September 1927

Thursday 1st   It was a dull day, but it did not rain.  Mrs Wallace and Alma came in the morning and had lunch here and Mabel came in the afternoon.  Jim was working on the road.  I wrote a letter to Grace, also a report for the Rodney Times and gave them to Mabel to post.

Friday 2nd   The weather was threatening, but it did not rain.  Jim was working on the road.  I went down to Dolly’s to change library books & borrow a paper, carried up some black soil.

Saturday 3rd   It was a fine day.  I took up 200 Onion plants and sent them down to Dolly.  I sowed a row of Stratagem peas.

Sunday 4th   It rained early this morning, but the remainder of the day was fine.  Two of Tom Ashton’s girls were here for dinner , and they went to Sunday school with these children .  I took a walk in the pm.

Monday 5th   It was a very fine day.  I sowed a second row of Stratagem Peas next those I sowed on Saturday.  Received 2 pr  Socks from Grace.

Tuesday 6th   It rained a lot last night, and showery to day, the ground is very wet.  I wrote a letter to Miss C. A. Matheson who is now living at Kamo.   Hector helped me take up 800 Onion plants for Mr Syms & Mr Ruthe and Jean took them down to the cream box for Pat to take them to the wharf.

Wednesday 7th   It poured with rain last night and the ground was very wet today.  Jim went to work on the road, but had to come home again as it set in rain again.  I could not do anything outside, so spent the day in reading.

Thursday 8th   A few showers fell to day, but otherwise the weather was not so bad.  I was not able to do anything in the garden.  Jim was working on the road.

Friday 9th   With the exception of a slight shower it was a very fine day.  Jane & Jean walked to Big Omaha to spend the day with the Wallaces and Alma, and came back in Ted Wyatt’s lorry.  Jim was working on the road.  I took up 800 onion plants for the Greenwoods and took them down to Dolleys.

Saturday 10th   Jim went to work on the road, but he had to come home as it turned out a wet day.  Jean left to day to return to the Techinacal  [sic: Technical]  College in Auckland,  The Birdsalls took her in their car to Kaipara Flats to go by train.

Sunday 11th   It was a fine day with the exception of one slight shower, but the ground is like a swamp.  Young Mr Roke held service in the morning, Jim & Jane went.  Two of Will Dunnings came here for dinner.  I went down to have a chat with Pat in the afternoon.

Monday 12th   It was a very fine day, but there was a very strong wind blowing, however it will help to dry the ground.  I dug up a strip between the cabbages and the eschallots.  School commenced today after the holidays, but Mildred did not go as she has a cold.  Jim was working on the road.

Tuesday 13th   It was a very fine day, and the ground is drying up nicely.  Jim was working on the road.  I took up 200 onion plants for Dolly, I dug a strip of ground and drove in 13 stakes for Tomatoes.

Wednesday 14th   It was a very fine day,  I have got a bad cold and sore throat, so I did not do much outside.  I took up 400 onion plants for Wilf Meiklejohn.  Jim was working on the road.

Thursday 15th   It was a fine day, ‘tho dull.  I dug up the piece of ground between the peas and the cabbages, also the strip I sowed in Giant Rocca onions which were a failure.
Went down to Dollys to change my books.  Jim was working on the road.

Friday 16th   It was a fine day.  I dug between the eschallots and next to the cabbages.  Mr Wallace was working down at the bowling green, Hector was helping him.  I went down to take him some lunch.
Jim was working on the road.

Saturday 17th   It rained all day.  Jim did not work on the road.  It took them all their time to get firewood for the house.

Sunday 18th   A very wet day.  None of us grown ups went out anywhere, the children went to Sunday school.

Monday 19th   It was a dull disagreeable day, no sun, but cold wind blowing.  I took up 100 onion plants for Miss Hewitt and sent them by Mildred to the P.O. to go by the mailman to day.  Wrote a letter to Mr Elliott reminding him that half a years interest was due.
My cold is worse so I did nothing in the garden.  Received a letter from Miss C. A. Matheson returning some manuscript I had lent her.

Tuesday 20th   It was a fine day.  Hector & I took up 10000  [sic: probably 1,000]  onion plants for Mr Ross of Ti Point & 300 for Minnie, Hector took these down to Pats in the afternoon for Pat to put them on the steamer tomorrow.

Wednesday 21st   It was a fine day.  I staid in bed all day as my cold is much worse.

Thursday 22nd  My cold is much worse so I got Pat to ring up Dr Whetter to ask him to send me some medicine on Friday.

Friday 23rd   Weather unsettled.  I staid in bed all day with my cold.  Dr Whetter sent the medicines so I started to take them at once.

Saturday 24th   I staid in bed most of the day, got up  for a little in the afternoon.

Sunday 25th   A very wet day.  Revd Rouprecht came in the morning to hold service, but as no one turned up he went away.  Archdeacon Hawkins was driven to Leigh in the afternoon by Mr Thornton to hold service.

Monday 26th   A showery day.  In bed all day.

Tuesday 27th   I got up in the afternoon.  I wrote a long letter to Grace which will be posted tomorrow.  Jim is now laid up with bad cold.

Wednesday 28th   Weather much improved, but a cold wind blowing.  I got up for lunch.  By the afternoons post I received a letter from Sir James Parr, High Commissioner of New Zealand in London in answer to mine of 11 July telling him about the Figure head of Capt Cooks ship “Industry“.

Thursday 29th   It was a very fine warm day.  I was so much better that I went up to the garden, loosened the ground round the 2 rows of Peas and broke up the ground round the Tomato stakes.
Jane started to plant Onions and Jim who did not go to work on the road was helping her.

Friday 30th   It was a very fine day.  I was again working round the Tomato sticks .  Jane & Jim were planting Onions, Miss Hewett sent me by Pat some scarlet bulbs

The total rainfall for September as recorded at the P. O Warkworth was 6.65 in.  The maximum fall was 2.77 in  on Sept 17th
The rainfall for Sept 1926 was only 3.30 in.