January 1893

Sunday 1st    It was a fine day, but threatened for rain in the evening. Miss Pratt, George, Mr Rayner & Miss Harding came in the afternoon and staid for tea, they all went with us to service in the Hall.   There was a very good congregation.

Monday 2nd   It rained during last night and rained steadily nearly all day.  The rain put a stop to the Annual Picnic at Dacres Claim but it will do a great deal of good as the ground was very dry.  We worked between the Marrows and the Pumpkins the latter part of the pm when the rain had given over a little.

Tuesday 3rd   It rained all day and so heavy in the evening that we were unable to milk the Cows.

Wednesday 4th   It rained heavily all last night and leaked into the house a good deal.  And it rained most of the day.  The “Rose Casey” came in the evening, but did not remain in long.  We have not been able to do any work out of doors this week yet.
The ground is saturated with water now and there has been several land slips.

Thursday 5th   It rained in the morning, but it cleared up a little in the pm and the boys and Willie went out to split posts, but it came on to rain again and they had to return.

Friday 6th   It did not rain to day, but it was very windy.  The boys and Willie were splitting posts in the Lemon Garden.  I was sticking the White Dutch Beans, and as there there were not sufficient, I had to cut some more.  We killed a Sheep in the evening.  The boys & Willie went to a Dance at Pakiri in aid of the Organ fund.

Saturday 7th   The boys & Willie were cutting Rye Grass Seed in Tom & Joe Wyatts near Mr Neeley’s.  In the afternoon they went up the hill to play at cricket.  I finished getting sticks & stuck the White Dutch Beans and did other odd jobs.  It did not rain today & the wind has dried up the ground.

Sunday 8th   It was a fine day.  Revd R. McKinney preached at Pakiri in the morning, at this Hall at 2.30 and at Dacre’s Claim at 4.30.
I went up to Pratts in the morning and spent a very pleasant day arriving at home about dark.  Mr & Mrs T. Pratt were over here in the afternoon and staid for tea.

Monday 9th   It was fine in the morning.  All the young people went to Dacre’s Claim to a Picnic and Cricket match between Omaha & Dacre’s Claim.  The former won in one innings and one run.  There were races for the children and also horse races.
It came on to rain in the evening.
I staid at home and dug between all the Beans the top side of the house, also weeded the Onion bed.  Sowed some Cabbage Seed (Manchester Defiance) and 1 row of White Stone Turnips next to the Peas.

Tuesday 10th   It was fine in the morning, but there were several showers during the day, but it set in heavy rain the latter part of the afternoon and evening.  The boys and Willie were cutting Rye Grass Seed in T. & J. Wyatt’s.  I cleaned out the fowl house and planted 2 rows of Negro Beans where the Potatoes were dug out.  Mrs Charles Wyatt was Mrs Charles Wyatt was Maggie Matheson Baillie Clark who married John Charles Wyatt, the grandson of John the Elder. Note that Maggies maiden name is correctly spelt ‘Clark’. G K L Wyatt was killed in action in World War 1″>confined of a Son this morning.

Wednesday 11th   The boys and Willie were cutting grass seed in the morning and splitting posts in the pm.  I picked a small case of Jaigonel Pears and sent them away by the Steamer.
The Steamer came in early, Mrs Runciman came up by her , Henry took the bullocks down to the Wharf & hauled up 3 100? Flour, & a Gunney containing a Bag of Sugar & 2 Bags Oatmeal.   Mr J. M. Murray, Teacher of Hamilton called here in the evening.  It was Johns birthday – he is 21 years of age.

Thursday 12th   It rained in the morning, but afterwards it turned out very hot.  Henry & Willie split some posts and cut down a Puriri tree in the Lemon garden.  John & I were cutting ti tree in the E.R. and I was also in the pm.  In the afternoon the boys & Wille were thrashing out Rye Grass Seed.  There was a heavy shower of rain about 4 pm and they had to leave off.

Friday 13th   It was a fine day. I was cutting ti tree in the E.R. all day. The boys & Wille were thrashing Rye Grass Seed.  Killed a Sheep in the evening.

Saturday 14th   It was very hot in the morning and we put the Rye Grass Seed on to the front verandah to dry, but there was a shower of rain in the afternoon and I had to take it in.  John was thrashing Rye Grass in the morning and Henry was cutting Cocksfoot Seed at Mr Wyatt Senr’s.  Willie went to Pakiri Store in the morning, returning with the boys after cricket in the evening.  I was cutting ti tree in the E.R. in the morning and doing odd jobs in the pm.

Sunday 15th   It was a fine day ‘tho’ rather dark and threatening.
Mrs Runciman came here for dinner and spent the day.  I read service in the Hall in the evening , there was a very good congregation. It came on to rain as soon as we commenced service and rained all night.

Monday 16th   It rained in the morning and was very misty, but it cleared up.  Willie & John started for Tomarata in the pm to dig gum. They took a tent and all their gear on their horses and are going to occupy the same tent.  I was cutting firewood in the E.R.  Henry was squaring a piece of Rata to make the Katamaran.

Tuesday 17th   It rained heavy last night and most of this morning, the ground very wet and the creeks flooded.  It cleared up towards dinner time. Henry & I cut firewood in the E.R. in the afternoon.  Mr D. Darroch was to launch his barge this evening.  Henry went over to see it.

Wednesday 18th   It was a fine day.  We picked a small Case (20 lbs) for Charlie.  We also picked 1 Case Peaches (29 Doz) and Henry picked a small Case of Coles Prolific Damson.  We sent the 2 Cases to Esam & Arthur for Sale.  I went down to the Steamer in the afternoon.  Mrs Runciman & Miss Harding went away, Charlie also went in her.  Our Axle & Wheels came up and Hauled them up. There was a dance in the Hall in the evening and the girls went to it.

Thursday 19th   In the morning Henry & I went up to T & J Wyatt’s land and finished thrashing the Rye Grass Seed.  We also cut 16 bundles of Cocksfoot.  Frearsons dipped their Sheep, we went over there in the afternoon and brought away 1 Wether, 1 Ewe and 1 Lamb belonging to us.

Friday 20th   We were cutting Cocksfoot down at Mr Wyatt Senrs. We killed a Sheep in the evening.  The Annual Meeting of subscribers to the Library was held in the evening, I went to it and was put on the Committee again.

Saturday 21st   Cut up the Sheep in the morning and Henry took it out on his horse, afterwards he went up on to the mail road to see if a heifer of ours had calved, but she had not.  Willie & John returned from Tomarata.

Sunday 22nd   It was a fine day with the exception of a few showers. I read service in the Hall in the evening, there was a pretty fair congregation.

Monday 23rd   It was a fine day.  Willie & John left for Tomarata early in the moning.  Henry & I were cutting Cocksfoot Grass Seed in the Calves paddock.  It came over thick and misty in the evening.

Tuesday 24th   We were cutting Grass Seed in the Calves Paddock in the morning.  And in the pm we were picking Orleans Plums in the farm orchard.  In the evening Maud & I went to call on Mr Harvey.

Wednesday 25th   It was a fine day.  We continued picking plums in the farm orchard.  We picked 2 Cases altogether & sent them away by the Steamer.  Henry took the 2 Cases down to the Wharf with the bullocks.  He then took 6 Drain Pipes down to the School Reserve and then went up to Neeleys and hauled down 6 pieces of timber that I bought of him.

Thursday 26th   It was a fine day.  We were cutting Cocksfoot Grass Seed all day, and finished it in the evening.

Friday 27th   We were fixing up the dipping tub and the stockyard to dip the Sheep.  We killed a Sheep in the evening.  Willie & John returned in the evening.

Saturday 28th   We got up early in the morning and commenced dipping the Sheep soo after 6 am.  Willie & John helping us we finished all of them by 12 oclock.
The young people went up the hill as there was a cricket match between Omaha & Matakana, the latter beat by 7 runs.  After the match Willie & Maud went to Pratts and staid all night.