April 1923

Sunday 1st   It rained all day.   Mr Wallace & I went to the Presbyterian church in the evening

Monday 2nd   It was a fine day after the rain yesterday.  I met Mrs Ashworth at the Devonport wharf & we went across to Auckland together & we went up to the Domain Cricket ground together.
Rodney was playing Franklin for the Walker Shield.  Rodney made 225 and Wellington  Franklin made 88.
A. R. Dunning 119.  Edgar Wyatt 38,  Mumford 19.  Mr Wallace came over in the afternoon, and we returned to the Shore together.

Tuesday 3rd   It was a fine day.  I did not go across to Auckland until the afternoon.  Went up to consult Dr Lindsay, he said there was not much the matter with me.  I did not see any of the Cricketers in town,  when I returned to Mr Wallaces I found Jim Dunning there, he staid the night.  We played 500,  Mr W.  &  I  V  Jim & Alma.

Wednesday 4th   It was a fine day.  I did not go across to Auckland until the afternoon.  I went to see the “Kawau” off,  she only came in from Matakana at 1 pm, she had to unload and load up for Omaha, she should have left at 3 pm, but it was 5 pm before she got away. Jim D.  Mr Archie,  Eddie, Ivy & Mr Whitaker returned to Omaha in her.
Mrs Smith & Mrs Tozer were at Mrs Wallaces for lunch.  Mr Wallace & I went to spend the evening at Ken Wallaces who lives at Narrow neck.

Thursday 5th    Willies birthday.  It was a fine day.  I went across to Auckland in the morning, returning for lunch, went across also in the afternoon, and went up to Willie, had tea there and returned to the shore in the evening.

Friday 6th   It was a fine day.  Ken took my bag across to Auckland early, and I went across later on , took my luggage down to the Steamer, did some shopping, had dinner and then embarked on the “Kawau” for Leigh.  Will & Alf Dunning were also passengers,  left at 1 & arrived soon after 6 pm.  Young Sterling brought me up to the gate in Dan Kempts waggon.

Saturday 7th   It was a fine day.  The Omaha Cricketers played a match against Matakana at Matakana,  Eddie & Jim went, Omaha only won by 14 runs, Jim made the highest score viz 66.  I went down to the P.O and called at Gravatts.  Went up to the garden and was working in the Lemon garden.  Burned off the heap of rubbish.

Sunday 8th   It was a very windy day.  I went over in the cream cart to Jim Dunnings place.  Revd  Addensbrooke held service in the Hall in the evening, Jane & I attended, there were only 10 present and 5 of them including myself came from Leigh.

Monday 9th  to  Friday 13th    I was staying at Jims, the weather fine all the time.  I was staying here principally to dig up some ground to make a garden for myself.  I dug up a piece at the top corner of his enclosure.  Alec Matheson was working there and had nearly finished the addition to the house, three of the rooms are finished and is now working at my room.  The iron chimney is fixed and Alec is lining it with bricks.  Returned to Eddies by the mail cart.

Saturday 14th   It was a fine day.  There was a Cricket match at Kaipara Flats between the local club & Omaha.  Jim went but Eddie was not very well & staid at home.  Omaha won.  Jim made 66 runs.
I took flowers down to the Church in the afternoon as there is going to be a Harvest Thanks giving service tomorrow.

Sunday 15th   It was a fine day.  Eddie & Ivy drove out, so I was left on my own all day,  Revd Addenbrook  held a Harvest Thanksgiving Service in the evening,  there were 32 present  Collection 16/1.
I heard this evening that Robert Williams had died in the Auckland  [Hospital ?]  yesterday and is to be buried at Matakana on Tuesday.

Monday 16th   It was a fine day.  I went over to Jim’s place in the morning with the cream cart to be ready for Robert Williams funeral tomorrow.  Alec Matheson has nearly finished the addition to the house, my room is the only one not finished.

Tuesday 17th   It was rather showery and an E wind blowing.  Jim & I drove over to Matakana to attend Robert Williams funeral.  It was largely attended.  Revd Addenbrooke officiated at the grave, Robert was 59 years of age.  On our way home we called in at Whitaker Brc [?]  & Mrs Charlie gave us afternoon tea,  & Jim got a bag of apples given to him.
Alec was scrimming my room.

Wednesday 18th   Blowing hard & showery.  Alec papered my room & it looks very nice.  He finished here this evening & took away his tools.

Thursday 19th  & Friday 20th    It was blowing & raining both days , was not able to do any thing out side, on Friday night it poured with rain,  & severe thunder & Lightening.

Saturday 21st   It cleared up a little, but everything very wet, I came round to Leigh from the top wharf in the “Kawau” which has been weather bound at the Kawau Island ever since Wednesday.  In the afternoon I took flowers down to the Church , called at Gravatts &
A. L. Greenwoods.  There was a Hockey match at the Claim in the afternoon between Omaha & Matakana.  Omaha won.

Sunday 22nd   There were several showers in the morning,  it was finer in the pm.  I conducted my last service in the Church at 2.30, there were 26 present,   Collection 10/6.  After the service Mr J. C. Wyatt on behalf of the congregation expressed their regret that I was giving up the service.  It was Ivy‘s birthday, also Ted Dunning‘s,  I went up to Wm Dunnings for tea, Mr & Mrs Grigg were also there.  We all adjourned to Mr Griggs house in the evening for some music.

Monday 23rd   It was a fine day.  I was up at the old house all day.  I took up the oilcloth in my bedroom and rolled it up, ready to take over to Janes, also burned a lot of rubbish.  I went to Mr A. Dunnings in the evening, we played at cribbage.

Tuesday 24th   It was fine in the morning,  I took the oilcloth over to Janes in the cream cart and laid down the oilcloth in my room.  Jim D. was helping cut chaff for Jack Walden.   As Gus Neeley was so late in returning from Matakana I walked home, it rained all the way and I got wet.

Wednesday 25th   It rained heavily last night, but it was fine today.
I was planing up the gate timber.  Jane & Hector drover over in the afternoon in the sulky, and they took the largest of my pictures home with them.

Thursday 26th   It rained last night, but it was fine today.  In the morning I went up to the old house to get some tools, was working at the gate.  In the afternoon I went down to the wharf to meet the Steamer, it was the “Waipu” and Roddie McKinnon was skipper.
Sent Mrs Shepherd a P.O. order for £5 as a contribution from Leigh Church for the half year 31 March 1923.

Friday 27th   It was a fine day.  After breakfast I took my hand saw down to J. C. Wyatt to get sharpened,  called in at Mr Gozars,  went to the P.O to post some letters, the remainder of the day I was working at the gate.  Alf Dunning was picking Lemons here,  Jim was ploughing in the barley paddock, the rain having softened the ground.  I went down to the Library in the evening to change my books.  The Committee have made me a like member.

Saturday 28th   It was a fine day, ‘tho the wind is easterly.  Jim was ploughing in the barley paddock.  Eddie rode to Matakana to play hockey.  I was working at the gate.

Sunday 29th   It was a fine day, ‘tho wind easterly.   J. C. Wyatts 60th birthday.  I attended Revd  Pooles service in the morning, dined at
Mr Archie Dunnings, went to Gravatts in the afternoon and had tea there.

Monday 30th   It was a fine day.  Jim was drilling grass for Sandy Matheson.  I was digging out convolvulus in the Lemon garden in the morning.  In the afternoon I put the gate together.