August 1891

Saturday 1st   It was a fine day.  John & I worked Charlie’s and our bullocks and hauled out posts down to Mathesons.  Henry returned late in the evening and Willie P. with him to spend the Sunday.

Sunday 2nd   It was a dull day and very cold.  I read service in the afternoon.  Henry returned to Pakiri.

Monday 3rd   It was a dull day slight showers.  John & I put in the straining post and struts and guys fence next Frearson’s.

Tuesday 4th   We were splitting and sharpening pickets.  It came on to rain in the afternoon and we had to come home.

Wednesday 5th   I was making roller pegs in the morning.  John hauled Seed Potatoes & Bone Dust up from the Wharf and also 3 Coils Galvanised & 2 Coils of Hog Wire up to where we are making the fence, these came by the Steamer last night.  We put on a few wires.

Thursday 6th   We were putting on the wire on to the fence next the School Reserve.

Friday 7th   We finished putting on the wire next School Reserve.

Saturday 8th   We were putting on the wire next Frearsons.  It was a very showery day.

Sunday 9th   Henry came home in the morning & returned to Pakiri in the afternoon.  Read service in the afternoon,  there was a good congregation.  Willie P.  came in the afternoon.

Monday 10th   It was a showery day.  We were putting in the posts and putting on the wire near the water falls next Frearsons.

Tuesday 11th   We saw a lamb today for the first time. It was a fine day.  We were trimming posts on the hill also preparing picketts.
Memorandum of Fencing that we have put up or we are about finishing.
From straining post at T & J.  Wyatts boundary to the gate – 7 chains 95 links
From straining post at School Reserve to the gate including the gate way – 5 chains 92 links.
Length of line between T & J Wyatts and myself 9 chains & 22 links. My half share 4 chains 61 links.
Length of line between Frearsons and myself, 8 chains. My half share 4 chains.
Length of fence between School Reserve and me 7 chains 70 links.
Total length of Fencing done this season 30 Chains 18 links.

Wednesday 12th   We sighted the line between T & J. Wyatt’s and our land and commenced putting in the posts.

Thursday 13th   John was hauling posts.  I put in pickets in fence next School Reserve.

Friday 14th  We were putting in posts next T & J. Wyatts.

Saturday 15th   Wind blowing from the E.  I was stapling the pickets next School Reserve.  Meeting of the Road Board in the Hall in the afternoon.

Sunday 16th   It was blowing & raining all day.  There was no service.

Monday 17th   Nelly calved a Bull Calf.  It was showery.  I made some rollers in the am.  Finished stapling the pickets in fence next School Reserve.  John was cutting ti tree in the home paddock.

Tuesday 18th   Showery day.  We were splitting posts on the hill behind the house.  Henry & Charlie Gravatt called in from Pakiri & staid for tea.

Wednesday 19th   Showery day.  John hauled for G. Knaggs in the morning.  We finished splitting the posts in the afternoon.

Thursday 20th   Showery day.  We were mending up the fence on top of the hill at the back of the house.  We all went to Grandmama’s for tea to celebrate her birthday.

Friday 21st   Showery day.  We were mending up the fence in the morning & sawing off straining posts in the pm.

Saturday 22nd   Fine day, but windy which is drying up the ground.  We were squaring straining posts in the morning.  I was making pickets in the pm.  Henry returned from Pakiri in the afternoon.

Sunday 23rd   It was a fine day.  Read service in the afternoon.  Henry returned to Pakiri.

Monday 24th   It was a fine day.  We were putting in posts up the hill next T & J. Wyatt’s

Tuesday 25th     It was a fine day, but came on showery in the evening.  We finished putting the posts up the hill & commenced squaring a straining post.

Wednesday 26th  It was a wet day.  I made rollers in the shed.

Thursday 27th   Wet day.  I made rollers and commenced making a gate.

Friday 28th   Showery in the morning.  I was making the gate.  Mr Walter came for dinner.   We went up on the hill in the pm.

Saturday 29th   It was a fine day – we were working at the fence.
Henry came home from Pakiri in the afternoon, he is not going back to work there again.

Sunday 30th   It was a fine day.  Mr & Mrs D. Knaggs came here to spend the day, they went to Church with us.  There was a good congregation.  Willie P was here for tea.

Monday 31st   The boys went to Pakiri to bring their new bullocks home that they bought of Wrights.  We had a few showers of rain in the morning.  I was working at the fence on the hill preparing it for putting on the wires.  Minnie was helping me.