March 1889

Friday 1st  It was a fine day for the Show.  I was down at the Hall early in the morning and was busy all day long.
The Show was in every way a success both financially and the number of exhibits.
We put in 22 Exhibits  and gained 16 prizes.
Henry put in 5 Exhibits and gained 3 prizes.

Saturday 2nd  I went down to the Hall and helped clean it out.
There was a cricket match on the hill between Omaha and Matakana, we all went up, Omaha won.

Sunday 3rd  Charlie Wyatt, Maggie Clark & I walked over to Dacre’s Claim Church in the morning.  We returned to Mrs Ashton’s and had dinner & tea there, we came over here in the evening and I read service in the Hall, there was a good congregation.

Friday 8th  Miss Jessie Witten came over in the evening with a spare horse, to take Maggie to Pakiri to stay.

Sunday 10th  Miss Witten, Maggie & Charlie Wyatt returned from Pakiri in time for dinner, they all had tea here and we all went to Church down in the Hall in the evening.

Monday 11th   We all went down to the Goat Island beach in the afternoon.  The boys & I had a bathe, there was a great swell rolling in.   We picked up a lot of shells and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Charlie returned with us for tea.

Tuesday 12th  Maud borrowed a horse of Fordhams, & Charlie borrowed one for Maggie and they all rode to Matakana to the Sunday School Anniversary.  There was a very good concert and they thoroughly enjoyed  themselves.  They did not get back till 4 oclock next morning .

Wednesday 13th  We picked some Lemons & some Damsons to send to Auckland.  The Steamer did not come in till late.  Maggie Clark and Kenzie Runciman returned to Auckland

Sunday 17th   I rode over to Pakiri in the morning on Walter Wyatt‘s horse.  I called in at Mr Wright’s and had a look round his son’s orchard.  I went on to Ellis Dyers‘ where I had dinner, had a look round his orchard and also Mr Boirklands.   Returned to Omaha for tea,  found James & Charlie Dunning, Walter Wyatt & Willie Pratt at our place for tea.  Read service in the Hall in the evening, there were 65 present.

Wednesday 20th  There was a meeting in the Hall in the evening to elect a Show Committee for next year.
The following were elected,
Messrs Wm  & Jas Greenwood,  T. F. Ashton,  Ellis Dyer,  H. Brown,
J. C. Wyatt  &  C. S. Clarke.   20 persons put there name down as subscribers at 10/- each.

Saturday 23rd  Maud went up to Pratts‘ in the afternoon to stay over Sunday.

Sunday 24th  It rained hard last night and also this morning.  Charlie Wyatt came for tea.  I read service in the Hall in the evening, about 35 present.  Willie P. brought Maud home in the evening.

Monday 25th  It was very showery all day. We cleaned some Onion seed in the house.

Tuesday 26th  It was also showery today.  We gathered Damsons in the farm orchard .

Wednesday 27th  We sent away by the “Rose Casey” –
2 Cases Damsons
2 Cases Late Red Plums
The Steamer came in early.  Revd  T. P. Hewlett came up & came up to our place to stay.

Thursday 28th  The boys hauled some goods for W. M.   I went up to Neeley’s with the Frearsons in the afternoon, we put 14 of our sheep out of his place, we got all our sheep up but we found that 4 that we got out of Neeley’s had escaped us.  Mr Hewlett & I went to Mr Walter’s in the evening.

Friday 29th  The boys were helping Frearsons in the morning with the sheep, but they could not get the 4 we missed last night.  Henry took Mr Hewlett up to Greenwood’s in the afternoon on his horse.
We killed a fat ewe that we got out of Neeleys.

Saturday 30th  The boys went down to the beach in the morning and Duncan Knaggs who had just come in from fishing at the Canoe Rock gave them a Wapuka & some other fish which they brought home.

Sunday 31st  I went over to Dacre’s Claim to service in the morning, & returned for dinner.
Mr Hewlett who had preached at Pakiri  in  morning, returned here in time for tea,  Willie P. & John Dunning were also here for tea.
Mr Hewlett preached in the Hall in the evening, there were 104 present, the collection was 21/- and 17 staid for sacrament.
The collection at Pakiri was 13/-  and at the service held at Dacre’s Claim on April 1st the collection was 6/10, making a Total of £2.0.10
Mr Hewlett returned to our house and staid all night.