May 1867

Wednesday 1st   we all continued logging up in the clearing , we split some pouriri posts.
The weather keeps very fine.  I sent Joe over to Great Omaha in the afternoon to see if there was a vessel going to Auckland as I heard that the “Day Dawn” was there, but it turned out that she left this morning.

Being very busy all this month I omitted to keep my diary.
I went to Auckland and staid a few days and returned in the steamer “Enterprise No 2“.  Mr Greenwood and his son Joe and McKenzie also came down in her.
When I returned from town we logged up the clearing and sowed it with grass seeds.   The clearing I compute to contain six acres, the seeds I sowed in the whole of it was 2½  Bushels Rye Grass, 1 Bushel of Cocksfoot Grass, 1 bushel mixed seed containing Rye Grass, Meadow Fescue, but the principal part was Rib Grass, also 15 lbs White Clover, 5 lbs Red Clover, 5 lbs Cow grass and 2 lbs Trefoil.