December 1888

Saturday 1st   Charlie stayed here last night and first thing after breakfast he castrated our yearling calf Symon.  We cleaned the pigs out in the morning and bedded them with rushes.  Cleaned up all the manure in the Pigs paddock and put it on the heap.
Henry went over to Great Omaha in the afternoon to a cricket match.  Willie Pratt returned with him and staid all night.

Sunday 2nd  Maud & Willie went over to Church at Dacres Claim in the morning.
I read service in the Hall in the afternoon there were 26 present.  I went over to John Wyatts and staid for tea.
It was a fine day.

Monday 3rd  We packed the 2 Bales of Wool.  It took us all day.
It was a fine day.

Tuesday 4th  We hauled the 2 bales of wool down to the wharf in the morning.
We dug potatoes and other odd jobs in the afternoon.
Mrs Pratt came here for tea, went down to the steamer with Maud and returned here and staid all night.
There was a quantity of wool sent away by the steamer about 17 bales, besides half bales & sacks.

Wednesday 5th  The boys were hauling for Mrs Dunning &
T. W. Knaggs in the morning.  It was a very hot day.

Thursday 6th  We commenced digging and planting Vegetable Marrows under the dining room window, that was in Oats.  We manured the ground with dirty wool and cow dung that we picked up in the pigs paddock.
Mr & Mrs Walter came and staid the evening.

Friday 7th  We continued planting Vegetable Marrows.
Mrs Eyre and Clara Fordham came in the afternoon and staid for tea.  I went to the Library in the evening.
We killed a sheep.

Saturday 8th  We finished planting Vegetable Marrows in the morning.  John went to Matakana on the horse in the afternoon.  Henry and the girls went fishing to the Maori Point and caught 6 fish.  I cleaned the pigs out and bedded them with rushes.

Sunday 9th  Revd Mr Mather preached in the Hall in the morning, it was the first time I had heard him, I like him very much.
Mr John & Miss Phillis Came came here for dinner and tea and Miss Came staid all night.
I read service in the afternoon.  There was only a small congregation only 15 present, as it was very showery just before Church time.  Willie Pratt was also here for tea, but he went home early as he was riding Mr Lanes mare which has a foal at her side.

Monday 10th  I resowed the Zebra Beans and loosened between the parsnips in the morning,  the boys were digging against the Elder trees.  Miss Came went home in the afternoon, Maud went part of the way with her.

Tuesday 11th  We were doing odd jobs and digging Early Rose Potatoes in the orchard near the manure heap for the steward of the “Rose Casey
I went down to the Steamer in the evening, heard from Mr Laybourn that he had sold my wool for 7¼ d per lb.
Also received two English letters, one from Sarah and one from John.

Wednesday 12th   The boys were hauling the flour up from the wharf up in the morning, they only brought up one load as it came on to rain and it was wet all afternoon.

Thursday 13th  The boys finished hauling up the flour in the morning.  I transplanted some Mangolds and sowed some Red Beet.  Maud went up the hill and had an accident with the horse.

Friday 14th  We planted out 2 rows of cabbage and sowed some Mangold where we had the first Potatoes.  Killed a sheep in the evening.

Saturday 15th  Dug up the piece of ground the far side of the orchard where we had Turnips.

Sunday 16th  It was a fine day.  We had some French beans for dinner for the first time also a good feed of strawberries for tea.
I read service in the Hall in the afternoon there were 40 there.

Monday 17th  The boys dug Potatoes in the morning for the Steward of the Steamer.
I made 2 Lemon Cases.  We picked 30 doz Lemons in the afternoon and packed them.  I went to Mr D. Mathesons and spent the evening.

Tuesday 18th  The boys hauled down the Lemons & Potatoes to the wharf.  I cleaned out the Pigs.  We cut Thistles on the hill in the afternoon.

Wednesday 19th  The boys hauled goods for Mirehouse in the morning.  In the evening they went up to Kempts and brought down the horse.  I walked to Pakiri in the morning.  I went to Mr Wittens first, looked round his orchard & dined there.  I next went to Mr Gravatts, looked round his orchard and had tea there.  I called at Mr Wrights and looked round his orchard near the house, started for home by the new road just before sunset and got home about 8.30 .

Thursday 20th  We were cutting Thistles on the hill.

Friday 21st  We were cutting Thistles on the hill.
Killed a sheep in the evening.
Meeting of the School Committee in the School in the evening.

Saturday 22nd  We dug Potatoes in the morning for the Steamer.
John took “May” over to Birdsall’s bull and then went on to Matakana.
Henry, the girls & I went fishing to the Maori Point.
The “Rose Casey” came in the evening and went out again.

Sunday 23rd  Mr Moor preached in the Hall in the morning.  I held service in the afternoon there was about 23 present .
Willie & Tom Pratt, Charlie & Walter Wyatt came here for tea.

Monday 24th  We killed a lamb in the evening, it weighed 42 lbs.

Tuesday 25th   Christmas Day.  It was a beautiful day.
Mr & Mrs Wyatt Senr & Tom Wyatt & Alice & Willie came for dinner & tea & Willie & Tom Pratt came for tea, Maud & Jane went up with the Pratts, Jane to stay and Maud to go with them to the Cricket match at Matakana on the morrow.

Wednesday 26th  The boys & Minnie went fishing at the Maori Point.
I made a bee box in the morning.  In the afternoon I walked over to Birdsalls to bring “May” home, I looked round his orchard and had tea there.  After arriving at home I went over and spent the evening at Mr Walters.

Thursday 27th  Maud and Willie Pratt came home in the morning, Willie had a sleep and then went home.
We went up to Neeley’s in the afternoon to mend up the fence.  Got the sheep up in the evening.  Maud & Minnie went to Mr Walters in the evening.

Friday 28th  Maud & John went to a party at Mr Gravatt’s at Pakiri.
Henry & I dug sorrel in the orchard.  Went to the Library in the evening.

Saturday 29th   We were digging sorrel in the orchard in the morning.  I had a look round Tom Wyatt’s orchard in the afternoon.  Walter Wyatt & John Dunning came for tea.
John & I put 6 sheep in that were outside up at Neeleys.

Sunday 30th  It was a very hot day.  I went on Tom Wyatt’s horse over to Dacre’s Claim service.  I returned for dinner.
Willie P. came & Jane returned with him.
Mr Brookman, George & Charlie Ashton came in the afternoon and staid for tea.  Commenced the services in the Hall this evening.  There was  a much larger congregation than usual, about 45.

Monday 31st  A very hot day. We were turning up sorrel in the orchard.