April 1906

Sunday 1st   Allan Wallaces 15th birthday.
In the morning I attended Holy Trinity Church, Revd H. A. Hawkins officiated.  In the evening Fred & I went over to Auckland, met Noel and Miss Slater on the wharf and we all went up to St Matthews Church.

Monday 2nd   I bid good bye to the Wallaces where I had spent a very happy time, came over to Auckland with Noel and decided to return home today, so I took my bag on board the “Kawau” finished my shopping, went up to Mrs Simpsons for lunch and wished them good bye,  Mr Torkington came to see me off,   the Steamer started soon after 2  –  and I got to Omaha soon after 6 pm.  Jane and Willie were on the wharf to meet me .  I felt a good deal better for my trip.

Saturday 7th   We received a wire from Henry saying that he had arrived in Auckland this morning and that he would be down here by Monday’s boat.

Sunday 8th   It was a fine day.  Revd E. G. Evans held service in the Hall in the morning, I attended and afterwards I rode over to Ti Point to spend the day with Joe and Minnie,  Willie was also over there.

Tuesday 10th   I went down to the wharf about 2.30 pm to meet Henry who came in the “Kawau“.  Wilson Knaggs also came up.  We were very glad to see Henry as it is nearly 6½ years since he was home.
In the evening there was a surprise party at Miss Gallies, as a sort of fareweel as she is leaving the School to be married to Arthur Greenwood.  Henry went with us and we spent a very pleasant evening.  The young people presented her with a China afternoon Tea service.

Thursday 12th   Mabel and Willie Dunning came to spend the evening as we had to sit up as the Wanderers are coming this evening, Jane & Willie went down to the wharf with Mabel and W. D – and soon after Noel, Miss Slater and Ken came up with them to stay Easter with us.

Friday 13th    Good Friday.   It was a fine day.   Emily &  Millie Cruickshank came over about noon and we all went to the pic nic held in Archie Dunning‘s paddock to entertain the Wanderers.  The Wanderers gave a Concert in the Hall in the evening, afterwards there was a dance and supper.

Saturday 14th   It was a fine day.  There was a Cricket Match in Charlie’s paddock between the Visitors and the local players,  Henry played for Omaha and Noel acted as Umpire.
There was a Smoke Concert in the Hall in the evening, Henry went,  Willie D came here to spend the evening and we played cards.

Easter Sunday 15th.   It was a beautiful day.   The Miss Cruickshanks returned home this morning.  Henry and I walked over to Ti Point and dined at Harold Torkingtons, we all went over to the sand spit in the afternoon and had tea at Joes.  Willie & Ken were also there, we staid a long time yarning after tea and walked home after dark.
Noel, Miss Slater, Jane and Willie D.  had been down to the Goat Island in the afternoon and they were only just clearing away tea when we arrived home.

Monday 16th   It was a fine day.  There was a Cricket Match in Charlies paddock between the Wanderers and an Omaha team, Noel played with the visitors,  Henry played for Omaha and I scored. There was a dance in the Hall in the evening.
The “Kawau” called for the Wanderers late at night and Noel, Ken and Miss Slater went back to town in her.

Thursday 19th   Jane and Henry rode to Matakana and staid all night at Mr Cruickshanks.

Friday 20th   Jane and Henry returned from Matakana.

Saturday 28th   Henry went to Auckland in the “Kawau” in the afternoon.  Jane was fishing on the wharf and afterwards went up to Jos  Wyatts for tea.  In the evening Joe, Minnie and the children came over to stay.

Sunday 29th   There was a heavy shower of rain in the morning.   Joe, Minnie and the children returned home after dinner.   Revd Jory (new Wesleyan Minister) held service in the Hall in the afternoon , Jane & I went, we heard that Mr Wm  Greenwood was very ill.
The census was taken to night.

Monday 30th   I was down at the wharf in the afternoon to meet the Steamer from Mangawai, but she did not