July 1925

Wednesday 1st   A very dull cold day, it rained heavily last night & early this morning, but no rain fell during the day.  I did not go out anywhere, as there was such a cold wind blowing.

Thursday 2nd   There was a slight shower in the pm, otherwise it was a fine day.  I earthed up the Leeks.   Got firewood from the beach in the afternoon.  I wrote letters to Alma Wallace & my son Jack, Jane posted them in the afternoon.

Friday 3rd   It was a fine day,  Dolly & Ina went to Warkworth in
W. Dunning‘s car on route to Auckland by train.  Joe Torkington called here in the morning and staid for lunch, he is suffering from Hernia and is going into Auckland hospital.  I called at Mr Whitakers in the afternoon.

Saturday 4th   It was a fine day.  I weeded the onions in the afternoon.  Jim went to a football match at Matakana.  Jean went to Ti Point and staid the night.

Sunday 5th   It was a fine day.  Revd Rouprecht held service in the hall in the morning, nearly everyone received the communium.

Monday 6th   It was a fine day.  I was weeding the onion bed.

Tuesday 7th   It was a fine day with the exception of a shower in the morning.  I was weeding the onion bed in the morning and afternoon. Mabel & Charlie came to spend the day .
Pat dined here in the evening and we played four handed cribbage.
Jane made a quantity of pie melon jam.

Wednesday 8th  It was a fine day.  I spent a quiet day reading.

Thursday 9th   It was a fine day.  I was weeding the onions.  Pat dined here in the evening and we played four handed cribbage.

Friday 10th   It was a fine day.  I was weeding the onions in the morning, in the afternoon I went round to Mabels to ask her if I did not go to Auckland would she put me up for a fortnight while Jane was away.  By the evening mail I received a letter from Noel Wallace with enclosures being reports on the value of Albert Elliott’s farm at Pongakaua on which I have lent £600 on mortgage.

Saturday 11th   It was a fine day, I finished weeding the onions.  In the afternoon Jim rode to Matakana to witness a football match and to attend a smoke concert in the evening.

Sunday 12th   It was a fine day.   There was no service here.  I spent a very quiet day.  Jean was away at Ti Point. Jane went to Evens’ in the afternoon .  Pat was here for tea.  Jim & Jane went down with him after tea to wash his dirty dishes.  Pat went to Jacks to sleep and Jack was going to take him to Warkworth tomorrow en route for Auckland by train from Kaipara Flats.

Monday 13th    It was a dull blowey day.  I did not do anything out of doors.  I wrote a letter to my sister in law Laura Clarke,  (widow of my brother Henry).  It rained heavily in the evening.

Tuesday 14th   It was a fine day.  I was not so well as usual, so I made up my mind to go to Auckland.  Mrs Whitaker called in the afternoon and told us that they were all going up to town in the steamer from Matakana.  Jane & I made up our minds to go to Auckland tomorrow by train if we could get a car to take us to Warkworth.

Wednesday 15th   It was very foggy first thing in the morning, but turned out a fine day.  We got up early, after breakfast Jim went round to Jacks and got him to take Jane & I to Warkworth.  We had an early lunch and Jack brought his car about 12.30 to take us to Warkworth, we went in the motor coach to Kaipara Flats where we boarded the train for Auckland, where we arrived at 6.15 pm.  Alma & Laurence were  on  at the wharf station to meet us, we immediately got a boat across to Devonport and a car up to Mr Wallace’s house.

Thursday 16th   It was a very fine day.  In the afternoon I went to consult Dr Bennett who prescribed and I got the medicine at the chemists.

Friday 17th   It was a very fine day.  In the morning I went to call on Mrs  Capt MaKenzie.  In the pm I went down to the Shore and bought a pr  of boots and got rubber soles & heels on to my boots.

Saturday 18th   It was a fine day.  In the morning Jane & I went across to Auckland & took a buss to Green Lane and then walked to Morewa St where Mr & Mrs Archie Dunning Jnr and Mrs Holder –
Archie was not at home, we had lunch there and afterwards went to inquire after Alex Matheson who is seriously ill at Charlie Dunnings. The young people went to the pictures in the evening.

Sunday 19th   It was a fine day.  In the morning Jane & I went across to town and took a bus up to Willies place in Norfolk St, we had dinner there.  In the afternoon Willie, Grace, Raymond & I went to the Zoo which I enjoyed very much.  Mrs Simpson & George Davey went to see Joe Torkington who is in hospital suffering from hernia. Jane & I returned to the Shore after tea.

Monday 20th   It was a fine day.  Jane & I went to town in the morning to see the “Kawau” off – Eddie & Ivy and Pat & Dolly went by her –  we then went to Karangahape Rd as Jane wanted to go to George Courts, we then went to have lunch and went to the domain garden, from there we went across the cricket ground to Carlton Gore Rd, called on Mrs Blennerhasset and Mrs Michaels (Elsie’s sister).  We had afternoon tea and then went to see Joe Torkington who is in the Miserable Hospital in Mountain road, we returned to the Shore.

Tuesday 21st   It rained heavily early in the morning and continued until about 9 am, it was thick and misty all round, but after that the mist cleared away and turned out a fine day.
Alma Wallace & Laurence C. Whitaker were married at 11.30 at St Pauls Presbyterian Church Devonport.  Revd Watson officiated, Laddie Whitaker was best man, and Miss Tanner was bridesmaid, after the wedding the guests to the number of about 36 were entertained in the Masonic Hall, the sons and their wives were present, also Willie, Grace & Mrs Simpson, the bridal pair left for their honeymoon.

Wednesday 22nd   Rather showery and strong wind from the N.
Laddie Whitaker left this morning to go back home in the “Kawau“. Mrs Wallace & Jane went across to town to attend the community singing in the Town Hall.

Thursday 23rd   It was fine in the morning , but it rained heavily in the afternoon.  Jane went down to the Shore in the afternoon to post a parcel to Hector for his birthday.  Henry came as  [we]  were having tea, he had come up in the “Mako” with sheep on Tuesday.

Friday 24th   It rained in the morning , but fine in the afternoon.  Jane & Mr Wallace went to Ken’s place at Narrow Neck.  I went to see Mr Martin who was in the hospital the same time as I was last year.

Saturday 25th   It was fine in the morning, Jane & I went across to Auckland in the morning.  Jane went to see the Mills’,  I took the buss up to Willie’s place at 85 Norfolk St , Ponsonby.  Willie, Ray & I took a walk to Grey Lynn in the afternoon.  Jane called for me in the evening and we returned to Mr Wallaces, when we arrived there we found that Laurence & Alma had returned from their honeymoon.

Sunday 26th   It was a fine day .  Jane and Mrs Wallace went to Trinity Church  in the morning.  I went to consult Dr Bennet.  In the afternoon there were a host of callers.  Mr & Mrs Whitaker,  Mr & Mrs C. Whitaker, Ken & Tilley & children .  All but Ken & Tilly staid for tea.  Henry called in the evening when most of the visitors had left.

Monday 27th   It was a fine day with the exception of a shower in the morning.  Jane & I went across to Auckland in the morning.  Went to the Deeds Registration office,  & Mr Elliott,  had lunch at the Kensington Dining rooms .  Afterwards we went out to Morningside to see Mrs Alec Cruickshank, but found her out,  Called on Mrs Ashworth, Batty & Norman Matheson but found them out, returned to the Shore tired with so much walking.  Laurence & Alma crossed in the same boat returning to Devonport.

Tuesday 28th   It was a fine day.  Jane & Mrs W went across to Auckland in a early boat to go to Gordon Wallaces,  I went across in the 2 pm boat and met Jane at the ferry.   We were going to Dalgetty’s office when we met Henry and we were with him all afternoon up at Karangahape Rd.  In the evening Leila,  Mrs Petersen,  her son in law Mr Best, and Willie & Grace came,  we played at 500.

Wednesday 29th   It was a fine day.  Jane went across to town early,  I went across later as I wanted to place a cheque of £16 . 5 . 0  in the P. O savings Bank,  Mrs Wallace came across to town and we three went up to the Town Hall to attend the Community Singing at 12.30. We got a good seat on the ground floor.  We enjoyed the singing very much.  As we came out Laurence & Alma joined us and we all went up to  the Farmers Co Op for lunch.  After lunch Jane and I made a few purchases in the several departments and then we returned to the Shore.
Mrs White came to spend the last night with Alma as we are all going home tomorrow.

Thursday 30th   We all got up early  had breakfast and at 6.15 a taxi came to take Laurence ,  Alma,  Jane & I  and our luggage down to the wharf to catch the 6.30 boat over to Auckland.  Arrived at Auckland, we carried all our luggage to the N. S. C wharf. and embarked on the SS. “Omana“, Capt Eddie Wann,  Ted Greenwood being steward.
We had a very fair trip.  I was lying down most of the time, but went on deck when we got to Mullet Point and watched all the boats coming out to meet the Steamer, it is 5 miles from the lower wharf to the top wharf.  I had not been up the river before,  we arrived at Matakana at 12.30.  Leslie Meiklejohn had come in his car to meet Laurence & Alma, so he took Jane and I in his car to Laurence’s place and Warner Croker brought along all the luggage in his car – Jane and I had a look round Laurences house and then walked to Mrs Edgar’s corner where Leslie had left his car and then he took us and our luggage to Jim’s gate, so we were in luck.

Friday 31st   It was a fine day.  My cold and cough are very bad.
I did not get up until the afternoon.

The rainfall for July as recorded at the P. O Warkworth totalled 3.82 inches.  Rain fell on 18 days, the maximum fall being on the 23rd when  .82 in was recorded.