July 1889

Monday 1st   I was still in bed and in great pain,  I took caster oil & salts and got relief in the evening.
It was a very fine day, the boys were cutting tea tree near the stock yard.
Robert Wyatt came home from Mangapai last night.

Tuesday 2nd  I was much better and able to get up.  It was a very wet day, the girls did not go to School.

Wednesday 3rd  The boys were digging on the flat on the farm.  The Mid Winter holidays commenced today.  Mr & Mrs Walter came and spent the evening.

Thursday 4th  It was a fine day.  We made a new manure place alongside the other one in the orchard, in the morning.  In the afternoon the boys went over on the farm and continued digging up.  I tarred the new wheelbarrow.

Friday 5th  It poured with rain all last night and all this morning.  It cleared up in the afternoon.  We were cutting tea tree.

Saturday 6th  The wind to the SW squally  with a few showers. Cleaned out the pigs in the morning .

Sunday 7th  The weather very showery.  There was no service in the afternoon.  Charlie came for tea.

Monday 8th  It was a fine day.  We went up to Neeleys in the morning & got out 15 sheep.

Tuesday 9th  It was a fine day with the exception of a few showers.  We packed up and took down to the wharf 1 Case Lemons containing 20 Doz.  Also 1 large sack full of Onions, these are the last of the onions we had them hanging under the house, but it is very dark and damp, they have grown out very much, which has caused a great loss .  The boys brought up a sack of sharps from Mirehouse’s 150 lbs for 11s/-
The Steamer came in about 5 pm.

Wednesday 10th  There were a few showers.  The boys hauled some goods for Haskell’s.  We commenced making the pig stye in the afternoon.

Thursday  11th  It was a wet day.  Could not do anything outside.

Friday 12th  It was a fine day, but we had a tremendous  lot of rain last night.  We worked at the pig stye.

Saturday 13th  It was fine in the morning, but it rained in the afternoon.  We cleaned out the pigs in the morning.  We commenced a new manure heap in the orchard.  The wind changed round to the SW in the evening, and it was fine.

Sunday 14th  It was a fine day.  Read service in the afternoon, there were 20 present.  James Dunning was here for tea.

Monday 15th  It was fine in the morning, but there were several showers in the afternoon.  John & I were working at the pig stye & Henry cutting tea tree.  We saw a large Steamer going up to Auckland  in the morning very much like “H. M. S. Orlando“.  At noon a large sailing vessel passed on her way to Auckland.

Tuesday 16th  It was showery in the morning, but cleared up & was fine in the afternoon.  Henry was cutting tea tree & John & I were working at the stye.  The Steamer came in early, the boys took the bullocks down as we were expecting some beef up, but it did not come, however they hauled up a Sack of Sharps and a Sack of Bran that came up by the Steamer.
Mrs Pratt came up by the Steamer and staid here all night.

Wednesday 17th  Henry hauled a lot of parcels for Mrs Pratt up to the Finger Post.
We were working at the Pig Sty.  It was a fine day, with the exception of a few showers of rain.
The School re-assembled after the mid winter holidays.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 18th,  19th  & 20th   Fine days.  We were working at the Pig Sty.   The wind SW.

Sunday 21st  It was a fine day, but the wind is at NE and it looks as if we should have rain soon.  Mr  G. Moor preached in the Hall in the morning, and I read service in the afternoon, there were about 40 present.   Charlie Wyatt was here for tea.

Monday 22nd  The wind blowing from the E  &  SE accompanied with driving rain.  It came on to rain heavier in the evening.   We were working at the Pig Sty.

Tuesday 23rd  The wind blew very strong from the SE with a very rough sea, but there was not much rain.
The Steamer did not come in on account of the weather.

Wednesday 24th  It was a very fine day.  The Steamer came in about 12 oclock (noon) she brought us 100lb Salt Beef from Hulmes.  John went down with the bullocks in the afternoon and hauled it up.  We put the rafters on the pig sty.  I paid Henry 2/6 for 2½ Doz Lemons of his sent away with mine.

Thursday 25th  It was a fine day.  We commenced planting Early Rose Potatoes on the far side of the orchard, where the Negro Beans grew last season.   We scattered rotten manure on the surface, and sowed Bone Dust,  Ashes and Shell Sand in the trenches with the Potatoes.  We planted the Potatoes 2 ft 6 in between the rows.

Friday 26th  It was a fine day though very dull, the sun hardly appeared, the sea was very calm.  We continued planting Potatoes, Maud helped us in the afternoon.  We planted 7 rows of Lapstone Kidneys between the others.

Saturday 27th  It was a fine day, and the ground is drying nicely what we have dug.  We continued planting Potatoes both morning and afternoon.  Minnie & Jane went to Mr Walter’s to spend the afternoon as it is Basil’s birthday.

Sunday 28th  Wind from the SE.  A very dull day.  Read service in the afternoon about 20 present.  Went to John Wyatt’s after service and staid for tea.  Rained in the evening.

Monday 29th  Rained very heavy last night, very strong wind from the SE  Could not do anything out of doors.

Tuesday 30th  Wind still blowing strongly from the SE although there was no rain.  We commenced to saw up a Kaikatea tree in the bush that has lately blown down.

Wednesday 31st  The Steamer did not come last night or today on account of the wind.  The wind is still blowing strongly from the SE.  We continued working at the Kaihakatea tree.