January 1908

Wednesday 1st   There were slight showers in the morning, but the afternoon was very fine.
After lunch Jane, Willie & Grace went to the Annual Picnic at Dacres Claim.  I staid at home and was digging round the young Burbank trees the far side of the orchard.
Willie takes over the sole management of the farm today, he takes all receipts and keeps the house and pays all accounts.  He is to board me free and pay to me £20 a year,  ie £5 a quarter.

Thursday 2nd   It was a fine day.  Willie was working up at Frearsons.
In the morning I went down to the village to post some letters, I was digging out sorrel the far side of the orchard round the young Burbank trees.
In the evening I attended the Library,  afterwards I went to Archie Dunnings to say good bye to my young friend Willie who is going away tomorrow morning in the “Daphne” to proceed down to Banks Peninsula to cut Cocksfoot seed.
We spent the evening in playing cards

Friday 3rd   It was a fine day.   Willie was working at Frearsons.  Grace rode over to Ti Point and staid all night.  Alma & Agnes came back here in the evening to stay.
I weeded between the peas & stuck them.
In the evening Dan Kempt came to register the Death of his Father.

Saturday 4th   It was a hot day.  My old friend Mr Runciman,  who is staying at Charlie Wyatts,  called in the morning,  I was very pleased to see him, he staid for lunch and then rode over to David Darrochs intending to stay all night, but when he got over there, he found that Davie had gone to Auckland as his brother George had died in the Auckland Hospital, so Mr Runciman returned here and staid all night.
Willie was working at Frearsons.
In the evening there was a Dance in the Hall in aid of the Tennis Club. Jane, Willie & Grace went.

Sunday 5th   It was a beautiful day.  Willie & Grace walked to Ti Point to spend the day.  In the morning Mr Runciman went to Bible Class and back with Charlie to Pakiri where he is going to have service this evening.  Jane & I staid at home all day.  Mabel Wyatt & Doss Mills called in the evening to return the horse they borrowed.

Monday 6th   It was a beautiful day.  Willie staid at home.  In the morning he & I picked 5 Cases Burbank,  1 Early Orleans,  1 Apricot.
Jane, Grace & the girls went to  a Picnic to the Goat Island beach with the Dunnings and others, Willie went to join them later on, they did not return home until nearly dark.
I hauled the Fruit down to the wharf in the afternoon and waited down there until the “Kawau”  &  “Daphne” arrived from Auckland with the mail.  I received a letter from my brother Henry and sister Fanny.
After the Steamers left Mr R, Matheson audited the Audited the Library Accounts.

Tuesday 7th   It was a beautiful day.  Grace Simpson returned to Auckland in the “Kawau” which left here about 11 am,  Willie  & Jane went to see her off,  Willie took the bullock to haul her luggage, he borrowed 14 Cases from Mrs Harper & hauled them home.
Willie & I picked 7 Cases Jargonell Pears.
Jane rode to Ti Point in the afternoon to see Minnie who was confined of a daughter last Saturday night.

Wednesday 8th   It was a very hot day.  Willie was working at Frearsons.  Mrs Alf Fenton came to spend the day.
I picked 2 Cases Jargonells, 2 Do Burbank.  I took the Eggs down to the store in the afternoon, afterwards I went to the wharf to meet the “Kawau” and was surprised to find that Mrs Wallace,  Alma & Bert were on board, come to stay with us.

Thursday 9th   Another hot day.  Willie was working at Freasons.  In the morning I hauled the Fruit down to the wharf.

Friday 10th   It was a hot day.   In the morning I was cutting & burning docks.
Wille went down to the wharf to see if his Cases had come, but had not, he called at the P. O and brought me two letters, one from Jack and one from Henry.
We killed a Sheep in the evening.  Willie and Bert walked to Ti Point in the evening to take a letter to Harold Torkington, and they brought Willie’s boat round.

Saturday 11th   It was a hot day.  In the morning we picked 5 Cases Jargonell Pears.  In the afternoon Willie and Bert went out in the boat fishing.
Revd J. Mackie called in the evening.

Sunday 12th   It was a hot day.  Revd J. Mackie held service in the morning, Jane, Mrs Wallace, Alma, the two little girls & I went.
Willie & Bert Wallace went to Ti Point to spend the day.
In the afternoon I went to Mr Handbys & staid tea, Jane, Mrs W  &  Alma went to Joe Wyatts.

Monday 13th   It was a hot day.  In the morning Willie took the bullock over to Joe Wyatts and brought back 20 Fruit Cases which he borrowed.  We were packing fruit all day.
Jane,  Mrs Wallace & the children went to Ti Point to spend the day.

Tuesday 14th   It was a hot day.  Jane,  Mrs & Alma Wallace  went to old Mrs Dunnings to spend the day.  We were picking fruit in the morning.  In the afternoon Willie hauled 24 Cases down to the wharf and they went away in the “Kawau“, the “Daphne” landed Willie 100 Cases.

Wednesday 15th   It was a hot day.  We picked 6 Cases Burbanks,  2 Jargonell Pears, 1 De Greengage.  Willie hauled them down to the wharf for the “Kawau” in the pm.  He returned the cases he had borrowed, 14 to Harper, 20 to Joe Wyatt.
Jane, Mrs & Alma Wallace went to spend the evening at Archie Dunnings.

Thursday 16th   A very fine day.  Willie was thrashing Danthonia seed out in the front for himself.  I was digging in manure round the pumpkins in the garden.
In the evening I went down for the mail, also attended the Library.
The Annual Meeting was held only 5 subscribers attended.

Friday 17th   It was a very hot day.  We had a Picnic down at the Goat Island beach, I went with them and we spent a very pleasant day. The Archie Dunnings and Harpers joined us and Mrs A, Matheson for tea.

Saturday 18th   It was a hot day.  Willie was thrashing the Cocksfoot that he cut in the orchard & garden.  I sowed 1 row of Dun Beans next to the others.

Sunday 19th   It was a hot day.  I rode to Mr Hardwicks, on my way I caught up with Annie Harper and Mr Good who were going to the same place, so we rode together and had dinner there, and Mr H showed me a part of his orchard.  He wished to show me all his extensive orchards, but I wished to go to Ti Point to see how Minnie was,  I am sorry to have to write that she was looking very unwell.
I reached home in time for tea and found that the others had not been out any where.

Monday 20th   It was a very hot day.  Willie went to pick fruit at Frearsons.  Bert Wallace & I picked 13 Cases Burbanks and 2 Cases Green Gages.  I also picked a Case of Jargonells in the evening to give Mrs Wallace.

Tuesday 21st   It was a fine day.  Willie was picking fruit at Frearsons.
I hauled 16 Cases Fruit & Wallace’s luggage down to the wharf,
Mrs   Alma, & Bert Wallace went away in the “Kawau“.  There was a tremendous quantity of fruit going away .  The “Daphne” also called in and took about half of the fruit, but the “Kawau” had nearly all  the passengers.  After the “Kawau” went away Jane, Alma & Agnes went over to John Wyatts.
Annie Harper brought a Telegram from the boys bearing bad news namely that their homestead was burned, everything burned by a log fire.

Wednesday 22nd   It was a fine day.   Willie was picking fruit at Frearsons, Jane was helping me we picked 2 Cases Burbanks, 6 do Greengages, and Willie picked 4 Cases in the farm orchard in the evening.
Mr & Mrs Dale came for me to witness their signatures, they staid for lunch.
In the evening Annie Harper brought a Telegram from the boys containing bad news, viz  that their homestead was burned, everything burned by a log fire.

Thursday 23rd   It was a fine day.  Willie was picking fruit at Frearsons,  I hauled 12 Cases Fruit and a box of Eggs down to the wharf and hauled up 100 lbs Flour & empty Egg box.
Mrs Handby came in the afternoon and staid for tea.
I went down to the village in the evening to get the mail and to attend the Library.

Friday 24th   It was a fine day.  Willie was picking fruit at Frearsons in the morning, I picked 1 Case Orleans and carried it down to the wharf and also posted some letters.
Mrs & Elva Avey were here for lunch.  In the afternoon Jane rode to Warkworth with Mabel to be present at the Tennis Tournament tomorrow to compete for the prizes presented by Mr Wafvein Williams for ladies only.

Saturday 25th   It was a fine day.  There was a Cricket match in Charlie Wyatts paddock between the Omaha and Matakana clubs.  Omaha only had to make 6 runs in the second innings to beat Matakana’s two full innings, so Duncan Knaggs & Joe Torkington went in to bat and soon made over 6 – without loosing a wicket so the game was closed then.
Mr Torkington brought Arthur over in the morning to watch the match, he had dinner & tea here and took Arthur back to Ti Point in the evening.
Jane returned from Warkworth after we were gone to bed and she reported that the prizes at the Ladies Tennis Tournament were won by the following.  Miss Maud Becroft  1st Prize,  a Silver Tea Service value £8.   Mabel Wyatt, 2nd prize,  set of silver mounted Hair Brushes value £4.    Miss Ivy Becroft,  3rd Prize,  Silver Tea Kettle value £3.

Sunday 26th   It was a fine day.  Willie walked over to Ti Point and took Alma & Agnes with him, they took all their things with them as they are going to stay at home now, as Minnie is much better, they have been staying here for about three months.   I picked some beans which we had for dinner today, they have been just two months growing.   Jane and I staid at home.

Monday 27th   There was a heavy shower of rain in the morning and slight showers in the afternoon, but between them it was fine, but the sun was not very strong.
Willie was picking fruit at Frearsons.  I picked 4 Cases Burbanks and 1 Case Jargonells.  After Willie came home he picked a few cases.

Tuesday 28th   It was a hot day.  We picked 2 Cases October Purple in the morning and then Willie took the 12 Cases Fruit and box of eggs down to the wharf with the bullock and hauled up 1 Sack Sharps, 1 Do Bran.  The two steamers “Kawau” & “Daphne” called in here from Mangawai.  Quite 1000 Cases of Fruit were shipped between [them] , the latter took the cricketers up at excursion rates to play a match with the Wanderers in Auckland tomorrow (Anniversary Day)  Willie went up in the “Kawau“.

Wednesday 29th    Auckland Anniversary.   It was a very hot day.
I was digging out convolvulus in the orchard.
Miss Bourne & Miss Medland came to spend the day , Jane went down to the village in the evening and Miss Medland came back with Jane and staid all night.

Thursday 30th   It was a fine day.  I was digging in the orchard.  I went down for the mail and attended the Library in the evening.

Friday 31st   It was a fine day.  I took the bullock down to the wharf to meet the “Kawau“, Willie returned from Auckland in her, we hauled up a Case of beef, egg box & 6 fruit cases.  Received a letter from Henry giving a full account of the fire.