April 1866

Sunday 1st    April Fools Day & Easter Sunday.  The wind has abated and the sea gone down a good deal, but it still looks thick and it was very showery all day.  I did not stir out all day, Sid Anderson came over to see me in the afternoon, & Tom & Joe came for tea.

Monday 2nd  I could not find the kittens any where this morning, they have disappeared in a very mysterious way.  The weather has cleared up, this has been quite a fine day.
The schooner “Cora” went out of Great Omaha for Auckland today with her first cargo, it is the vessel that has been built at Great Omaha by three young men.
I went over to the Andersons in the afternoon and Sid returned with me and staid for tea.
The “Flora McDonald” arrived in the harbour in the afternoon from Auckland, she has several passengers on board.

Tuesday 3rd  Tom Wyatt found the kittens on the road under a stack of firewood.  It was very wet all day, but it cleared up in the evening.

Wednesday 4th   The “Flora McDonald” left this harbour for her destination. In the morning it was pretty fine but we had some very heavy showers in the afternoon.
I employed myself in getting in seeds, cannot do much work out of doors this showery weather.
I begin to get tired of my lonely life and shall be glad when I can have more society .

Thursday 5th   It was a fine day.  I gathered all my Broad Bean seed.  I went over to Mrs Andersons in the afternoon to take Lizzie a kitten (so that I have only one now), they were gathering in their maize and hanging it out in bundles to dry, the maize he has now gathered is the N.Z. maize but he has some Sydney maize growing, it grows from eight to ten feet in height and generally produces two splendid cobs, but it is not nearly ripe, perhaps the climate is not hot enough to suit it – but it may do better in a year or two when it has got acclimatized.
I called at Mrs Porters for my clean clothes.

Friday 6th  It was a beautiful day, the morning was very cold, the wind blew quite sharp and put me in mind of a November morning in England.
In the morning I I took a walk to the Goat Island to make a voyage of discovery.
In the afternoon I went to Mrs Kirkbrides for butter, she lent me a newspaper of the 26th March containing the English telegrams.
The “Stag” arrived in harbour in the afternoon from Auckland, Charlie Anderson came up by her  to spend a fortnight up here.

Saturday 7th  The wind blew very strong from the SW accompanied with showers of driving rain, the wind was piercing cold.  I began to gather some of my maize in and hang it on the fence to dry.  Joe Wyatt went over to Great Omaha in the afternoon to go down to Auckland by the “Stag“, he is going down to work on Mr George’s farm near Auckland. Mr Wyatt & Tom came over in the evening.

Sunday 8th  Tom Wyatt and I walked to Pakiri; we started from here at 8.45 am and returned at about 3.0 pm, we went by the beach and came back by the road calling in at Monkhouse’s on our way there.  There was a letter at Mr Dyers waiting for me from Henry with an inclosure of importance.
I went over to Mrs Andersons in the evening, Jim, Sid & I went up to Mrs Kirkbrides, we had some sacred music & singing, I enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

Monday 9th  I went over to the Andersons in the morning and staid for dinner, in the afternoon Jim & I walked to the Goat Island to look at some land that Kiri has for sale, Jim had tea with me and we went over to the Pa in the evening to speak to Kiri; but he was not at home.

Tuesday 10th  Jim Anderson & I went over to Great Omaha to speak to Kiri about some land of his opposite the Goat Island but he asked such an exhorbitant price for it that I could not come to terms.  I dined & drank tea at the Andersons & I went to Mr Wyatts in the evening.  There were three vessels in at Great Omaha vis, the cutter “Water Lily” and the schooners “Mary Ira” & “Ben Nevis“.

Wednesday 11th  I went over to Great Omaha in the afternoon to see when there was a vessel going to Auckland, the  “Water Lily” went out this morning, the “Mary Ira” & “Ben Nevis” are loading and the “Stag” came in at noon today having left Auckland at 3 am this morning.

Thursday 12th  Mr Wyatt set fire to his bush in the morning, it burnt very well, the fire ran up into my bush and set fire to some hollow trees that were standing.  I was busy preparing for my journey to Auckland.  Tom Wyatt drowned  “Sancho”   for me in the afternoon.
I went over to the Wyatts in the evening to have a chat.

Friday 13th  Went over to Great Omaha in the afternoon and embarked on board the “Stag” for Auckland, Red Kenneth also went down by her; we started about 6 oclock in the evening but the wind being nearly dead ahead we made very little progress.

Saturday 14th  We were tacking about all morning and did not arrive in Auckland until about 3 oclock in the afternoon, I found out Mr Anderson in his lodgins, he received me very kindly and and I shared his lodgins with him.

Sunday 15th  I walked to Onehunga in the morning, I met Mr Bent   on the road, I had not spoken to him since I was on a visit at his house  two years and a half ago.
Mr & Mrs Philp were at Church when I arrived so I staid until they came home, they received me very kindly I staid for dinner and returned to Auckland by the buss.

Monday 16th  I was very busy all day.  I went to the Bank of Auckland and lodged the £1.000  safely there.  I next went to Mr Reader Wood and placed in his hands £600 for investment at  12½pc.   Left Auckland and embarked on board the “Stag” bound for Omaha.  We left Auckland at eight oclock in the evening, Red Kenneth went down with us, he took a horse with him.

Tuesday 17th  There was very little wind – and what there was, was ahead of us, so that we did not make much progress, but a strong breeze arose in the afternoon from the W which helped us towards our destination we arrived at Little Omaha about dark, I slept at the Wyatts and had tea there.

Wednesday 18th  I had breakfast at Mr Wyatts and afterwards I went over to the other side and called on the Andersons, Porters & Kirkbrides.  I returned to Mr Wyatts for dinner to partake of some roast beef that I brought up from Auckland with me.  I took some of my Maize in,  in the afternoon and made some scones.  Tom Wyatt came for tea.
The “Stag” went round to Great Omaha in the morning to load.

Thursday 19th  Went to see Red Kenneth in the morning respecting the land he said he would show me round on Saturday afternoon.
Took in some Maize in the afternoon.

Friday 20th  Continued taking in Maize and hanging it up on the fence to dry.
Went over to Mrs Porters in the evening to fetch my clean clothes, called at Mrs Andersons on my way home.

Saturday 21th  Gathered in Maize in the morning and hung it on the fence to dry.
Went over to Red Kenneth’s to look round his land in the afternoon, he showed me all round and I was very pleased with it,  I entered into an agreement to buy it with all the improvements, stock and implements for the sum of £260 cash, with immediate possession, except the house, the possession of which will be given up on June 21st and the horse at the end of January 1867.  It was dark before I started to come home, – had tea at Mr Wyatts.

Sunday 22nd   It was a beautiful day.  I dined at Mr Wyatts.  Jim, Tom & Sid Anderson came over here in the afternoon, I returned with them and drank tea there, after which we went up to Mrs Kirkbride’s,  Middlewood read service and we had some singing.  Saw a steamer go up to Auckland in the afternoon, suppose it to be the mail steamer “Prince Alfred“.

Monday 23rd  Drew up an agreement between Kenneth McKenzie and myself, took it over to him and we both signed it and Mr Wyatt whitnessed it.
In the afternoon Mr Wyatt went with me over my new farm to look out a good place to erect a whare.

Tuesday 24th  Took in Maize and hung it on the fence, made preparations for my journey to Auckland.

Wednesday 25th  Went over to Great Omaha in the afternoon to go down to Auckland by the “Stag“,  Red Kenneth also was there to go down by her; but as she was not quite loaded we staid on board all night.

Thursday 26th  We sailed from Great Omaha at about 4 oclock am and did not get into Auckland until 4 oclock pm.
I went to Onehunga by the Buss the same evening, when I got there Mr & Mrs Philp had gone out for tea so I had to wait until they got home, after which I had some tea and slept there.

Friday 27th  Went into Auckland by the 9 oclock Buss, found Kenneth McKenzie and went with him to Mr Hills the solicitors and settled with him about the land.  The “Stag” was going away in the evening, but as I was not going down by her I sent some provisions etc down to Mr Wyatt.
I drank tea by invitation at Captain Pulham’s and spent a very pleasant evening, Mr Williams was also there.
I slept at Mrs Grants in Hobson Street where I intend to stay.

Saturday 28th  Was very busy all day, I met Mr Goldie in town and was very pleased to see him,  he is living in Auckland now and his brother is living at the North Shore.

Sunday 29th  Went to St Mathews Church in the morning.  Mr Bree read prayers and Mr Dudley preached, they have got a new organ since I was there last, it is a very nice one, but rather too powerful for such a small Church.  I went to dine at Mr Reader Wood’s and spent the day there, Mr & Miss Malin were there.

Monday 30th  It was very squally and showery, the SS “Prince Alfred” should have gone away today, but she was detained until tomorrow.