March 1892

Wednesday 2nd   Mr A. Dunning’s little girl aged 3 years was buried this afternoon, she having died on Monday.  Revd R. McKinney conducted the service at the grave.

Sunday 6th    Revd S. Griffith preached in the Hall in the afternoon, there was a good congregation.  There was no service in the evening.

Tuesday 8th   Maude & Willie Pratt rode over to Mahurangi early in morning to meet the “Rose Casey” to go to Auckland to get things for their wedding.

Thursday 10th   The two boys and I were cutting tea tree in the Barley paddock.  I went to Mr Walter’s for tea.  Maude & Willie came home in the evening from Auckland.  Maude staid at Mrs Davies in Liverpool Street.

Friday 11th   We were cutting tea tree all day.  Willie went to Matakana to get the marriage License.  Revd J. Haselden arrived in the afternoon in his buggy, he gave a Lecture in the Hall in the evening on the Story of the Life of Christ illustrated by 52 Pictures in a Magic Lantern.  There were about 70 present  and £1.14.9 gathered.

Saturday 12th   I went down to the Hall in the morning with Mr Haselden to clear up his things.  After dinner he went to Pakiri.  The boys went up to cricket in the afternoon.

Sunday 13th   Mr Haselden preached at Pakiri in the morning, here in the afternoon and Dacres’s Claim in the evening.  He had good congregations at all the services.  15/6 was collected.

Monday 14th   Maud and Willie Pratt were married today by Revd J. Haselden in this house,  six from Pratts came to it and Mr & Mrs Wyatt Snr,  Mr & Mrs John Wyatt,  Mr & Mrs Joseph Wyatt,  Tom, Alice, Sarah and Robert Wyatt and Mr Nelson.  Mr Haselden had to leave just after the wedding as he has to give a Lecture  at Kaipara Flats this evening.

Tuesday 15th   We were cutting tea tree in the Barley paddock.
John went to the Gum Flat.

Wednesday 16th   Henry went to Pakiri in the morning with the bullocks to haul a load of Fruit for Charlie Dyer.  We finished cutting the tea tree in the Barley paddock in the afternoon.
The Steamer came in late.  It came on to rain and rained all night.  A meeting of Show Committee at Mr Harpers in the evening to pay the Prizes, I did not get home till 12 pm.

Thursday 15th  St Patricks Day.  It rained all day.

Friday 18th   It was very misty and several showers.  I went down to Charlies in the morning & had dinner & brought up the Diapery he got for me in Auckland.
Henry & Willie went down to the Wharf in the afternoon & hauled up some goods for Mr Harper& also Willies furniture.

Saturday 19th   Willie & Henry went up the hill to Pratts to bring down two Cows of Willies that he is going to keep here but they could not find one so they did not bring them.  John returned from the gum flat  in the evening.

Sunday 20th   It was a fine day, but it came over misty in the afternoon & evening.  Robert Wyatt was here for tea and afterwards he & Johny returned to the Gum Flat.  I read service in the Hall in the evening, there was a very small congregation and it was very dark coming home.

Monday 21st   Willie left early this morning for Pakiri where he is working with Ellis Dyer  hauling out timber for Cooper.  Willie is going to allow me 10/- per week towards keeping the house, to commence from today.
Henry & I were cutting tea tree over at the far slip rails, it had been looking dull all day and it came on to rain in the late pm so that we had to leave off work.

Tuesday 22nd   It rained nearly all day without stopping, but much heavier in the afternoon & evening.  I was making cases in the shed.  I wrote a letter to my sister Sarah which will be posted tomorrow & will leave Auckland on Saturday.

Wednesday  23rd   It was a fine day after the rain, wind blowing from the SW.  We picked and sent away by the Steamer 3 Cases Crasanne Pears to Cuthbertson & Walker.  We cut tea tree over towards the far slip panels.
The Steamer came in early & came up to the Wharf and soon went away again, there was very little fruit went away as the roads are too soft to haul it over, we had 3 bags Flour & 1 bag of Sugar up by her, Henry hauled them up with the bullocks, he also hauled some good for Harper.

Thursday 24th   I was making Cases all day.  Henry & the girls picked in all the Golden Russets and Canadian Reinette’s.  They packed six Cases and the remainder they stored in the back room.

Friday 25th   We were cutting tea tree in the morning.  In the afternoon I rode over to S. Meiklejohn’s to pay him his prize money, also paid J & R Williams theirs, called at Mr Birdsalls.  Went to Charlies in the evening to pay him his.

Saturday 26th   We were cutting ti tree in the morning.  In the afternoon there was a meeting of the Road Board in the Hall at 2 oclock.  John returned from the Gum flat in the afternoon, and then went up the hill to cricket.
Henry went on his horse up to Pratts & he and Fred Pratt brought down two Cows belonging to Willie.  Willie came home in the evening with the boys.

Sunday 27th   A fine day.  I went down to Joe Wyatt’s in the morning.
Charlie & Maggie came here for dinner.  I read service in the Hall in the afternoon, there were not many present.

Monday 28th   It rained a little last night and early this morning, but it turned out a fine day.  Willie left early this morning for his work at Pakiri  & Henry went to the Gum Flat this week instead of John.  John & I were clearing in the bush for a new Lemon Orchard.

Tuesday 29th   It was a very fine day.  John & I continued clearing in the bush for the new Lemon Orchard.

Wednesday 30th   John went to Pakiri early in the morning with the bullocks to haul a load of fruit for Charlie Dyer.  Minnie & I picked all the Chaumantel Pears in the farm orchard and packed 2 Cases, also packed 1 Case Takapuna Russets and hauled them down with John‘s horse.  The Steamer came in late in the afternoon, she had a large cargo to take away.
I received a letter from my brother Henry, telling me of my sister Sarah’s death which took place at her residence Netherfield, Weybridge, Surrey on January 27th 1892 at the age of 65.  This is the first death in our family.

Thursday 31st   John was hauling for Mr Dunning.  I burned some heaps in orchard.  We cut bush in the afternoon.  There was dusty rain in the evening.