February 1920

Sunday 1st   The wind has got round to the W  but there were a few slight showers, but otherwise it was a fine day.  Alma & Agnes came for dinner  & they went down to church in the afternoon,  I conducted service, there were 22 present,  Collection 8/2.
After church Willie, Grace & Ray went to Horace’s place.

Monday 2nd   It was a fine day, wind SW.  I was digging out convolvulus below the wire netting fence to prevent it getting into my garden.
Willie planted 5 rows of Potatoes and then he continued digging out potatoes,  he went to a meeting of the Farmers Union in evening.

Tuesday 3rd   It was a fine day.  After breakfast I went down for the mail.  The remainder of the day I was digging out convolvulus the lower side of the wire netting fence.  Horace was here for lunch.
Willie finished digging out the main crop of Potatoes.

Wednesday 4th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I was helping Willie pick fruit,  in the afternoon I went down to the steamer & got the mail.  Mr  &  Horace Hedges came in the afternoon to have a look round.  Mrs Simpson returned from Ti Point.

Thursday 5th   It was a fine day.  Willie took a horse down to Wyatts and helped get in the wheat,  Mr Dibble of the Agricultural Department came to show them how to build a stack, there were two sleighs going hauling the wheat to the stack,  they finished one stack of Wyatts wheat and started a stack of Willies wheat.
In the morning I was writing a report of the Dunning Bond wedding, the remainder of the day I was digging out periwinkle.

Friday 6th   It rained last night, and misty rain early this morning. This prevented them finishing carrying in the wheat.  I went over to the Claim to see Jim & Jane in the mail cart, had dinner at Jims and then walked round to Jack Walden’s store to purchase a few articles, then went to look at the crusher which has been installed in
D.  Darroch’s quarry,  it was working and two wagons were carting the broken metal on to the Big Omaha road, returned to Jims,  Jane gave me afternoon tea, I called in at Mrs Holders for a few minutes and then returned to Leigh in the mail cart, got the mail at the P.O – went up home.  had tea and then came down to the Hall to hear the service of song,  Mr Gould read the narrative & Mrs Rennie sang & Mr Rennie manupalated the lantern slides.  There was a lot of people present.

Saturday 7th   It was a fine day.  They finished carrying Willie’s wheat, it was stacked up at Wyatt’s place,  Willie & Arthur Greenwood hauled it on sleighs,  Alf Dunning & I helped load the sleighs, we finished Willies about 10.30 am & then we started carrying Wyatts wheat , the bottom part of the stack was Willies, they put newspapers between and finished the stack with Wyatts, what would not go on the stack was put into their barn.  I was working up there all day and felt tired in the evening, they gave us a good dinner and afternoon tea, the following are the names of the persons working.
Angus Dunning  & J. C. Wyatt building the stack,  Eddie Wyatt & C. Gravatt handing up the sheaves,  A. L. Greenwood &  Willie Clarke driving the two sleighs,  & Alf & Edgar Dunning & I loading the sleighs.  It was all stacked or housed by about 6.30 – and only just in time because the weather looks threatening.
There was a meeting of the Ratepayers  Asson  in the evening, the Engineer & our two Councillars were present.  Willie went and there was a large attendance.

Sunday 8th   It was misty all day with slight rain, wind E.  I attended the presbyterian service in the morning.   Went home with
Mrs W Dunning after church and spent the day there,  Willie showed me over the orchard.  Mrs G. Wyatt & Irene were here for tea.

Monday 9th   It was misty and showery in the morning, but the wind changed to SW, and it turned out a fine afternoon and we were pleased for we might have a fine day for the show on Wednesday.
I was fixing up a table for the Hall and I finished digging out the periwinkle the lower side of the wire netting fence.  Willie was getting exhibits ready for the show.  I received a wire from Henry who is now in Auckland, saying he will be coming up by the steamer on Show day.

Tuesday 10th   It was a very fine day.  Willie & I were getting our exhibits ready for the show, he took his down to the Hall in the evening,  I took down some of my flowers.

Wednesday 11th   It was a beautiful day.  I was up before 5 am and out in the garden picking flowers,  after breakfast I took the flowers down to the Hall.  Mrs Watt Darrach helped me to arrange them, every one seemed busy putting in their exhibits.  I went home after I had put out my exhibits, but returned to the village again,  Mr A. Dunning very kindly invited me to dinner, were many rilations
[sic: where many relations]  were entertained, Jane & her children were there, Mr Ashworth brought her over in his mootor car.   All our family, Willie, Grace, Jane  & Minnie, with a crowd of others went down to the wharf to meet the “Dahne”   [Sic:  Daphne]  which made an excursion  from Auckland to our Show,  nearly 100 passengers came by her – the Judges,  the Band & a Concert company  – my son Henry & Alma Wallace, Leila & Jessie Entwisle came to stay with us, Horace & his bride also came up .  The live stock was about the same as usual, but the inside exhibits were the best we have ever had.
The band discoursed beautiful music in the paddock.
I got 1st prize for Collection of Flowers & 2nd Prizes for Red Beet  & Runner Beans.
I had tea at Mr A. Dunnings & attended the Concert in the evening brought up by Mrs Harold Wright (née Dora Greenwood)  the concert was very enjoyable the band playing several items and they also played for the Dance.

Thursday 12th   It was a very fine day.  We were all tired after the Show and did not get up very early.  Willie sprayed the orchard, Henry had a look round with me & in the pm he rode to Ti Point to see Minnie & he would go on to see Jane, Alma, Leila & Grace .  Went down to play Tennis in the afternoon.

Friday 13th   It was a fine day.  Willie was thrashing Danthonia grass seed.  I was digging out convolvulus round some young peach trees, 1 poor man orange & a Gravenstein apple .  Mrs Wm  Harper came for tea, Horace & his wife came later on,  Mrs Ted & Maggie Harper came to see Mrs Willie home.  Alma & Leila gave us quite a musical evening.  Henry had been at Janes today and he returned home late in the evening.

Saturday 14th   It was a fine day, but it looks like a change of weather.  Willie finished thrashing Danthonia.  I was digging out convolvulus in the orchard.  Henry left in the afternoon by the “Kawau“, all of us went down to the wharf to see him off – we were very sorry he could not stay longer.  After the steamer went away Grace,  Alma  &  Leila walked over to Harold Torkingtons place and staid the night.

Sunday 15th   It rained all last night and most of the morning, a great deal of rain has fallen which will do a lot of good.
Revd Orchard held service in the afternoon, I attended and there was a fair congregation considering the weather.  Willie took the sulky over to Ti Point after dinner and drove Alma & Leila from Harold’s place to Jane’s & then he brought Grace home.

Monday 16th   It was a fine day.  Alma, Leila & Jessie walked over from Janes in the morning.  Willie was cleaning his danthonia in the morning & he went fishing at the wharf in the afternoon.
I was weeding the beet, lettuce & silver beet.

Tuesday 17th   A dull & threatening day.  Having cleaned his danthonia seed Willie took it down to Wyatts to go with theirs,
I was weeding the Swede Turnips,
In the afternoon the ladies of Leigh entertained Mr & Mrs Horace Hedges to an afternoon tea in the Hall, nearly 40 ladies attended, songs were sung by Mrs Patterson ,  Mrs Wm  Harper  & Alma & Leila,  Mrs Knowles read an address of welcome to Mrs Hedges which was engrossed on a large sheet of paper & presented them with a bag of money.  In the evening Willie drove Alma & Leila to the Claim to attend a dance, afterwards they would stay with Jane.

Wednesday 18th   Misty with slight showers.  I was cleaning Onion & other seed , packing them away in packets.  I went down for the mail in the afternoon, steamer had a rough trip , wind NE.  Willie took 2 boxes of Eggs down to the wharf late in the afternoon.

Thursday 19th   Misty weather again with slight misty rain.  In the morning Willie rode over to the Claim to take letters to Alma & Leila who are staying with Jane,  afterwards he hauled wood for his kiln.
I was packing away seed and cut the grass on the paths in the front garden.
Alma Torkington came round in the steamer this morning and came up here to spend the day, she & Grace went to call on the Hedges in the afternoon.  Willie & I attended a church meeting in the evening, but so  [sic: there]  were so few there the meeting was adjourned.

Friday 20th   The weather improve,  the mists cleared away and the sun came came out  & the wind changed to S.  Willie was building his charcoal kiln.  I cut the grass on the path & dug up the diamond bed.
Alma Torkington went home in the morning.  I went down for the mail in the evening.

Saturday 21st   It was a fine day, but the wind is E.   There was a big pic nic at the sand spit Big Omaha,  Mr D. Darrock took a lot of people across in his launch.
Willie, Grace & Raymond drove to Ti Point and went across in a boat to join the pic nic.  They returned in the evening bringing Alma Wallace & Leila & Jessie Entwisle with them.  There was a dance in this hall in the evening & Willie, Grace & the girls went.
There was a Tennis Match here between the Leigh & Dacres clubs. Leigh won.
Mrs Simpson was not very well & she & I staid at home,  I weeded at the swede turnips.

Sunday 22nd   It was a fine day.  I went to 8 am communion in the Church.  Revd Macdonald also conducted service in the church in the afternoon,  only a medium attendance.  Collections.  8 am  3/-
2.30 pm  14/-    Total 17/-    Willie, Grace & the girls drove to the Goat Island in the pm.

Monday 23rd   It was a very fine day.   Willie was building his kiln on the flat.  I went to help Mr A. Dunning bundle up his Oats that John Greenwood cut with his mower – on the road to Goat Island Mr Dunning, Angus & I were tying it up in sheaves,  Alf was hauling loads on a sleigh, & Willie with his wagon was carting it to the house.

Tuesday 24th   It was a fine day, but wind blowing strong from NE.
After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail, while I was down there Mr & Mrs Jack Cruickshank came along in a Ford Car, they had staid at Janes last night and were on their way to Whangaripo to visit Jack’s sister (Mrs Alf Rayner),  I was very pleased to meet them again it is many years since Mr Jack was teaching here.   Willie, Grace & the girls went fishing in the harbour & they brought home a few fish.  In the afternoon I sowed in boxes seeds of Cauliflower & Enfield Market Cabbage.  Willie, Grace & Mrs Simpson  spent the evening up at Mrs Knowles.  The girls & I staid at home.

Wednesday 25th   The wind was still blowing strong from the NE and slight showers.  Willie was picking fruit for Ken Wallace  & the market.  I was digging out convolvulus below the house.  In the afternoon I went down to meet the steamer & to get the mail, but she was so late  & it came on to rain that I came home, heard the steamer whistle at 6.40 pm.  It was a very wet night, the girls were going to spend the evening at the C. Dunnings, but on account of the weather, they could not go.

Thursday 26th   It rained heavily last night and everything was very wet this morning.  Willie took the girls luggage & some cases of fruit down to the wharf in the morning & then came home, and after an early lunch he drove the girls down to the wharf as they were returning home  by the “Kawau” which left here at 1.15 pm,  Grace & I went to see them off,  there were several passengers going ,  it came on to rain after the steamer left and continued all evening.

Friday 27th   It rained heavily last night  and all today.  I was unable to do anything outside.  Willie did several odd jobs outside, I am afraid this heavy rain will cause slips on our roads.

Saturday 28th   The wind has changed to SW and it was a very fine day, but the ground is saturated with water.  Willie made a long ladder.  After breakfast I went down for the mail, called to see Mrs Gravatt who has been very ill,  called at A.  Greenwoods to change my library books.

Sunday 29th   It was a fine day.  Wind SW.  I conducted service in the Church in the afternoon.  24 present,  Collection 9/11.  There was a meeting after the service re’  a testimonial to Revd Macdonald.
Willie, Grace & Mrs Simpson went to Horaces after church.