January 1890

Wednesday 1st  There were several showers, and the wind blowing strong.  We all went to a picnic at the Maori Hall, Dacre’s Claim.  There were a great many people there.  There was a dance in the Hall in the evening, but I returned home

Thursday 2nd   We were cutting tea tree on the farm in the morning and digging in this orchard in the afternoon.

Friday 3rd   John hauled some goods for Mr T. Knaggs in the morning & cut some cocksfoot grass seed in the afternoon.  I was digging.

Saturday 4th   John was cutting grass seed in the morning, and went fishing in the afternoon.  I was digging in the orchard all day.  Henry returned from Pakiri.

Sunday 5th   It was a very hot day.  I rode to Pakiri in the morning & dined at Mr Wrights, returned in the afternoon, read service in the evening, there were 44 present.  Willie & George Pratt spent the day here.

Monday 6th   John was reaping grass seed & I was digging.  Maud went to Mr Walters and spent the evening.

Tuesday 7th   It rained nearly all day.  Strong wind from the E.  Could not work out of doors.

Wednesday 8th   The wind has gone round to the W.  Several showers.  The wind yesterday knocked the maze about we were hoeing it up and weeding it.
The Steamer came in about 8 pm.  Charlie came up, also Miss Clark and Miss Ede & staid here.

Thursday 9th   John was cutting tea tree in the morning & digging potatoes in the afternoon.  I planted a double row of Zebra Beans.  Maud, Maggie & Miss Ede went down to the beach in the afternoon to John Wyatts.

Friday 10th   We were planting Negro Beans both morning and afternoon.

Saturday 11th   We cut tea tree in the morning & I was digging between the Maize in the afternoon.  Henry returned from Pakiri, evening.

Sunday 12th   It was fine in the morning, but we had several showers in the afternoon.  Revd R. McKinney preached in the Hall in the morning.  I went down to John Wyatts in the afternoon, and read service in the evening.  46 present.

Monday 13th   We had slight showers all day.  We were cutting tea tree.

Tuesday 14th   I made 2 Lemon Cases in the morning, John was digging Potatoes.  We picked Lemons in the afternoon and packed the two cases, one containing 15 doz & the other 16½ doz.  All the girls went to the goat Island.

Wednesday 15th  We were cutting Cocksfoot grass seed in Mr Wyatt’s Orchard in the morning & I was in the afternoon.  In the afternoon John hauled our Lemons down to the wharf also some cases of Fruit for Mr T. Knaggs.
Mrs Birdsall & Mrs Brookman came here in the afternoon and staid for tea, the latter was going away by the Steamer for good & going home to England.  The Revd T. P. Hewlett came up by the Steamer this evening.

Thursday 16th   John hauled some Flour & Sharps up from the Wharf in the morning.  I was cutting grass seed.  We killed a Sheep in the evening.

Friday 17th   We were cutting tea tree in the morning as we had a shower of rain.  Cut grass seed in the afternoon.
Annual meeting of Library subscribers.

Saturday 18th   We cut grass seed both morning and afternoon.  All the girls went to Big Omaha to the sand spit in the afternoon.

Sunday 19th   It was a fine day.  Charlie & I rode over to Dacre’s Claim in the morning to service.  Revd T.P. Hewlitt preached, there was a very good congregation, collection 15/2.  After service there was holy communion 16 remained.  Mr Hewlett & I rode on to Mr John Meiklejohn’s, to see Charlie Bond, we dined there and returned home for tea.  Mr Hewlett preached in the Hall in the evening, there was about 80 present, collection 15/8

Monday 20th  Mr Hewlett started up the Hill in the morning on a visit to Pakiri returning in the evening.  Charlie commenced to cut the bush up on the hill.  We were cutting tea tree.  The Miss Picken’s came in the afternoon and staid for tea.

Tuesday 21st   We picked Orlean Plums in the morning & cut tea tree in the afternoon.  Mr Hewlett & I went to Mr Walter’s in the evening.

Wednesday 22nd   John hauled 2 Cases of Orlean Plums down to the Wharf in the morning.   We cut tea tree in the afternoon.  Mr Hewlett & Miss Ede went away by the Steamer in the evening.

Thursday 23rd   We mended fence up at Neeley’s & cut tea tree in morning.  Thrashed grass seed in the afternoon.  Maggie & Maud went to Mrs Dunnings.  Got the Sheep up in the evening.

 Friday 24th  We thrashed grass seed in the morning.  Killed a Sheep in the afternoon.  School treat today, we all went to it.  Maggie went down to the beach after,  Mr & Mrs Salt came here & staid all night.

Saturday 25th  Maud went part of the way home with Mrs Salt and then went up to Pratts & staid all night.

Sunday 26th   It was a very hot day.  I walked over to service at Dacre’s Claim in the morning.  Mr Sadler read the service for the first time.  Charlie & Maggie were up here for dinner.  I read service in the evening, there was a very good congregation.

Monday 27th  A very hot day.  Charlie came up and helped us to pick Plums, we sent away 9 Cases of Orlean Plums & 1 Case of Peaches to Auction & I sent a small Case of Plums to Mrs Runciman .  The Steamer came in at 8 pm.  A great many people are going up  tomorrow morning by her for the Jubilee Festivities in Auckland.

Tuesday 28th   John & I helped Charlie fall bush in return for his help yesterday.

Wednesday 29th   The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Colony.  We commenced to cut Oats on the hill.

Thursday 30th  Continued reaping Oats.  We got all the Sheep up in the evening.

Friday 31st   We finished reaping the Oats.  We made a new manure place in the pigs paddock and commenced to fill it.
We ear marked all the Lambs that we got in.  We sheard a Sheep that we got in that had not been shorn.  We killed its Ram Lamb in the evening.  Mr Frearson took one Sheep out of this place.