February 1897

Monday 1st   It was a fine day with the exception of a shower in the afternoon.   Miss Niccol commenced School to day, she is going to board here, and her board commenced to day, the terms being 10/- per week.  Willie, Jane & I were picking Orleans Plums in the farm orchard.  I took Mrs Dunning some plums in the evening, also called at Jos Wyatts .

Tuesday 2nd   It was a fine day.  We continued picking Orleans Plums.  Maud and the baby came in the morning and they are going to stay here until tomorrow.

Wednesday 3rd   It was a hot day.  We yoked up the young bullocks and hauled the Fruit down to the Wharf in two loads.  We sent away fruit as follows in half bushel cases.
22  Cases Orleans Plums
3  Cases Green Gages
2  Cases  Beurrel Capoumont fallings
1       ”        Vicar Wingfield  fallings
1       ”        Beurrel  Diel   fallings
1  Case  Orleans Plums to Mrs Harding
1  Case  Orleans Plums to Mrs J. Young
We all went down to the Steamer, she came in about 4 pm.  There was a great quantity of fruit sent away and several passengers went up by her.  Mrs D. Matheson Snr broke her leg by falling over a dog.  Mr & Mrs Spencer & family were landed  here this morning with all their furniture from the “Ida” from Whangarei, they were unable to land at Pakiri on account of the heavy sea.  They are going to live with Charlie Dyer.

Thursday 4th   It was a hot day.  I picked the Pea seed in the E.R. , thrashed some grass seed and did several odd jobs.  Miss Niccol and Jane went to tea to John Wyatts at the beach.

Friday 5th   It was a fine day.   Finished thrashing the Cocksfoot grass seed and put it and the clothes away.  Killed a sheep in the evening.  Jane and Miss Niccol went down for the mail and also up to the Library.  It rained a little in the evening.

Saturday 6th   It was a fine day.   Willie & I picked 5 Cases Orlean Plums from the farm orchard.  Mr Sadler and his boys finished cleaning the Cocksfoot grass seed in the E.R.  I went down to see it weighed in the afternoon,  the yield was 12 Sacks or 859 lbs net, my third share was 4 Sacks weighing 298 lbs.
There was cricket practice in the afternoon.  Walter Wyatt and Jim Dunning were here for tea, and D. Kempt & George Wyatt were here in the evening.

Sunday 7th   It was a fine day.   Jane and Miss Niccol rode up to Mauds to spend the day.  Willie and I walked over to Dacres Claim to service in the morning, we then went to Mr Hardwicks for dinner, we had a look round his orchard, had an early tea there and walked home in the evening, milked the Cows and went down to the Hall and conducted service in the evening.

Monday 8th   It was a fine day.   Willie and I were picking Orleans Plums in the farm orchard all day, Charlie Wyatt helped us in the afternoon.  We picked 12 half cases and with the 5 that we picked on Saturday  make it 17 Cases  altogether that I will have to send away.  It rained a little in the evening  and blew very strong.

Tuesday 9th   The wind has gone down and the sea is very calm.  It was a fine day.  We packed 18 Sheepskins and hauled them and the 17 Cases of Orleans Plums down to the Wharf.
I went to Auckland in the “Rose Casey”, she left Omaha at about 2.30 and we arrived in Auckland at 8.30.  I went up to Mrs Bowens to board.

Wednesday 10th   It was blowing very strong and it rained on and off all day.  I was down Queen St both morning and afternoon.  I went to call on the Hardings in the evening.

Thursday 11th   It was showery all day.  I was down Queen St in the morning and I went out to Onehunga in the afternoon to call upon Mr Haselden.

Friday 12th   It was a showery day.  I was about the town all day.

Saturday 13th   It was a fine day.   I was about the town in the morning.  I went to the athletic sports in the Domain and enjoyed myself very much.  Went to Mrs Hardings for tea and we all went to Mr Jacksons in the evening, Mr Jackson has lately married the eldest Miss Harding and has bought a house just below Mrs Hardings, it is a very nice house.

Sunday 14th   It was a fine day.   I went to S.  Marys  Parnell in the morning, Revd McMurray preached, I like him very much.  Returned and had dinner at Mrs Bowens.
Went to S.  Sepulchres in the evening, I was very much pleased with the new organ.  Archdeacon Dudley preached a very earnest & impressive sermon.

Monday 15th   It was a fine day.   I was busy in town all day making purchases, and collecting parcels together.  I called at Mrs Hardings in the evening.

Tuesday 16th   It was a fine day.   I left Auckland by the “Rose Casey
at 9 am and arrived at Omaha at about 2.30, we called at Mullet Point and Christians.

Wednesday 17th   It was a fine day.   Got the bullocks up in the morning and hauled the goods up from the Wharf that I brought from Auckland

Thursday 18th   It was a fine day.   I was doing odd jobs about the place.  Minnie came from Pakiri in the evening to go to the Mahurangi Show tomorrow.

Friday 19th   It was a very fine day.  Minnie & I started for Warkworth at 7.30 and arrived there at 10 am.  I was invited to act as judge of Field & Garden Produce.  Mr A. Tooman acted as judge with me, we also judged the Dairy Produce & Flowers.  The Judges and Committee had lunch at the Hotel, we put our horses in Mr Warins paddock, after tea we started for home and arrived at 9 pm. It  was a very good show and I enjoyed myself very much.  Minnie returned to Pakiri after she came back.

Saturday 20th   It was fine in the morning though dull, but it came on to rain in the afternoon and rained all night.  Killed a Sheep in the evening.

Sunday 21st   It rained nearly all day.  It cleared up in the evening.  I went down to the Hall but there was no service.  It was a very dark night and the roads very muddy.  Miss Niccol & Jane went to Mrs Dunnings for tea.

Monday 22nd   It was raining last night and early this morning but it cleared up, it was not what you would call a fine day, but it did not rain.  Charley Wyatt came and helped us pick fruit in the farm orchard.  John Wyatt came in the afternoon and started doing up the boys bed room.

Tuesday 23rd   It rained last night and there was rain and mist this morning, but it cleared up and was a fine day.  We picked some more fruit this morning.  We hauled it down to the Wharf just as the Steamer came in  (1 pm)  and we hauled up some Furniture that came by the Steamer.  John Wyatt was working here.

Wednesday 24th   It was a fine day.  We hauled some firewood with the bullocks.  John Wyatt was varnishing and painting the boys bedroom.

Thursday 25th   It was a fine day.  I did odd jobs and picked some Damsons in the afternoon.  John Wyatt was painting and papering.
I went to Haskells in the evening .

Friday 26th   It was a fine day, but it threatened for rain in the evening and the wind was blowing strong from the N.
Willie staid at home and helped me pick Damsons in the farm orchard.  We Killed a Sheep in the evening.  John Wyatt finished papering the boys room.

Saturday 27th   It rained nearly all last night and the greater part of this morning, it is the heaviest rain we have had for years and caused great damage,  there were great freashes in the creeks, it caused land slips and roads blocked up and the Koroa bridge was shifted.
Mr Witten was here in the pm and brought a piece of beef.
The weather cleared up in the pm.  Walter & George Wyatt and Jim Dunning were here in the evening.

Sunday 28th   It cleared up and turned out a fine day.  Revd R. McKinney held service in the Hall in the morning, there was a very good congregation.  Dan Kempt came here for dinner.  Jim Dunning & George Wyatt went to Pakiri in the afternoon and brought Minnie home from Ellis Dyers where she has been for the last month, they both had tea here when they came back.