April 1891

Wednesday 1st   We were logging up all day.  I went down to the Steamer in the evening, she did not come until late.

Thursday 2nd   We were logging up all day.  Miss Flatt, Clara & Herbert Fordham came and spent the evening.

Friday 3rd   It rained all day.  We made some Tomato Sauce.  John returned from Big Omaha.  We killed a Sheep in the evening.

Saturday 4th   It rained in the morning, but cleared up in the pm.  Maud went up to Pratts in the pm.  Paid the boys in the evening their half shares of hauling viz  £1 . 1 . 8  also 15/- for Fungus, and repaid John £2 . 0 . 0  I borrowed of him.

Sunday 5th   Revd R. McKinney preached in the Hall in the morning.  Maud returned from Pratts with Willie.  I went down to Charlies for tea.  Tom Pratt & his wife came here in the afternoon & had tea and went with us to Church in the evening.  There was a very good congregation.  It rained all the time of the service.  On account of the weather the Pratts had to remain here all night.  The Census was taken tonight.

Monday 6th   It was a fine day.  John returned to the gum flat.  The girls returned to school after the Easer Holidays.
I went down to Harpers in the morning to get a bag of sugar and settle our account.  We picked in all all the ripe Maize, pulled up all the Onions and gathered in all the Quinces.  We were logging up in the afternoon.  Mr & Mrs Walter and the boys came to spend the  evening.  Mr T. W. Knaggs also called in & they all staid for supper.

Tuesday 7th   It was a fine day.  We were logging up all day.  Mr John Came & his sister Phyllis came & staid for tea.  Went down to the Steamer in the evening, she came in late.

Wednesday  8th   It rained nearly all day.  Did odd jobs.  Arthur Wright & Miss  Martha  Greenwood were married.

Thursday 9th   It was a fine day.  We were logging up all day.

Friday 10th   Henry was picking Apples all day.  I was logging up.  Mr Birdsall came in the evening to ask me to read the service at Dacre’s Claim next Sunday morning.

Saturday 11th   We were logging up.  John returned from the flat.  There was a meeting in the Hall in the evening to get up a Testimonial to Mrs A. Wright for her services as Organist.

Sunday 12th   I rode over to Dacre’s Claim in the morning and read the service in the absence of Mr Sadler.  Willie & George Pratt were there & they both returned with me for dinner.  I read service in the Hall in the evening.

Monday 13th   Henry went to the flat early in the morning instead of John.  John & I were logging up on the hill & Jane remained at home from school and helped us.

Tuesday 14th   There were several showers in the morning.  We packed 18 Pelts & Skins.  Also picked & packed two Cases Lemons, 15 Doz & 16 Doz.  7 Doz of Henrys & 24 Doz mine.
John hauled Fruit down to the Wharf in the afternoon for us,
A. McKenzie  & T. W. Knaggs.  The Steamer came in early, but I did not go down.

Wednesday 15th   John hauled for Mr Harper in the morning.  I was up the hill logging up all day,  Minnie staid home and helped us.

Thursday  16th   We were logging up on the hill all day.  John put an axe handle into the big axe.

Friday 17th   John put a new handle into the small axe.  We picked all the Beuree Diel Pears from the farm orchard.  We were logging up the remainder of the day.  There were some showers of rain in the morning, it also rained heavily in the evening.

Saturday 18th   We were logging up in the morning and I went up the hill to put the fires together in the evening.  Henry returned from the gum flat.

Sunday 19th   It was a fine day.  Revd S. Griffith preached in the hall in the morning, he gave us a splendid sermon.  I read service in the evening.  The service is going to be changed to the afternoon next Sunday.  Willie P. spent the day here, he brought a piece of beef.

Monday 20th   Henry returned to the gum flat early in the morning.
We were logging up on the hill all day.  Mr & Mrs Walter & the boys came here for tea and spent the evening.

Tuesday 21st   We packed 2 Cases of Beuree Diel Pears and John hauled them down to the Wharf in the morning.  We were logging up all day.  The Steamer came in early.  I went down to the Wharf.
Mr McGregor,  Mr McKinven & Jas Dunning  came here in the evening.

Wednesday 22nd   John was hauling all day, he hauled timber for A. McKenzie and a lot of goods for us, viz Grass Seed, Flour, Beef & Lime.  Jane & I were logging up all day.

Thursday 23nd   We were logging up all day.  I went to Mr Walters in the evening to meet Mr Hills, his brother in law.

Friday 24th   We were logging up all day.

Saturday 25th   We were logging up in the morning.  I cleaned out the pig & calf place in the afternoon.  The Local Option Poll was taken in the Hall.  There was a meeting of the Show Committee in the Hall in the evening.

Sunday 26th   I rode over to Dacre’s Claim in the morning to conduct service for Mr Saddler who was absent.  It rained all the time during service, but I had it fine to go & return.  I read service in the Hall in the afternoon, there were only 16 present.  Alex Haskell came for tea.

Monday 27th   John made Cases in the morning, and went to the gum flat in the afternoon.  Henry & I commenced to sow grass seed on the piece Charlie fell, we reckoned it 2 Acres without the road and we took up the following quantities of grass seed etc for the two acres,
30 lbs Cocksfoot, 20 lbs Rye Grass, 2 lbs Hard Fescue, 1 lb Poa Pratensis, 1 lb White Clover, 1 lb Alsyke Clover.
The Annual Meeting of Householders to elect a School Committee was held in the school, Messrs Geo Ashton and P. McDevitt were elected to represent Dacre’s Claim.  Mr Walter, Mr & Mrs Hills came here for tea & spent the evening.

Tuesday 28th   It rained all day.  I packed 4 Cases of Reinettes & 2 Cases Russetts and Henry hauled them down to the Wharf, he also hauled 18 Cases Fruit for McKenzie.  The Steamer did not come in this evening.

Wednesday 29th   The Steamer came in early this morning.  Henry hauled some goods for harper.  Charlie came up in the pm to measure the bush falling  and count the Posts.  There were 50 Market Posts @ 30/- and  150 Posts for our own use @ 20/-.
Charlie, Maggie &  Nelsan (?)   staid here for tea.

Thursday 30th   It was a fine day but there were a few showers in the morning.  We were sowing grass seed and finished sowing the piece that Charlie fell.  We did not quite use all the seed we took up on Monday, but we did not sow the road.