February 1889

Friday 1st  It came on to rain early in the afternoon and continued all night.  It also came on the blow from the SE.

Saturday 2nd  It blew & rained all day.  The wind has done us a good deal of damage, it has blown lots of our young trees over and quantities of Apples and Pears have been blown off.

Sunday 3rd  It still keeps blowing from the SE, but it has left off raining.
Mr Douse preached in the morning but there were only 13 there.
I read service in the evening but in spite of the wintry weather there were 28 present.

Monday 4th  The wind has calmed down a good deal.  We were busy getting stakes & getting the trees up into position.

Tuesday 5th  I was making cases.  Maud and the boys were picking Peaches & Plums.  It was a fine day.

Wednesday 6th  We were busy packing fruit>
We sent away –
3 Cases Orleans Plums,  54 lbs, 55 lbs & 57 lbs
3 Cases Peaches,  38 Doz, 43 Doz & 47 Doz
19 Doz of these Peaches came from Mr Wyatts.
Henry & I went to Auckland in the “Rose Casey

Thursday 7th  We arrived in Auckland at 3 oclock this morning, we staid on board until daylight then we walked up to Mr Runcimans at Grafton Road.  Mr R. was away on a visit at Mr Youngs at Papakura.  After breakfast we went down into the town and returned to  Mr Runcimans in the evening where we stayed.

Friday 8th  We went down town after breakfast and did a lot of shopping.  Went to G. Fletcher’s in the evening.

Saturday 9th  I walked down to Newmarket and went by the 8 am train to Drury – to Mr Mayo’s place.  I had a look round his orchard & nurserys, had dinner there and then walked on to Papakura  to Mr Youngs, had a look round his orchard & farm, had tea there, and then Mrs Runciman & I returned to Auckland by the last train, reaching home by about 11 pm having spent a very pleasant day.

Sunday 10th  It poured with rain all day.  Henry & I went to Mr Davies in the afternoon and had tea there and then went with them to the Congregational Church in Beresford Street.  Mr Chew preached.

Monday 11th  Henry & I went into the town in the morning.  In the afternoon we went to the North Shore and saw the Calliope Dock.

Tuesday 12th  Finished all my purchases in town.

Wednesday 13th  Henry & I left Auckland by the “Rose Casey” at 11 am and arrived at Omaha at 8 pm.

Thursday 14th  The boys hauled our goods up, also some for Mirehouse.  We got the sheep up in the evening.

Friday 15th  We cleaned the pigs out, mended up the styes and gathered up all the manure in the pig’s paddock and put it on the heap.
We all went to a Social in the Hall in the evening got up by subscription, it was a very successful affair there was a great crowd.

Saturday 16th  We took all the Onions up and laid them in the beds to dry.  Willie P. went up to the Cricket in the afternoon on Johny’s new horse which he is breaking in, and he returned again in the evening.

Sunday 17th  It was a hot day.  I went over to Dacre’s Claim church in the morning on Tom Wyatt’s horse.  I went to Mr Birdsall’s for dinner & tea, returning to Omaha for the evening service.
There were 50 present

There is now a gap of 9 days in his diary

Wednesday 27th  The Steamer arrived late in the evening.  Miss Clark & Kenzie Runciman came up to stay with us.

Thursday 28th  We were busy all day preparing for the show.  In the afternoon the boys took the bullocks down and hauled some boards from T. Wyatt’s to make tables in the Hall.  We got them all fixed up and some of the exhibits laid out.