November 1891

Sunday 1st   Read service in the afternoon.  28 present.  Willie P. was here for dinner and James Dunning for tea.

Monday 2nd   We were digging and planting Maize.

Tuesday 3rd   Finished digging and planting Maize below the house.  We earthed up the Potatoes .  It rained in the evening.

Wednesday 4th   We were digging in the middle of the orchard.

Thursday 4th (actually the 5th)   We finished digging in the middle of the orchard.

Friday 5th   (actually the 6th)   We went over on the farm orchard and finished digging near the Orlean Plums.

Saturday 7th  We were digging over in the farm orchard.  Planted 4 holes of Water Melons.

Sunday 8th   It rained very heavy last night and most of this morning.  Read service in the afternoon, only 11 present.   D. Kempt,  W. Wright & Wm Pratt came here for tea.

Monday 9th   We were digging in the farm orchard.  A heavy shower in the evening.

Tuesday 10th   Finished digging in the farm orchard.  It rained heavily last night and was very showery today.  The Cattle that we put up on big road came home, we put them inside.

Wednesday 11th  We got the plough from the Race Course  and prepared the ground outside for ploughing, but Henry came over sick so we did not commence.
We commence digging by the Golden Cluster Apple trees.
Mr Goodwin was inspecting the School.  Minnie & Jane did not pass.

Thursday 12th   Got the bullocks up and tried to plough but the ground was too hard & rough & the young bullocks so wild that we could not manage it.  The boys went to Koeroa and got a load of shell sand.  We cleaned out the shed in the afternoon ready for shearing.  Holidays commenced at the School today.

Friday 13th   It was a fine day.  Got the Sheep up in the morning and commenced to shear.  We sheared 50 sheep.

Saturday 14th   It was a wet day.

Sunday 15th   It was a fine day, but windy.  Revd S. Griffith preached in the pm.

Monday 16th   I was earthing up Potatoes the far side of the orchard.  The boys went up to Neeleys and sheared our old Ram & put him in our place.

Tuesday 17th   I sowed a second row of Stratagem Peas next to the other row.  The boys were digging.

Wednesday 18th   We got the Sheep up & sheared 28 Sheep.  Sid Fordham came in the evening.

Thursday 19th  We got the Sheep up and finished shearing.  Sheared 44 today & 123 altogether this season.  We have cut lambs since last recorded as follows
5 Ewes,  2 Wethers.   Total 7

Friday 20th   We packed the 2 Bales of Wool and finished digging in the orchard by the lower Lemons.

Saturday 21st   The boys took our young stock up on to mail road in the morning.  I went up to Mr Pratts in the afternoon & staid all night.

Sunday 22nd   After having a good look round the place after dinner I came home.  Mr Pratt came with me.
Read service in the afternoon.  Mr & Mrs Ellis Dyer,  Mr, Miss & Wm Pratt & H. Rayner were here for tea.

Monday 23rd  The girls returned to School after the holidays.  The boys hauled the Wool down to the Wharf in the morning.  We commenced to cut Ti Tree in the Barley Paddock in the afternoon.

Tuesday 24th to Friday 27th   We continued cutting Ti Tree.

Saturday 28th   We dug ground in the garden for Beans in the morning.  In the afternoon the boys & Maud went up to the cricket.  Wm & Geo Pratt returned here with them for tea & Willie staid here all night.

Sunday 29th  Revd R. McKinney preached in the Hall in the morning.  I went to Charlie’s for dinner.

Monday 30th   We continued cutting ti tree in barley paddock.  Planted 3 holes Vegetable Marrows.