February 1899

Sunday 5th   It rained nearly all day.  There was no service in the hall in the evening.

Jane, Willie & I were picking fruit nearly every day this week and sent it away on Wednesday & Saturday.
I rode to Pakiri on Thursday pm

Sunday 12th   It was a fine day.   Willie rode up to Pratts to spend the day.  Minnie & J.T rode to Ellis Dyers and returned here for tea.
I held service in the Hall in the evening, there was a fair congregation.

Monday 13th   It was a fine day.  Jane, Willie & I were picking fruit in the farm orchard, we finished picking the Orleans and then picked 2 Cases Purple Gages.

Tuesday 14th   It was a fine day.  We picked 8 Cases Beurre Capuaumont Pears & 2 Cases Golden Drop Plums in this orchard, hauled them down to the Steamer in the evening.  I attended a meeting of the Show Committee at Mr Harpers in the evening.

Wednesday 15th   It was a fine day.  I went to see the “Orewa” off in the morning (9 am) afterwards went across to John Wyatts.    I made Cases in the afternoon.

Thursday 16th   It was a very hot day.  Minnie and Willie went fishing to Ti Point and brought home several schnapper.  I cleaned out the pig stye and did odd jobs in the morning.
In the afternoon I was picking Damsons.

Friday 17th   It was a very fine day. We were picking Damsons in the morning and Golden Drop Plums in the afternoon.   Mrs C. Gravatt came in the afternoon & staid tea.  Killed a Sheep in the evening and went up to the Library, the adjourned Annual Meeting was held,  I was elected on the Committee again.

Saturday 18th   It was a fine day.  Took out the Mutton in the morning, finished picking Golden Drop Plums.  Afterwards picked 3 Cases of Duchess D’Angouleme Pears.  Hauled 12 Cases down to the wharf in the evening, 6 for Hall & Perkins & 6 to J. Bridson, Coromandel.   The “Orewa” came instead of the Rose as the latter is running an excursion to Warkworth Show.

Sunday 19th   It was a fine day. I walked up to John Greenwoods in the afternoon & staid tea.  I read service in the Hall in the evening, there was a pretty fair congregation.

Monday 20th   It was a fine day.   I was making Cases in the morning, we then picked 2 Cases Beurre Capiaumont Pears, and in the afternoon we picked 5 Cases Damsons in the farm orchard.

Tuesday 21st   It was a fine day. I got the bullocks up in the morning and hauled a load of firewood.  Then hauled 7 Cases Fruit down to the wharf and hauled up two loads of empty fruit cases that came up by the “Rose Casey“.
Ernest Wyatt put his horse on to the farm to graze in the evening.

Wednesday 22nd   I took the bullocks to Pakiri and brought home the Katamaran that Arthur Wright has made for me.  It rained a little as I was going over, and when I was coming home it rained steadily all the way and I got wet through.  It rained all the evening.

Thursday 23rd   It rained nearly all last night & this morning.  Was not able to do any work outside.  Was making some boxed in the shed to show fruit in.
Went down to Charlies in the afternoon.