks, there are a great quantity split on the trees, and a lot lying on the ground.  On account of this wet weather we have lost about 2 Cases of Apricots by splitting on the tree and falling on the ground.

Wednesday 16th   There were a few slight showers in the morning, the wind has at last changed round to the SW, and it was very fine in the afternoon.
In the morning Willie and I picked 2 Cases October Purple,  1 Burbank,  1 Green Gage,  and 1 Irish Peach Apple.  We hauled the 16 Cases of fruit down to the wharf in the afternoon.  The “Energy” and the “Kawau” were both at the wharf.
Stanley Rogers and Miss Stoneham were married today at Mr Harpers Hotel, Revd E. G. Evans performed the marriage ceremony.

Thursday 17th   It was a fine day.  The wind has got round to SW.
Willie has put a new puriri shoe on the runner of the catamaran.
I was reforming the road leading down to the farm orchard.
We picked 1 Case Green Gages in the farm orchard.
Mr Torkington came over for me to witness his signature.

Friday 18th   It was a fine day.  Wind blowing from the SW.  We picked 4 Cases Burbank, 1 Do Orleans.  Willie hauled 6 Cases Fruit down to the wharf to send by the “Kawau”, she took in a lot of Fruit & several passengers.  I rode over to Ti Point, calling in to Joes in the afternoon.  Willie hauled up 1 Sack Maize and 1 Sack Sharps that came on Wednesday.

Saturday 19th   It was a fine day.  A fresh breeze was blowing from the SW.  In the morning Willie and I were working at the road going down to the farm orchard .  In the afternoon there was a Tennis Match on this court between the Leigh & Pakiri Clubs.  Leigh won all the sets, there were a great number present to witness it, there was also a dance in the Hall in the evening.  Jane played in the ladies doubles.  I spent a very pleasant evening playing at cribbage.

Sunday 20th   It was a very fine day.   Willie went over to Ti Point to spend the day.  I walked up to Joe Greenwoods in the morning and spent a very pleasant day there.  Joe showed me round his orchard.
Jane and Mabel rode up to Mrs A. Greenwoods in the afternoon.
Mr Evans  (Weslyan) held service in the Hall in the pm.  There was only a small congregation, we had forgotten about it.

Monday 21st    It was a very hot day.  In the morning we commenced to pick Orleans plums in the farm orchard,  Gus Avey & Roy Neeley came over and spent the day here, we picked 8 Cases Orleans, 4 Do October Purple, 1 Do Satsumas.
In the evening we all went down to the village, the “Energy” was alongside the wharf, and she took in more than 300 Cases of fruit for Auckland, the “Kawau” also arrived from Auckland and brought several passengers, also a splendid pure bred Short horn Cow and Calf imported from Oamaru.

Tuesday 22nd   It was a fine day.  We picked 3 Cases Burbanks and 2 Cases Peaches, hauled them down to the wharf in the afternoon, the “Orewa” came this week and took the fruit.  The “Kawau” called in later in the afternoon from Mangawai and she took a little fruit that had been taken down after the “Orewa” had gone.

Wednesday 23rd   It was a very hot day.  Willie and I picked 11 Cases of Orleans plums.  While we were having lunch Maggie Harper came with a Telegram and she told us that they had just got a wire saying that Mr Harper had died while attempting to recover the gold from the “Elingamite” at the Three Kings.

Thursday 24th   It was a very hot day.  We picked 3 Cases Orleans in this orchard and then we hauled the 14 Cases of Orleans down to the wharf and shipped per “Energy” which was alongside the wharf to Messrs Thompson & Hill, being the first shipment to them.  In the pm Gus Avey came from Ti Point & stayed .  Jane and Mabel rode to Matakana for the Tennis Tournament tomorrow.

Friday 25th   It was a fine day.  We were picking Orleans Plums in the morning, Gus Avey helped us.  Mr & Mrs Dale [came] for me to witness their signature, they staid for lunch.
The remains of the late Mr E. J. Harper were brought here by the “Clansman” early this morning, Ted & Willie and Dan McKenzie also came.
The funeral was at 2 oclock and was largely attended, I read the funeral service.
We hauled 14 Cases Orleans down to the wharf in the evening and shipped them by the “Kawau” to Thompson & Hill.

Saturday 26th   It was a fine day, but rather cloudy.
Willie and Gus Avey went fishing to Ti Point and brought home 6 schnappers.  I picked 6 Cases Fruit and hauled them down to the wharf in the afternoon.  I went down to the village in the evening.  The Annual Meeting of the Subscribers to the Library was held.

Sunday 27th   It was a fine day.  Jane returned from Matakana in the morning, she reported that Wallace Smith had won the Silver Cup in the Tennis Tournament.  I went down to the wharf in the pm , the “Energy” came in from Auckland and went back again, several of the Cricketers went away in her, she also took some fruit.

Monday 28th   The wind is blowing pretty strong from the SE.  Willie and I were picking Orleans in the farm orchard, we picked 14 Cases and we hauled them down to the wharf in the evening.  The “Kawau” called in here in the afternoon and proceeded on to Mangawai, but on account of the rough sea she could not get in, therefore called back here on her way to Auckland,  she took the fruit and the Avey boys who have been staying here went away in her.

Tuesday 29th   Auckland Anniversary.   It was a fine day, but the wind is blowing strong from the SE.  Willie and I picked 10 Cases of Orleans Plums in the farm orchard.

Wednesday 30th   It was a fine day.  The wind is in the same quarter SE, but has moderated.  In the morning Willie and I picked 4 Cases in the farm orchard, in the afternoon we picked 8 Cases of Orleans in this orchard, also 2 Cases Peaches & 1 Case Burbank.
Mr E. J.  Harper & Mr Jno Greenwood came on business respecting the Will of the late Mr Harper.

Thursday 31st    It was a fine day.  Willie and I took the 25 Cases of Fruit and a Box of Eggs down to the wharf, shipped by the “Energy“.  The “Kawau” came round from Big Omaha a little later.  We hauled up 100 lb Flour  that we got from the Store.
In the afternoon we picked 4 Cases of Orleans & 1 Do Green Gages.