June 1899

Thursday 1st   It was a very dull day, and threatening for rain, but we nothing to speak of, but it rained heavily in the evening.
I cut up the Pig and salted it away.
The Pig weighed 280 lbs.
The Bacon weighed 31 lbs each and
The Hams weighed 25 lbs each.
Jane rode down to the Store to get some salt etc
Flour  Commenced using 1st bag of Flour got from Dumper
on May 9th

Friday 2nd   It rained nearly all day and was blowing strong.  We got the Sheep in between the showers and killed one in the evening.

Saturday 3rd    It was pretty fine but blowing very strong.  I took the Mutton out in the morning.  There was a meeting of the Road Board in the Hall in the afternoon.  Walter Frearson & Dan Kempt were here for tea and spent the evening, the latter staid all night.

Sunday 4th   It was pretty fine only a shower or two in the afternoon.  I read service in the pm there were 20 present.

Monday 5th   It was finer today, but the wind is still blowing strong from the SE.  Willie remained home from School and helped me pull tea tree.  I went down to the Hall in the afternoon to see the Organ which is injured by mice.  Miss Niccol & Miss Mitchell were here for tea & spent the evening.

Tuesday 6th   It was a fine day with the exception of rather a heavy shower in the afternoon.
Willie & I were pulling up tea tree in the morning.
In the afternoon I took the bullocks down to the Wharf and hauled up a box of Groceries from Dumpers, also a Sack of Sharps  &  ½ bushell Oats from Harpers.  There was a meeting of the Organ Committee at Mr Harpers at 2 pm to see what is to be done about repairing the Organ and I was authorised to get Mr Whitaker to look at it.  Miss Kempt was here for tea and staid all night.

Wednesday 7th   Minnie went up with Miss Kempt in the morning to do some sewing there.
It rained nearly all day, in the pm it cleared up a little and I went out to pull up tea tree, it rained again steadily in the evening.

Thursday 8th   The wind was blowing strong from the SE, it was very dull but it did not rain.  I was pulling and cutting tea tree all day.

Friday 9th   I went down to the PO in the morning to post some letters.  Afterwards was pulling tea tree near the swamp.  It was raining nearly all afternoon.  Killed a Sheep in the afternoon.

Saturday 10th   It was very fine & bright in the morning, but showery in the pm and a steady rain in the evening.  In the morning I took the mutton out and then pulled tea tree until dinner time.  In the afternoon I rode over to Mr Whitakers to ask him to come and repair the Organ in the Hall.  I had tea there and did not get home before it was dark.  I got wet with the showers.
There was a meeting of the Hall Committee in the evening, but I did not go on account of the heavy rain.

Sunday 11th   It was a tolerably fine day.  Walter Frearson  & Gus Nilson were here for dinner and tea.  I read service in the Hall in the pm.

Monday 12th   It was a fine day.  I was down at the Hall all morning helping Mr Whitaker take the Organ to pieces.
I was pulling up tea tree and putting sticks into heaps, in the afternoon.

Tuesday 13th   It was a fairly fine day.  I was pulling up tea tree all day.  Willie did not go to School as he had the tooth ache.

Wednesday 14th   It was a tolerably fine day.  Mr Whitaker came over and he & I were all day repairing the organ.  Mr Whitaker came up here for dinner.

Thursday 15th   It rained steadily all morning, but cleared up in the pm.  I went down to the Hall in the afternoon to finish making the fixings round the organ to keep the mice out.

Friday 16th   It was a fine day, but there was no wind so the ground did not dry up.  I was pulling up tea tree and stacking sticks in the front.   Killed a Sheep in the evening.

Saturday 17th   It was a fine day, the wind is round to the S so we may have some fine weather now.
I took the mutton out and pulled up tea tree in the morning.
George & Alf Wyatt cut down a Puriri on the hill to split posts to fence in a garden round the Cottage, they came here for dinner.
There was a working bee at the Cemetery in the afternoon to clear the xxx and tea tree, I was there.   There was also a meeting of the Hall Committee in the evening.

Sunday 18th   It was a fine day.  I read service in the Hall in the pm there was a fairly good congregation.  There was a collection in aid of the Organ, for repairing & insuring it which realized 15/-
Joe T  was here for dinner & tea.  Jane rode up to Pratts in the morning.

Monday 19th    It was a fine day.  I was cutting tea tree and stacking sticks below the Cottage all day.

Tuesday 20th   It was fine in the morning.   I packed a box of 13 Doz Eggs for Dumpers and hauled it down to the Wharf in the pm.
Hauled up from the Steamer:
1 Sack Maize, 2 bundles Trees.
It set in a misty rain after dinner and continued a steady rain all afternoon, I got wet.

Wednesday 21st   It was very misty in the morning, but it cleared away about 10 am and turned out a fine day.  I was pulling up tea tree and stacking sticks all day below the cottage .  George Wyatt was splitting posts on the hill.  Malcolm Niccol was here for dinner & tea.

Thursday 22nd   It was a beautiful day.  In the morning I hung up the bacon in the smoke house,  afterwards cut tea tree & piled sticks.
In the afternoon I planted 4 trees of Hales Eeary Peach.
In the evening Jane & Willie went down to the Hall to deckorate for the ladys ball tomorrow evening.

Friday 23rd   It was a beautiful day.  I planted 6 trees of Amsdens June Peach & 2 Early Newington Peach.  Killed a Sheep in the afternoon.  The ladies gave a Social in the Hall in the evening, we all went except Minnie, who went to mind Mrs Chas Gravatt’s baby.
The social was a very good turn out, there must have been over 100 there, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Saturday 24th   We were not up very early, I took out the mutton.  Planted 2 Wager Peach & 2 Hobbs Late Peaches  in the orchard, also went to Joe Wyatts to get some chass.  Jane went for a ride with Malcolm Niccol in the afternoon.

Sunday 25th   It was a very fine day.  Willie rode up to Pratts to spend the day,  so I put the cows down to the E.R.  and brought them up again in the evening.   Joe T was here for dinner.
I read the service in the afternoon, there were over 20 present, as the organ is in a bad condition, Miss C, Fordham lead the singing.
Frank, Ernest and Mary Anne Pratt was over to the service.

Monday 26th   It was a dull day and it rained a little in the afternoon. I was clearing out the drain going up to stockyard.
Miss Niccol & Miss Mitchel came here for tea.

Tuesday 27th   It was a fine day, but it looks as if we were going to have a change of weather.
I was pulling up and piling tea tree.  Mrs A. Gravatt  &  Miss Lloyd came here in the afternoon, the former to register the birth of her child, they staid for tea and then went down to the village with Jane.
I packed the Eggs and took them down to the Steamer, both Steamers came in after dark, the “Orewa” came instead of the “Rose Casey“.

Wednesday 28th   It was a very dull day.  I went down to the wharf and the Store in the morning and was pulling up tea tree.
In the afternoon I set fire to a lot of heaps in the front below the cottage.

Thursday 29th   It rained and blew very hard last night, but it did not rain much to day.  I was able to work outside both morning and afternoon.  Willie helped me in the afternoon and we were cutting tea tree inside the front fence near the big swamp.

Friday 30th   It was a tolerably fine day.  I was pulling up tea tree in the front.  Killed a Sheep in the afternoon.There was a meeting of the Library Committee at the Library room in the evening to choose some new books.
I took the Bacon and Hams from the Smoke House and hung them up in the Kitchen
1 Ham weighed   23 lbs
1 Ham       ditto     23½ lbs
1 Bacon    ditto     30

The Fowls laid 418 Eggs during the month of June
=  to 34 Doz & 10      Valued at  £1 . 15 .  10