May 1904

Sunday 1st   It was a fine day.  Miss Kempt and another young lady were here for dinner, also Mr & Mrs Harold Torkington.  Willie went to spend the day at Ti Point with Joe & Minnie.

Monday 2nd   Willie went over to Ti Point early in the morning to go fishing.  I took the bullock down to the wharf in the morning and hauled to our gate 25 drain tiles & some sandstone and from the store up to our house 50 lbs Sharps.  I was digging Kumeras in the pm.

Tuesday 3rd   It was a fine day.  I was digging Kumeras in the morning.  I went down to the Steamer in the pm.  Mrs H. Torkington & Angus Dunning were here for tea.  Willie returned from fishing in the evening, he brought his boat round into the Cove.

Wednesday 4th   It was a fine day.  Jane went round to Ti Point in the “Kawau”  in the morning.  Willie and I finished digging the Kumeras in the morning and in the afternoon we went down to our gate way to make a drain where there is a spring.

Thursday 5th   It was a fine day.  We were working at the drain near our gate in the afternoon.  Jane returned from Ti Point in the Coastal “Kawau“.

Friday 6th   It was a fine day.  We finished the drain near the gate in the morning.  Afterwards we got the Sheep from the front and we killed one in the afternoon.  We put the Kumeras in the Store also the Onions & Pumpkins.  Jane went to a Social at Pakiri in aid of the Piano fund.  I went down for the mail, also attended to the Library.

Saturday 7th   It was a fine day tho’ rather dull.  Willie has a swelled hand, also a bad cold , he took the mutton out but was not able to do anything else.   I was doing odd jobs.  Jane went down to Tennis in the pm.

Sunday 8th   It rained a little in the morning .  Willie went to Ti Point to spend the day.   Jane & I staid at home.

Tuesday 10th   It was a fine day.  We packed 13 Sheepskins, also 8 young roosters & 4 Ducks in a crate and hauled them down to the wharf in the afternoon.  I went to Auckland in McGregors “Kawau“.  The steamer went into Big Omaha after leaving here, but grounded going up to the top wharf so we turned back and landed some goods for D. Darroch at the lower wharf.  We arrived in Auckland at 10 pm.  Fred & Noel were on the wharf to meet me, we went up to Ponsonby in the tram, I went to stay at Mrs Simpsons who now lives at Ponsonby terrace, a much better one than the one she occupied before in Church Street.  Charlie Mayall is boarding with her.  The supper was on the table when I arrived and I received a hearty welcome.

Wednesday 11th   It was a fine day.  I went down town in the morning called in at Dumpers with a small box of Eggs, went down to the wharf and got the bullocks collar and took it up to Jones’ to get re-covered.  Saw McGregors new Steamer which is lying at the wharf, she is called the “Gael“.  Mr W. McGregor took me over her.

Thursday 12th   It was a fine day.  I was down town nearly all day.  Joe Torkington came up in the Coastal “Kawau” last night, but arriving late he slept on board.  He came up to Mrs Simpsons and staid all night.

Friday 13th   It was a fine day.  Joe Torkington returned home this morning in the “Rob Roy“.  I was down town and had lunch down there.  I went to call on Mr and Mrs Latter who live in Ponsonby Road.

Saturday 14th   It was a fine day.  I was down Queen Street in the morning, came home for lunch , in the afternoon Dan Kempt & I went out to the Domain to see a football & la crosse matches, Noel was playing in the latter match.  Fred shouted me to His Majestys Theatre in the evening to see “The Face at the Window”.   I enjoyed it very much.

Sunday 15th   It was a dull day.  I went to All Saints Church in the morning, Archdeacon Calder preached.  In the afternoon Fred, Noel, Charlie Mayall & I went out in the tram to Onehunga, we got out at Cornwall Avenue and walked through Cornwall Park up to the top of One Tree Hill where we got a splendid view, we then walked to Onehunga, had afternoon tea at the kiosk and returned in the tram to Simpsons.  We went to All Saints Church in the evening.  Revd Snow the Curate preached a very good sermon.  Thus ended a very pleasant day.

Monday 16th   I took a walk down the Richmond Road in the morning.  In the afternoon I took some of my things down to the Steamer and was collecting up my parcels.

Tuesday 17th   I left Mrs Simpsons at 7.45 and proceeded in the tram down to the wharf and embarked on board the “Kawau” bound for Omaha, where we arrived about 3 oclock, Willie was on the wharf to meet me, he brought the bullock and we hauled a load home.  There was a Social in the Hall in the evening in aid of Revd R. McKinney, over £5 was taken at the door, all of us went and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Wednesday 18th   It was a fine day.  Willie went to Auckland in the “Kawau” this morning, I went to see him off – after the Steamer was gone I found that they had not landed 4 Sacks of mine.
I took the bullock down to the wharf later in the morning and hauled up a case of kerosine and some sand-stone to put at our lower gate.

Thursday 19th   It was a fine day.  I went down to the wharf in the afternoon to meet the “Kawau” coming from Mangawai, she landed my 4 Sacks.

Friday 20th   It was a fine day.  Revd F. Latter came to our place early in the morning just in time for breakfast, having been landed by the Coastal “Kawau” on her way to Mangawai.  After breakfast we went out visiting, returning here in the evening.Albert helped us get the Sheep in and to kill one.  I went down to the mail  & the Library in the evening and Mabel Wyatt and Annie Harper returned with me to have a rubber of whist with Mr Latter.

Saturday 21st   It was a fine day.  We lent Emperess to Mr Latter & he rode up the hill in the morning to visit on his way to Pakiri.  I took the mutton out in the morning and in the afternoon I took the bullock down to the wharf and hauled up two loads  (2 Sacks Maize, 1 Sack Sharps & 1 Sack Bran).
Jane went to the Tennis in the pm.  There was a meeting of the Library Committee in the Library in the evening to choose new books.

Sunday 22nd   It was a fine day.  Jane & I walked over to Ti Point in the morning to dine with Harold & Flo,  and they returned with us and had tea here, and we all went down to the Hall for service in the evening.   Revd F. Latter officiated , there were over 50 present and a very hearty service.  Albert & Emma had their baby baptised .  Offeratary  19/- .  Mr Latter returned with us to stay all night.

Monday 23rd   It was a fine day.  Revd Latter went to baptise Mr Charlie Gravatt’s baby in the morning,  he returned here and I went with him down to the wharf.   He went to Auckland in McGregor’s “Kawau” which called in here on her way from Mangawai to Auckland.

Tuesday 24th   It was a fine day, but the wind is blowing strong from NW.  I went down to the village in the pm to meet,  she was very late coming and she went into Big Omaha first.  I received a long letter from Jack.

Wednesday 25th   Wind blowing very strong and disagreeable.  I did not feel very well in the morning and was lying down.
In the afternoon I was working in the flower garden.

Thursday 26th   It was a fine day.  I was working in the flower garden.  Mabel Wyatt and Annie Harper came here in the afternoon to call for Jane and the three went to call on Mr Gallie  (the new teacher) where they staid tea,  Jane went down to the Post Office afterwards and brought home a letter from Willie in which he says he is having a glorious time in Auckland.

Friday 27th   There were several showers during the day.  Jane and I got the Sheep in in the afternoon & I killed one.  I went down to the Post Office and also the Library in the evening.

Saturday 28th   There were a few slight showers in the afternoon .  I took the mutton out in the morning, and in the afternoon I went down to the flat and sieved some black soil which I carried over to the wharf & put in the shed.

Sunday 29th   Very cold in the morning, but a beautiful day.  Jane went to the Bible Class.  I rode to Ti Point to take Joe’s mutton , had dinner there, went to call at Dick Knaggs in the afternoon, had a look round Mr Knaggs’ flower garden.

Monday 30th   A very fine day.  I was working in the flower garden.

Tuesday 31st    It was a very rough day.  Blowing very strong from NE and raining .
I heard afterwards that it took McGregor’s “Kawau” 9 hours from Auckland to here.  Willie did not return in her as I expected.