April 1898

Friday 1st    It was a fine day.   I took the bullocks down to the wharf in the morning and hauled up 2 bags of Lime, also 100lbs of Flour from Harpers.
We picked the Beurre Diel Pears in the farm orchard.  7  Cases.

Saturday 2nd    The wind was blowing very strong from the NE and threatening rain.
We were picking Vicar of Wingfield Pears, as we are afraid they will blow off with this rough weather.
There were two meetings in the Hall in the evening, one of the Show subscribers to pay the prizes won at the Show, I was put on the Committee.  Also a meeting of the Farmers Club.

Sunday 3rd   It was blowing very strong from the NE, but it did not rain.  Revd Worboys held service in the Hall in the afternoon.
Maud & children & Willie & I went.   Henry & Jane went to C. Gravatts in the afternoon.

Monday 4th   It was a fine day, but blowing hard.  Willie & I picked all the vicar Pears in the morning.  Joe Wyatts young people and Miss Niccol & Miss Towsend came in the evening.  Miss Fordham also called.

Tuesday 5th   It was a fine day.   I hauled down 14 Cases of Pears down to the wharf in the morning and brought home a load of firewood.  We all went down to the Steamer in the afternoon.

Wednesday 6th   I was cutting and burning tea tree in the front.
George Wyatt was married to  Maud Anderson by Revd R. McKinney.  They gave a social in the Hall in the evening about 200 persons were present.  We spent a very enjoyable evening, several songs and recitations were given and a good supper was served about 10.30 .

Thursday 7th   It was a fine day.    The “Kawau” called in the morning and took George Wyatt and his bride to Auckland, and Mrs John Wyatt & Hettie to the Kawau.
I was burning tea tree in front.  Maud,  Minnie,  Henry & I went down to Mrs Fordhams to spend the evening.

Friday 8th   It was very misty in the morning, but it turned out a very hot day.  Henry & Jane rode over to Matakana in the morning and lead 2 spare horses with them to meet Charlie Harding and a friend G. Brodie who came up from Auckland with the Auckland cricketers. They called at Gravatts and then came here for tea, and they went back to Gravatts in the evening, but returned here to sleep.
I was burning tea tree in the front all day and Killed a sheep in the evening.  Minnie & Willie went fishing to Tea Point, and Willie brought home several fish.
Tom Wyatt put a horse to graze on the farm.

Saturday 9th   It was a fine day.    I took the mutton to W. Frearsons and paid him for the Sheep bought of him.
There was a cricket match on the Wangateau Domain between the wanderers & a combined team, the latter won in one innings and 8 runs to spare.  We all went over with the exception of Maud & children.  Walter Frearson returned here for tea and staid to have a game of cards.

Sunday 10th   It was a fine day.    Mrs Jackson & Miss Stevenson came here to spend the day.  I read service in the Hall in the afternoon.

Monday 11th   It was a fine day.    There was a Cricket Match played at the Domain between the Wanderers and the Omaha Club.  The Omaha won the match, there was not time to finish the two innings, so it was decided by the first innings.  We all went over in the afternoon with the exception of Jane.   There was a dance in the Hall in the evening, all the young people went, the “Kawau” called in about 1.30 am to take the Cricketers back to Auckland.  Charlie Harding & Geo’ Brodie who were staying with us also went by her.
I staid at home in the evening & wrote a letter to my sister Fanny.

Tuesday 12th   I packed the Pears in the morning and hauled them down to the wharf.  The Steamer came in early and did not stay in long as the tide was running out fast.  I hauled up a box of Groceries and a Bag of Sugar that I had up from Smeetons, also a Sewing Machine, that Mrs Jos Greenwood got for Minnie in Auckland.

Wednesday 13th   It was a fine day.    Willie & I were mending the fence between Mathesons and the farm, as our Sheep are troubling them.
Maud returned home with the children, Jane went with her.

Thursday 14th   It was a fine day.    I put in a gate post at the far slip rails in the E.R. , staple wire loops and fitted new slip rails.  I went down to Charlies in the evening.

Friday 15th   It was a fine day tho’ rather dull, it came over very thick and misty in the afternoon with dusty rain, but it cleared off again.
I was fixing up the slip rails between the farm & the E.R.   Killed a Sheep in the evening.  There was a social in the Pakiri Hall in the evening to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the Hall, the Concert was very good, Miss Dudding having been engaged to sing, also a Mr Swan, Jane was the only one of our family that went, as she is staying at Mauds.

Saturday 16th   It was a fine day.    I was doing odd jobs in the morning, in the afternoon I went down to the Store and to the wharf.  In the evening there was a meeting of the Road Board in the Hall.

Sunday 17th   It rained a little in the morning, but it cleared up and turned out fine.  I read service in the Hall in the morning afternoon.  There was only a small congregation.  Jane returned from Mauds in the afternoon.

Monday 18th   It was a fine day.    I was cutting tea tree.  Jane & Willie went fishing to Ti Point wharf.

Tuesday 19th   It was a fine day.    Willie & I went down with the bullocks to the store in the morning.  We took the eggs and brought up a sack of Maize, 100 lbs Flour & 50 lbs Sharps.
The Steamer came in earlier than usual, but did not go away until 4 pm.  Miss Niccol came up from her holidays.  Mr Greenwood & Charlie Wyatt went away with her.   Minnie went to stay with Miss Niccol again.

Wednesday 20th   It was a fine day.    I was picking in Apples in the morning, and cutting tea tree in the afternoon.  Jane & Henry went to Joe Wyatts in the evening.

Thursday 21st   It was a very dull day  and threatening rain.  I was cutting tea tree out in front.

Friday 22nd   There were a few showers of rain, but nothing to do any good.  I was putting some wire on Mathesons fence in the morning.  In the afternoon I was cutting tea tree.  Killed a Sheep in the evening.  Jane went to a dance at  Dacres Claim Hall in the evening.

Saturday 23rd   There were a few showers.   I was cutting tea tree.  Sowed some Cabbage seed in the afternoon.  Henry & Jane went to get oysters in the afternoon.

Sunday 24th   It was a very fine day.    Willie went up to Mauds to spend the day.  I read service in the Hall in the pm, there were not many present.  Jim Dunning came here for tea.

Monday 25th   It was a fine day.    I was cutting tea tree in front.  The meeting of Householders was held in the School at 4 pm to elect a new School Committee .  Joseph Greenwood & I were elected on the new Committee instead of John & Jos Wyatt who retired, the other old members were re-elected.  Minnie & Miss Niccol spent the evening here.

Tuesday 26th   It was a fine day.    I was cutting tea tree in the front.  The Steamer came in about 3 pm, a good many were down to meet her.  Mr W. A. McGregor came down to meet the settlers and explain about the new steamer that they are building for this trade.  Jane went to stay with Mrs C. Gravatt all night.

Wednesday 27th   It rained last night a little, but it was fine this morning.  Charlie Wyatt came in the morning  and we walked to Ti Point to pass some work done by John Kewene.  In the afternoon Charlie burned off Tom Wyatts tea tree and afterwards set fire to the tea tree on the road between Harpers & Fordhams.  There was a heavy shower in the afternoon and also in the evening.  Henry robbed the bees in the evening, there was a lot of honey in it.  Ernest & Mabel Wyatt came to spend the evening.

Thursday 28th   It was very showery all day.  It is the most rain that we have had since last November.  I was not able to do anything out of doors.

Friday 29th   It rained heavily last night, but it cleared up and was a fine day.  Heny , Willie & I went up to John Greenwood Jnr to buy some Wethers for Killing,  I bought 30 mostly Wethers at 7/3 each – £10 . 17 . 6.   John brought them down for me and we branded and put them into the barley paddock.  Killed one of them in the evening, a two toothed black faced Ewe.

Saturday 30th   It was a fine day.    Took out the mutton in the morning and hauled two loads of firewood in the afternoon.
Minnie rode over to Matakana in the morning to get a parcel that my sister Fanny sent out.

The Fowls laid 140 Eggs during the month of April being
11 Doz  &  8   valued at 1/2 per Doz               13/7