March 1906

Friday 2nd   Mrs Jack Cruickshank and Malcolm returned home going in the sulky with Bob Wyatt.

Tuesday 13th   Having been laid up with some internal trouble for some time, I thought it best to go to Auckland & consult a Doctor, so I went in the “Orewa” on her trip from Mangawai – several passengers also went up.  We arrived in Auckland about 6.30.  Fred Simpson came down to the wharf to meet me and I went up to Ponsonby with him to stay at Mrs Simpsons.  Fred & I went up to see Dr Bedford, but he was not at home, but he called down to see me later in the evening.

Wednesday 14th   I went on the car as far as Dumpers and then back to the three Lamps to get some medicine that the Doctor prescribed.

Saturday 17th   After dinner I went over to the North Shore to witness a cricket match on the Shore ground between Parnell & the Shore clubs, Noel made 59 runs, I met all the Wallaces on the ground and went to have tea at their place, afterwards Noel & I came across to Auckland.

Sunday 18th   I went to All Saints Church in the morning.  Revd Fox (Curate) preached,  Mrs Harper & Mrs Hadwich were also there.  In the afternoon Fred and I went a trip down to St Heliers Bay.  In the evening I attended St Johns Wesleyan Church, Mr & Mrs Hamilton Hodges sang Solos.

Wednesday 21st   In the afternoon I went over to Devonport to stay at Mr Wallaces, while I was there I took long walks about the Shore , and went over to Auckland several times, also called on Mrs McKenzie at Devonport and Miss Harding in Grafton Road.

Sunday 25th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I attended Holy Trinity Church, Devonport, it was Harvest festival.  Revd H. A. Hawkins officiated in the absence of Revd Eveished the Vicar who is away on a holiday.  In the afternoon Mr Wallace, Noel & I went across to Auckland and then we went aboard the war ship “Powerful” and were shown all round her.  There are five war ships altogether in the harbour.  On returning to Mr Wallaces we found Fred and Charlie Wayall there for tea.  In the evening Mr W. , Fred & I went to the Presbyterian Church.

Wednesday 28th   There was a carnival in the Devonport Cricket Ground, Fred came over in the afternoon and he, Mrs W. , Alma & I went to it.    Mr Wallace, some of the young ones and I also went in the evening, the ground was lit up by electric light from the fort.  There were lots of Side Shows &c.

Thursday 29th   Mr  &  Wallace and some of the young people went to the carnival in the evening.  Alan & I staid at home to keep Mrs Chreighton company.

Friday 30th   Alan, Bert & I went to the carnival in the evening, while we were in a Side Show it came on pouring with rain, and when we got outside the ground was in darkness and most of the people had cleared out home.

Saturday 31st   There was a Cricket Match on the Shore ground between Ponsonby and Shore, Noel was not able to play as he is working overtime at the Half Yearly Bank Balance.  One innings each was not concluded, but I heard afterwards that Ponsonby won.  Fred came home with Noel to stay