May 1891

Friday 1st   We were sowing grass seed all day, we commenced to sow the piece we fell ourselves, at we wire fence.  A very heavy shower of rain in the evening.

Saturday 2nd   We were sowing grass seed in the morning.  The Annual Meeting of Ratepayers was held in the Hall in the afternoon, as the Board’s books had not been received from Auckland, the meeting was adjourned to some future date.  There was a meeting of the Testimonial Committee in the Hall in the evening.

Sunday 3rd   It rained early in the morning, but cleared up and was a fine day, but very windy.  I read service in the afternoon, there was a large congregation.  Willie P.  was here for dinner, & he & H. Rayner were here for tea.

Monday 4th    We were sowing grass seed on the hill all day.  John returned to the gum flat in the morning.

Tuesday 5th   I packed 4 Cases Golden Russett Apples and Henry hauled them to the Wharf in the afternoon, he also hauled 10 Cases Fruit for A. McKenzie.    I picked in a lot of White Beans also Maize.
There was an election at the Hall for members on the Road Board, the polling was as follows.
Ashton T. F.          43
Brown H.               41
Clarke C. S.           36
Greenwood W.  18
48 Ratepayers recorded their votes.

Wednesday,  Thursday,  Friday  & Saturday  6th, 7th, 8th & 9th
Weather kept very fine, showers some nights.  We continued sowing grass seed.  John returned from the gum flat Saturday afternoon.

Sunday 10th   I rode over to Dacre’s Claim in the  morning and conducted service in the absence of Mr Saddler, there were about 30 present.  Willie P.  was there and returned with me to dinner.  I read service in the Hall in the afternoon, there was a good congregation.  Mr Rayner & Miss Pratt were here for tea.

Monday 11th   John did not return to the gum flat.  Wind blowing from the NE accompanied by driving rain, in the morning between showers we picked in the Stone Pippins & Kentucky Red Streak Apples, also Maize & Black Beans.  It rained heavier in the afternoon and all night.

 Tuesday 12th   It rained in the morning, I was shelling Beans & other odd jobs.  It cleared up in the afternoon, the boys thrashed grass seed.  The girls & I pulled up ti tree on the farm.  The Steamer came in early.  I wrote a letter to my brother John in the evening, it will go by the Home Mail which leaves Auckland on Saturday May 23rd.

Wednesday 13th   Wind blowing very strong from SE, very uncomfortable weather, threatening, but it did not rain.  Henry hauled some good for T. W. K.  &  E. J. H.  We thrashed the grass seed for the last time and sieved it.

Thursday 14th   It was blowing a gale from the E.  The boys took the bullocks over to Mr Saddler’s and got 2 Bushels of Cocksfoot Seed.
I was cutting Thistles in the burnt bush.

Friday 15th   It was a very stormy day.  I went up to Mr Walters in the afternoon, had tea there and spent the evening.

Saturday 16th   There was a meeting of the Road Board in the Hall in the afternoon.  Mr G. Knaggs was appointed Chairman & Secretary and I was appointed Treasurer.  There was also a meeting in the evening of the testimonial Committee.  It was decided to order a Tea & Coffee service costing £4.15.0.

Sunday 17th   It was a beautiful day.  I read service in the afternoon.

Monday 18th   John went to the gum flat and brought all his things including 2 Sacks of Gum, round in Knaggs‘ boat.  Henry was sowing grass seed.  I was cutting Thistles.

Tuesday 19th   John took the bullocks down to the wharf and hauled up the gum etc he brought from the flat.  I cleared out the big bed room and took the hay up to the shed.  We had a party in the evening there were 21 besides our own family.

Wednesday 20th   Henry hauled some goods for us from the Wharf. John & I were mending the fence from Haskells down to Koeroa.

Thursday 21st   The boys were sowing grass seed all day.  I was cutting thistles.

Friday 22nd   The boys finished sowing grass seed on the slip.  I was cutting thistles.

Saturday 23rd   The boys sowed grass seed on the road  on the top of the clearing leading to Neeley’s. Minnie and I were cutting thistles. In the afternoon I cleaned out the pig.  (pig sty)

Sunday 24th   Willie Pratt was here for dinner, and Mr Pratt, Sarah & Mary Ann came in the afternoon and staid for tea.
Revd R. McKinney preached in the Hall in the evening.

Monday 25th   It was a very fine day. Duncan Knaggs and Miss Rollinson were married by Revd R. McKinney this morning, and they went round to their new home at Tee Point in the afternoon.
John was sowing grass seed and the girls & I were cutting thistles all day.  Henry went to Pakiri shooting.

Tuesday 26th   It was a fine day.  We commenced ploughing in the Pigs paddock.  I went down to the wharf in the evening.  There was a dance in the Hall in the evening in honour of Duncan Knagg’s wedding.

Wednesday 27th   It was a fine day with the exception of a shower in the morning. We finished ploughing the Pig’s Paddock.

Thursday 28th   It was a fine day.  We finished digging the headlands in the Pig’s Paddock.  Henry & Jane went up the hill and were cutting thistles and sowing Rye Grass Seed.  John & I were digging in the garden.

Friday 29th   It was a fine day.  Henry finished sowing the grass seed on the hill.  I dug out the paths to form 4 beds. Two beds 5 ft wide we sowed Onions, 5 rows in each bed 11 inches apart.

Saturday 30th   It was a fine day. The boys sowed 3 rows of White Stone Turnips 15 inches apart, they also dug us some more ground next to it for planting other things.  Mr Walter & I went to Pakiri to present the Testimonial of a Tea & Coffee service to Mrs Arthur Wright, we dined there, we came back by the old road and called at John Greenwood Jnr and Mr Handby’s.  Maud went up to Pratts on Fanny.

Sunday 31st   It was a fine day. Revd S. Griffith preached in the Hall in the morning & I read service in the afternoon, I went to Charlie’s for tea, Maud returned from Pratts in the evening.