March 1888

March 21st & 22nd   Planted Pink Eye Potatoes in the orchard between the Celini & Wellington Pippin Apple trees, we put decayed manure & bone dust with them, the ground had not been cropped before.

March 23rd  Cricket match on the hill between Omaha & Te Arai.  Te Arai won.
There was a Soiree in the hall in the evening, Maud, John & Henry went.  Miss Stanton, Miss & Willie Pratt staid here all night.

March 24th   We split some Posts on the hill in the morning.  Killed a sheep in the afternoon.

March 25th Sunday   Mr Douse held service in the morning and I read service in the evening.

March 26th   Maud & John went to Pakiri in the morning to help Mrs Boikland pick grapes.  John returned in the evening, but Maud went up to Mr Pratts and staid all night.
In the morning Henry & I emptied the manure place and then gathered all the manure lying about in the pigs paddock and commenced another heap in the same place.  In the afternoon set fire to the tea tree on the farm, it burnt very clean.

March 27th   Finished splitting  Post  on the hill.

March 28th   It was a wet day with heavy wind, we were not able to do anything out of doors.  I made a Lemon Case.  Wrote a letter to Mr Runciman in the evening

March 29th   I trimmed all the Posts on the hill and the boys hauled two loads to the fence near the school.
In the afternoon we pulled up the Pea & Beam sticks, cleared all the rubish of and put it into the pig stye and commenced digging up the ground for turnips.

March 30th   Good Friday

March 31st  The Boys hauled the remainder of the Posts up to the School in the morning, after that they went to Great Omaha to a Cricket match between the young men under 18 of Omaha & Matakana which resulted in a victory for Matakana.  I went up to Ja’s Greenwoods in the afternoon to pay my rates, had tea there and staid until the moon was up.
Court case at Warkworth today between Mr Nicholson and Maimburg for abusive language.  Joe Wyatt went as witness.  Maimburg was sentenced to two months imprisonment in the Auckland Gaol with hard labour,  these people are village settlers at Dacres Claim, Great Omaha.