January 1889

Tuesday 1st  It was a beautiful day, very hot but a nice breeze blowing .
There was a large picnic over at Dacres Claim near the Maori Hall to which we all went to.  There must have been over 200 persons present.
We laid our cloth with Mr Brooking’s family under a shady tree.  The tide being out in the middle of the day, the sand was a beautiful place for the games.  I enjoyed myself very much.  There was a dance in the Hall in the evening , we staid until about 12 oclock.
Tom & Willie Pratt returned with us and staid all night.

Thursday 3rd  We commenced filling the Manure Heap in the Pigs Paddock.  We picked up all the manure that was lying about.  We got the sheep up in the evening.

Friday 4th  John Wyatt & Walter came in the morning and took away their long tailed ewe and her two lambs.
We went up to Neely’s and mended up the fence.
Cleaned out the pigs in the afternoon and killed a sheep in the evening.

Saturday 5th  It came on to rain in the morning and it was very showery in the afternoon.  It is the first rain we have had for some time and it is very much wanted as the ground is very dry.
The boys went over to Dacre’s Claim in the afternoon to play a Cricket Match with the Matakana boys, but on account of the wet their antagonists did not put in an appearance.

Sunday 6th  It rained early this morning, but the wind changed and then it cleared up and the wind commenced to blow.  I read service in the evening, there was a very good congregation, about 45 being present.

Monday 7th   It was a fine day, we did odd jobs in the garden.  The boys dug the Early Rose Potatoes in the orchard.  We put sticks round the seed Onions.  Mr & Mrs Walter and Miss Simpson came for tea and spent the evening.

Tuesday 8th  The boys finished digging the Early Rose Potatoes.  I made 2 small cases for Apricots.  Also weeded the Onions.

Wednesday 9th  We picked one case of Apricots 42 lbs Nett.  Tom Pratt hauled the wool over & he, Mrs Lane & Fred came up here for dinner & tea waiting for the Steamer.  Miss Pratt & Mr Raynor also came in the afternoon.
We dug some of the Breese Prolific Potatoes & they turned out remarkably well, we weighed some of the roots, one weighed 7 lb 2 oz and lots weighed over 5 lbs.
The Steamer did not come in until late, she went out the same evening, several passengers went by her, Mr Lane, Mr Walters, Miss Simpson etc – she also had a good return cargo – viz over ½ ton Potatoes & 3 Bales Wool, and a good many cases of fruit.
It had been threatening with rain all day and it came on to rain in the evening.  Miss Pratt, Miss Stanton and Mr Raynor staid all night.

Thursday 10th  It had been raining steadily all night and it continued raining all to day, it has  sunk deeply into the ground.  It will do a great deal of good.  We have not had any rain to speak of since Dec 12th and then not so much as now.
Miss Pratt etc went away in the afternoon.

Friday 11th   We gathered up manure and put round the Seed Onions.
The boys went fishing in the afternoon.
Charlie Wyatt killed a fat Cow he bought of Mr Livock of Dacres Claim.
Miss Dunning, May & Miss Bond came here for tea.

Saturday 12th   Henry hauled some goods for Mirehouse in the morning.  John & I went and put on another wire on the fence up at Neeley’s.  We cleaned the pigs out in the afternoon.
Fred Pratt went home in the afternoon, Maud went up with him to stay until tomorrow evening.

Sunday 13th  In the morning I went over to the service at Dacre’s Claim, there were about 40 present.  I went to Mr Ashtons for dinner & tea, came over with them to Omaha in the evening to service in the Hall.  Mr Mather preached, there were about 60 present.
Maud returned from Pratts in the evening, Willie came with her.

Monday 14th  I was making fruit cases in the shed.  The boys were digging out Potatoes & picking out Convolvulus.

Tuesday 15th  John Salt and Madelene came and spent the day. We picked 2  Cases Lemons.

Wednesday 16th  We were busy picking Apricots.  We sent away the following
2 Cases Lemons.  12 & 13½ Doz   Total 25½ Doz
9 Cases Apricots. Net weight as follows, 28 lbs, 30 lbs, 32 lbs, 32 lbs, 46 lbs, 46 lbs, 53 lbs, 54 lbs, 60 lbs,   Total 381 lbs
We got 214 lbs off the bottom tree, besides about 20 lbs we picked from it last week, and we left some on.
Went down to the Steamer in the evening, there was a great crowd down at the wharf, she came in late, Mr & Mrs Laybourn came up in her.

Thursday 17th  The boys hauled for Mirehouse.
We were digging Potatoes.  Went up to Mr Ja Greenwoods in the evening to pay my Highway Rates, staid for supper.

Friday 18th  Went down to Mirehouse’s in the morning, to take a Notice there, and also to put one on the Hall calling a meeting about a Show.  I met Mr Ashton there.
I went to the Library in the evening it was the annual meeting of subscribers.

Saturday 19th  We cleaned out the pigs in the morning.
The boys went to a Cricket Match in the afternoon to Dacre’s claim.  There was a Cricket Match at Warkworth between Omaha & Warkworth.  Omaha won, Willie P. was playing, he came here in the evening and staid all night.
Mr Legge came to Mirehouse’s with a buggy.

Sunday 20th  It rained early in the morning, but it soon cleared up, but it was a dull day.
I rode Willie’s horse over to Dacre’s Claim and conducted service in the Hall, there were about 20 present.  I returned home for dinner.
Mr Brookman came over in the evening and conducted service in the hall, there was about 45 present.

 Monday 21st  I was making cases all day.
The boys sowed a double row of Zebra Beans next to the Peas.  They dug out a trench and filled it with cow dung.

Tuesday 22nd We dug sorrel in the orchard .

Wednesday 23rd  We picked Apricots in the morning we filled 2 Cases to send to Arthur & Buddell weighing respectively 54 lbs & 44 lbs Nett.  Total 98 lbs.  We have now sent away for sale 521 lbs.
From the bottom tree we picked 274 lbs.  We also sent Mr Witten a small case of Apricots, Lemons & Apples.

Sunday 27th  Revd R. McKinney preached in the Hall in the morning.
I read service in the evening there was a very large congregation about 60 being present.
Willie & Tom Pratt & Miss Stanton were at our house for tea.

Wednesday 30th We were busy picking fruit and sent away
1 Case Lemons 13 Doz,
1 Case Peaches 28 Doz,
1 Case Orleans Plums 56 Doz