April 1900

I kept no account of what happened this month

Good Friday   It rained all day.  The Wanderers Cricketers came down early this morning by the “Orewa“, but they were not able to play any matches.

Saturday 14th   It was fine in the morning.  The Wanderers played a match against the Omaha Club on the Domain ground, it came on to rain in the afternoon and they had to Knock off.
They had a smoke concert in the Hall in the evening.

Sunday 15th   Easter Sunday.  There were several showers during the day.  Dan Kempt was here for tea, and we all went down to the Hall in the evening, I conducted service, we chanted the Psalms, there was a very good congregation, several of the Auckland Cricketers were present.

Monday 16th  Easter Monday   It was a fine day.  There was a Cricket Match played at the Domain between the Wanderers and Omaha.  We all went over to hear it.
Robert & Miss Williams & Miss Nellie Meiklejohn returned here for tea and then the young people all went down to the Hall where there was a dance and some very good singing.
The “Orewa” called at midnight to take the Wanderers back to Town.

Saturday 21st   The Annual Meeting was held in the Hall in the evening for the purpose of electing a working Committee for managing the Hall.
Mr T. Handby presided.
Mr D. M. Kempt,  Treasurer read the Balance Sheet viz
Cash from last trustees                     11 . 16  . 4½
Subscriptions                                           37 .   2  .   –
Entertainments                                      31 .   5  .   3
Hire of Hall                                                  4 . 13  .   9
Miscellaneous                                            1 .    6  .   –
Borrowed                                               120 .    0  .   0
Total                                                       £206 .    3  .  4½

Insurance                                                      1 . 10 .  0
Timber & Joinery                               100 . 14 .  8
Ironmongery                                           41 . 14 .  5
Labour                                                         47.    4 .  3
Miscellaneous                                        10 . 15 .  0
Total                                                       £201 . 18 .  4
leaving a balance of                            £4 .    5 .  0½

Sunday 22nd   I read service in the Hall in the afternoon.

Tuesday 24th   It was a showery day.  I had 1 Reel of Bard wire &  1 Coil of Plain Gal Wire, staples  & Rollers up by the Steamer.
The Musical Society gave a Concert in the Hall in the evening in aid of the Patriotic Fund, on account of the weather the attendance was very meagre, only about £5 was made.  Miss Darroch & Miss Meilkejohn staid here all night.

Thursday 26th   George Wyatt has been working here 6 days, we have been splitting posts on the hill, hauling them down with Charlies horse, and re-erecting the fence round the orchard where it was burnt, Walter Frearson hauled the wire and left it at our gate, George and I carried it up and commenced to put it on the fence.

Friday 27th   It was a showery day.  I continued putting wire on the fence.  The Musical Society proposed to repeat the Concert  in the Hall  this evening, but there was no audience, so they had a little dance amongst themselves, and what refreshments there was over they divided it amongst themselves.

Saturday 28th   I was putting the wire on the fence in the morning.  In the afternoon there was a meeting of the Road Board in the Hall.  I was present.  Messrs Brown,  W. Greenwood  &  D. Kempt were re-nominated members of the Board without opposition.
I received a telegram from E. M. Cowie saying that he was unable to conduct Services tomorrow, but would be here on 18th May.  I went round to let people Know  that Mr Cowie was not coming.

Sunday 29th   It was a fine day.  Jane rode over to Warkworth to Minnie’s taking a spare horse with her and she staid all night.
I read service in the Hall in the pm.

Monday 30th   It was a fine day.  Willie & I finished putting the wire on the fence, and stapled it,  also nailed on palings.
Minnie returned with Jane from Warkworth in the afternoon.  Joe went to Auckland this morning.