January 1902

Wednesday 1st   New Years Day.  Mrs Simpson, Victor, Jane & Willie went over to Dacres Claim to the picnic in the Domain.
I went down to the Hall in the morning to sweep out and prepare the Hall for the Social this evening.  We all went to the Social in the evening, it was very enjoyable, there were several yacht fellows there,  Mr Percy Dufaur sang two songs splendidly,  £3 . 7 . 6  was taken at the door.

Thursday 2nd   It rained after we got home this morning.  We were digging between the beans and cabbages.

Friday 3rd   It was a fine day.  We picked 3 Cases of Fruit in the morning and hauled them down to the wharf in the afternoon, also Mrs Simpsons luggage, Mrs Simpson, her two daughters & Victor returned to Auckland in the “Rob Roy“, there were also several other passengers.
Went to the Library in the evening, a large parcel of books arrived from Wildman & Lyell which were given out this evening.

Saturday 4th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were digging in the garden all day.  We sowed 2 rows Dun beans and we dug in a lot of manure round the Vegetable Marrows.

Sunday 5th   It was a fine day.  I read service in the Hall in the evening for the first time this summer, there was a very fair congregation.

Monday 6th   It was a fine day.  We packed the 2 Bales of wool, we put 111 fleeces in the 2 bales.

Tuesday 7th   It was fine during the day.  We packed 7 Skins and hauled them and the 2 bales of Wool down to the wharf.
The “Rose Casey” brought me a Bag of Sugar and empty Egg Box.
It rained steadily during the evening.

Wednesday 8th   It was blowing a gale all day accompanied by rain,  We were not able to do anything outside.  The “Rose Casey” started for Auckland, but on account of the weather had to run back into Big Omaha.  The “Rob Roy” landed the Waipu Cricketers this morning, but the weather prevents them playing a match.

Thursday 9th   The wind still blowing strong from SE and showery.  The Waipu Cricketers played a match at the Domain against a combined team Omaha  and Claim and beat them.
We were cutting tea tree between the Cottage and the bush.  Dolly calved in the afternoon a Bull Calf.

Friday 10th   No rain fell to day, but the ground is still very muddy. The Waipu Cricketers played a match against Omaha team,  Omaha beat.  I was cutting tea tree all day.  There was a dance in the Hall in the evening to entertain the Waipu Cricketers.  Jane, Miss Harding and I went down.

Saturday 11th   The wind is still blowing from SE, but has moderated and the sea gone down.  The “Rob Roy” called in about 4 am to take the Waipu Cricketers home.  We were picking fruit all day and I hauled down to the wharf in the evening 8 Cases Jaigonel Pears &
1 Case Apricots.  Miss Harding who has been staying her since last Tuesday left and went to Mrs C. Gravatts.  Jane went with Miss H to Mrs Dunnings in the afternoon.  It rained steadily in the even’g.

Sunday 12th   It rained steadily all day, with a thick mist, the mist lifted a little and it cleared up a little in the evening to allow us to milk the cows, but it came again.  I held no service in the evening.

Monday 13th   It was a fine day and very hot, we were cutting fern & tea tree near the cottage in the morning and in the afternoon.  We picked 1 Case Jargonell Pears and we were picking some Burbank Plums when there was a sharp shower and we had to knock off.

Tuesday 14th   It was a beautiful day.  We heard last night that one of our Sheep was worried by dogs in Norman Mathesons paddock so we went first thing this morning and cut its throat, it was an old sheep so was no good to eat.
We took our Fruit and Eggs down to the wharf in the afternoon.  After the “Rose Casey” came in she went over to the Little Barrier to fetch some cattle for Mr Harper.  I and several others went over in her and had a very good time.  Mr Shakespear allowed us all to go ashore and he showed us all round the place, we had tea on board and coming home we had quite a concert in the saloon Miss Harding playing the accompaniments, we did not get home until about 9.30.

Wednesday 15th   It was fine in the morning.  I went down to see the “Rose Casey” off in the morning and to label and send away the tall Fescue Seed.  We hauled up a Sack of Maize before dinner that came up in the Steamer.  In the afternoon Jane rode over to Birdsalls returning in the evening.  Willie and I drove 5 Sheep out of Haskells and then mended up the fence.  It poured with rain the latter part of the afternoon, but cleared up just before dark.

Thursday 16th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were cutting tea tree against the cottage in the morning and planting out Cabbages and Mangolds in the afternoon.  Miss Williams called in the afternoon and staid tea and Miss Harding called in the evening.

Friday 17th   It was a fine day.  Willie rode to Ti Point fishing and brought home a large schnapper.  I planted out 3 rows of Mangolds.  The Annual Meeting of Subscribers to the Omaha Public Library was held in the Library in the evening.

Saturday 18th   It was a very hot day.  Willie was digging Potatoes the top side of the house.  I was cutting Cocksfoot Seed.  Jane rode to Williams’ to go with Miss Williams to Warkworth to see the athletic sports.  There was a meeting of the Road Board in the afternoon.  Dan Kempt came up here for tea and we rode to the Domain Cottage  where there was a meeting to elect and Working Committee for the Domain.

Sunday 19th   It was a very hot  Willie and I went to Ti Point to spend the day with Joe & Minnie.  Mrs Handby was staying there.  Joe took us to the Sand Spit in the afternoon.  Mr H. R. French (Wesleyan)  held service in the Hall in the afternoon.  Jane returned in the evening.

Monday 20th   It was a fine day.  Mr & Mrs Dale came in the morning  for me to witness their signatures.  Willie and I were picking fruit.  Miss Harding called in the pm and staid for tea.

Tuesday 21st    It was a fine day.  We finished picking fruit in the morning and hauled it down to the wharf in the afternoon.
It was late when she came in, she had a big cargo to put out and a lot of Fruit to take in, she had several passengers including Miss Harding who is returning home and Walter Wyatt and his wife who are going up the Wairoa.

Wednesday 22nd   It was a fine day.  I was cutting grass seed and Willie was digging Potatoes.

Thursday 23rd   It was a fine day but it was very windy in the pm and it broke  two large branches off the large Vicar pear tree, they were crowded with pears.
We were picking fruit all day and took it down to the wharf in the evening also 14 cases for Charlie Wyatt.  The “Rob Roy” is expected in at 9 am tomorrow morning.
Jane rode to Matakana in the evening to see the Maori exhibition of dances etc.

Friday 24th   It was a fine day.  We were digging Potatoes between the Peach trees in the garden, and we camped them under the house, they turn out very well, but the tubers are very ugly.
There was a meeting of the School Committee and also of the Show Committee in the Hall in the evening.  We killed a Sheep in the evening.

Saturday 25th   It was a fine day.  We thrashed the Cocksfoot Seed and burned all the docks below the house in the morning.
In the afternoon Willie went to the cricket, I was weeding the flower garden.  In the evening there was a meeting to form a branch of the Farmers Union.

Sunday 26th   It was a fine day.  Joe and Minnie spent the day here, Mr & Ethel Birdsall came in the afternoon, I read service in the Hall in the evening, the latter went with us and then returned home.
I went and had a look round Walter Frearson‘s orchard in the morning.

Monday 27th   In the morning it was cloudy and very cool, but in the afternoon the sun came out hot.  We were picking Orleans Plums all day, Jane helped us, we picked 13 Cases.  The “Rose Casey” came in about 8 pm.  Willie took some plums down to the Steamer people and got the mail.

Tuesday 28th   It was a hot day.  The “Rose Casey” left at 8 am this morning.  We hauled our 13 Cases of plums and 1 Box of Eggs down to go away by her,  about 20 passengers went up by her, including the Omaha Cricketers who are going up to play a match in Auckland tomorrow.  We hauled some empty fruit cases up to Alec Haskells, and I borrowed 13 of him.  Jane rode to Matakana in the afternoon and staid all night.  We drove the Sheep out of A. Haskells, and mended the fence near the Koeroa creek.

Wednesday 29th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were picking Orleans Plums all day.  Jane came home after we were going to bed.

Thursday 30th   It was a fine day.  We were picking Green Gages in this orchard and hauled them down to the wharf in the afternoon to the “Kawau“, she left here about 1.30 and took 150 Cases of Fruit from here.

Friday 31st   It was a hot day.  We were picking fruit in the morning and we hauled it down to the wharf in the pm as follows
2    Cases Orleans Plums
3    ditto Golden Drop Plums
1    ditto Peaches
6    Cases
These went away by the “Rob Roy“.  Afterwards the “Kawau” came in from Auckland bringing Walter Frearson and Mr Whitaker.
I borrowed 20 Long Plum Cases from Walter Frearson.