November 1922

Wednesday 1st    It was a fine day, only a few slight showers. I was forking out convolvulus before breakfast & after tea in the young Lemon orchard, the remainder of the day I was working in the garden, continued the piece I was digging, but had to stop for the want of manure.  Jim borrowed a plough and continued ploughing in the barley paddock.

Thursday 2nd   There was a shower early in the morning & early in the evening, otherwise it was a fine day, but windy.  Jim was drilling at Gus Neeleys.  Charlie & Eddie were cutting macrocarpa at the cottage, they hauled it home to be sawn up.  I finished digging the piece I was at.  I wrote a letter to Grace, also a report for the local paper & posted them in the evening.

Friday 3rd   It was a fine day, ‘tho windy, a few showers.  Eddie & Charlie were cutting up the macrocarpa logs that they got yesterday.  Jim was ploughing in the barley paddock, I was working in the garden all day.  Went for the mail in the evening.

Saturday 4th   It was a very fine day.  There was a cricket match at the Claim between Warkworth & Omaha clubs.  Omaha went to the wicket first and made 66 runs, Warkworth followed & made 57.
2nd innings Omaha then went in & made 198 runs, it then being after 5 pm,  Warkworth did not bat again, so Omaha won on the 1st innings.  Eddie & Jim drove over & I rode on Bell, and had lunch at Janes & tea in the hall.  Pat Dunning made 0 & 75 .  Joe Torkington 19 & 75,  Eddie 14 & 2.  Jim made 12 & 16.

Sunday 5th   A very showery day.  In the morning I went up to the garden & cut some flowers for Church decoration & some Roses to give away.  I held service in the Church in the pm.  There were 22 present ,  Collection 10/7.  It was fine between the rain squalls, but it rained heavier in the evening.

Monday 6th   There was a heavy shower early in the morning, but the showers were slight during the day,  I was up at the garden all day.  I dug over the piece of ground I trenched last week and sowed a single row of Homestead Beans.  Frank Whalen & his wife called at the garden in the afternoon to bring me some red beet plants,  I showed them round the garden and as they were going to Wil Dunnings I gave them a big bunch of roses to take to Mrs Willie.  Jim was ploughing in the barley paddock.  Charlie & Eddie were sawing timber.

Tuesday 7th   It was a fine day.  I was working up at the garden all day.  I sowed another row of Homestead Beans, making it a double row now.  Also sowed a row of Red Beet and put in the beet plants that Frank brought me.  Jim was ploughing in the barley paddock.  Charlie & Eddie were sawing timber.  I took a bunch of Roses to Mrs Stewart in the evening, I remained there and we played 500, spent a pleasant evening.

Wednesday 8th   It was fine in the morning, ‘tho threatening rain .  I sowed a row of Carrots also a row of Canadian Wonder Beans.  It rained in the afternoon.  A mail came overland, I received a letter from Mrs Wallace.

Thursday 9th   Henry’s 48th birthday.  It rained heavily last night and everything was very wet this morning.  I went up to the garden and planted another row of Canadian Wonder Beans, that makes 4 rows of this sort planted, and the piece of ground the top side of the house is now in crop.  In the afternoon I was digging the border next wire netting fence.  Jim was ploughing in the barley paddock.  Charlie & Eddie were making pulleys for the saw mill.

Friday 10th   It rained heavily last night, but it was fine today.  I finished digging the border next the wire netting fence & I weeded the path.  Went down for the mail in the evening.  Jim was ploughing in the barley paddock.  Charlie & Eddie were making pulleys.

Saturday 11th   A very showery day.  I went down to the village after breakfast, on account of the seamans strike we have had no steamer for some time.  The Northern Co sent a scow named “Pono” loaded with goods to here, Mangawai & Waipu, she was alongside of this wharf this afternoon [?]  discharging cargo.  Wyatts had some machinery for their saw mill by her.  I did not go up to the garden all day on account of the weather, but as it cleared up a little later in the afternoon I did a little weeding & tied up a few daffodils.
Charlie, Eddy & Jim came up with a pair of horses and hauled away bodily the fowl house to take down to the beach at their saw mill to keep tools in.

Sunday 12th   A very showery day.  It was Revd Pooles Sunday to have service in the morning, but he did not turn up on account of the weather, however about 40 assembled so Charlie & Mr Grigg conducted a service.  Jim went but I staid at home.  In the pm  I took a bunch of Roses to Mrs Gravatt, staid tea there, called on Arthur Greenwood afterwoods.  I wrote a letter to Lily  (Jack’s wife)

Monday 13th   It was a very fine day.  Wind SW.  Jim went early to Pakiri to help spray cattle for Tick.  He took my letter to Lily to post there as Alf Gravatt was taking a mail to Wellsford this morning. Charlie & Eddie took our old fowl house down to where they are erecting the mill.  I worked in the garden all day.

Tuesday 14th   It was a very fine day.  Jim was ploughing in the enlarged barley paddock.  Charley & Eddie were working at the saw mill.  I was up at the garden all day.  I forked between the beans & cabbages , cut grass on the path, planted some Canterbury bells.  Weeded & tidied up.

Wednesday 15th   It was a fine day.  On account of the seamans strike there was no steamer today, but Gravatt brought a mail from Warkworth.  Albert Wyatt has been working here some time, grubbing up the thorn hedge and stumping where Jim is ploughing, he dug round the Lemons in the farm orchard.  Jim continued ploughing.  I dug the border next the pigs paddock, took up a clump of pink Gladioli and replanted some of them,  Took a bunch of Sweet Peas to Mrs Willie Dunning in the evening.

Thursday 16th   It was a fine day,  Jim continued ploughing.  I was working up at the garden all day.  I dug between the Peas, tied up the Sweet Peas, cut grass on the path.

Friday 17th   It was a very fine day.  Jim was ploughing.  I was digging and tidying the border near the front gate.  In the afternoon I clearing and digging round the rubbish heap  and cutting the dead stalks of the Cannas.  After tea I went down for the mail. There was a Euere  [sic:Euchre]  party in the Hall in the evening, but I did not go.

Saturday 18th   It was a beautiful day, very hot.  There was a Cricket Match at the Claim between Matakana & Omaha clubs, the latter won.  All in this house went so I was the only one left at home.  Charlie came up in the afternoon to do some planting and got the cows in and started milking and had a lot done before Eddie came home.  I was up at the garden all day,  I finished digging near the rubbish heap and then I cleaned out the summer house.

Sunday 19th   It was a very fine day.  I got up early and went up to the garden and picked a bunch of Roses also Sweet Peas.  As there was no Methodist service here today, Revd  Richards having resigned, Eddie lent me a horse and I rode up the hill to spend the day at Mrs John Greenwoods.  I had not been up there since John died, the last time I was up there was the 15 June last.
There was quite a large party of us to day,  Angus Dunning & Dolly were there, also Mr & Mrs Percy Greenwood  & their two children, there were 12 of us sat down to dinner.  Great improvements have been made on the hill in ploughing and laying down in grass.  Greenwoods are milking 39 cows.  While I had been away Eddie & Ivy had been up to see my garden in the morning, and in the afternoon Jim,  Jessie,  Elva and Trevor Gravatt went up to see my garden, all of them were very pleased with what they saw.

Monday 20th   It was a very hot day.  Jim was ploughing.  Charlie & Eddie were working at the saw mill at the harbour.  I drove in stakes for the Dahlias at the usual place near the summer house, and dug manure into the ground.  Went down to the village in the afternoon expecting to get the mail, but the steamer had not arrived, so I asked Mr Stewart to get our mail when the steamer arrived.  I took Mrs Harper a bunch of sweet peas,  there were two gentlemen sitting on the hotel verandah which proved to be Mr Wm Jones of Whangarei, a parliamentary candidate to represent Marsden and the other Mr Darby, organizer  for the reform party,  I was introduced and had a chat with them.  Mr Jones addressed a large meeting of electors in the Hall in the evening,  I was elected Chairman,  Mr Jones is a fluent and forceful speaker and received a vote of thanks and confidence.

Tuesday 21st   It was a very fine hot day.  Jim took a box of eggs down to the wharf and the remainder of the day he was ploughing the remainder of the day.  The “Kawau” returned from Mangawai and took in a big cargo of wool, boxes of eggs and fruit for Auckland.
Roddie McKinnon was captain, with a crew of free labour,  the old hands would not be taken on again on account of them striking.
Ivy was spending the day down at the beach, so Jim and I were the only ones here for dinner.  In the morning I was digging round the peach tree near the back gate  and in the afternoon I was preparing the ground for Tomatoes in the Lemon garden here,  I went to Frank Whalen’s to get a few Tomato plants and I planted them after tea.

Wednesday 22nd   It was a very hot day.  I was digging round the peach tree in the morning and in the afternoon I was forking out convolvulus in the Lemon garden.
The “Kawau” did not arrive until after 7 pm.  I went down to the wharf and then to the Hall.  Mr Murdoch another parliamentary candidate addressed the electors,  there was a good attendance.

Thursday 23rd   It was a very fine day.  I went over to Jim Dunnings in the cream cart,  I took Jane a bunch of Roses & Sweet Peas to Jane,  had dinner there, Mr Murdock was to have held a meeting in the Claim Hall in the pm , but no one turned up so he called at Mr Holders,  Jim & I called in and we had an interesting chat together. Mrs Holder gave us afternoon tea ,  Mr M gave me a ride in his car as far as Jack Walden’s store, made a few purchases and then I called at Mr Whitakers and returned to Jims and staid the night there.

Friday 24th   It was a very fine day.  We were all up early and Jane & I drove to Warkworth to the Flower Show got up by the beautifying Society, we put up at Tom Williams’ , Mrs W gave us morning tea and then I went down to the Town Hall.  I was judge of pot plants and Miss Palmer judge of cut flowers, had lunch at Mr Shepherds, called on Mr Cook at the Times Office, and went to look at Tom Dere court’s garden.  Jane & I left Tom Williams at about 5 pm and drove to Matakana, put up at Bob Williams, had tea there and then we all went to a concert held in the Matakana Hall in aid of the Church of England, the concert was very enjoyable, we staid at Bobs the night.

Saturday 25th   It was a very fine day.  Omaha club were playing cricket against Warkworth to day and Jane and I had intended going back to Warkworth to watch the match, so we decided to return to Jim’s place, we had morning tea at Mr Mackey’s  (the Teacher) then Mr Stewart (who had taken part at the concert last night) and I drove to Jim’s place and Mr Mackey drove Jane & Mrs Stewart over in the afternoon,  I made Mr Stewart lunch and he was playing cricket with the school children in the Domain in the afternoon.  I staid at Jims that night.

Sunday 26th   It was a fine day.  After dinner Jim D drove me over to Leigh.  Revd Addenbrooke held service in the Church in the afternoon, there were 31 present, Collection 20/- .  I went to Mrs Gravatt’s for tea.  After I got home I went up to the garden.

Monday 27th   It was a very fine day.  Before breakfast I went up to the garden and picked some Citron Lemons  & Sweet Peas,  after breakfast I took them down to the village, sent the lemons to Jane by Gus Neeley and I gave the Sweet Peas to Mrs Stewart.  Was working in the garden all day.  I pricked out in a shallow box the small Aster plants & cuttings,  watered the small plants as the ground is very dry. Picked some Sutton’s Peerless Peas, these peas were sown on the 2nd August.
Eddie & Jim brought home 2 Kaikakatea logs and they were sawing them up in the pm.  Jim attended a Show meeting in the evening.

Tuesday 28th   It was a fine day, very hot & close.  In the evening there were indications of rain which is very much wanted as the garden is very dry.  After breakfast I went down to the village, I posted a letter to Mr Wallace which I wrote last night, I received a letter from Willie which came by mail last night.
I was up at the garden , but on account of the heat I could not do much.
Albert & Jim were cutting box timber.

Wednesday 29th   It was a fine day, strong wind from NW.  I planted out 3 Dahlias.  Jim & Albert were cutting box timber.
Went down for the mail in the evening.  Posted a letter to D. Hay & Son about flower plants.

Thursday 30th   It was a fine day, close and muggy and no wind.  Jim & Albert were cutting box timber.  I planted a white Penstemon,
5 Pansies,  &  5 Dahlias.
It started to rain in the evening.  W. Dunning came into my room in the evening and we had a chat.