March 1900

Wednesday 7th   The Annual Agricultural & Horticultural Show was held to,  the weather has been very threatening for the last few days and the wind has been blowing strong from the E which has made a heavy sea outside.  The two steamers came but on account of the rough weather not nearly so many excursionists came as usual.   Mrs & Miss Harding and Mr Moody came up, the two latter came up here for lunch & tea.  The horticultural department was held in the New Hall, which afforded plenty of room and every one were very pleased with it and said it was a credit to the District.  There was a grand Concert in the evening, the Committee had a concert company down from Auckland, and it was a great success, the Hall was crowded.  Over £25 was taken at the door.   Mrs & Miss Harding & Mr Moody returned to Auckland in the Steamer.

Thursday 8th   I bought a Ram yesterday from Jno Greenwood which he had in the Show and I went down this morning to fetch it from the show paddock.

Wednesday 16th   It was a fine day. I rode over to Warkworth to Joe Torkingtons place, he Minnie & I went to a Patriotic Concert in the Masonic Hall in the evening, the songs were all by local talent, and there was a very good farce acted called the “Steeplechase”.   The Hall was packed full and a great many not being able to gain admission. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

Thursday 17th   It was a fine day.   Mr Torkington,  Joe & I went to the Warkworth wharf to see the “Rose Casey” off,  a young friend of theirs was going away by her.  Afterwards I called at Revd R. McKinneys, but he was not at home, so I did not stay long.   From there I went to Mrs E. Morrisons where I had dinner and afterwards had a looked round his orchard returning to Joe’s.   I staid there all night.

Friday 18th   I rode to Kaipara Flats to Mr Sainsburys where I received a hearty welcome.   Mr & Mrs Roose drove in a sulky out from Warkworth to call and just as they arrived it poured with rain, they returned to Warkworth, but Mr & Mrs S persuaded me to remain the night and Mr Sainsbury showed me round the farm.

Saturday 19th   It was very showery in the morning.  I returned to Warkworth, called at Mr Rooses, had dinner at Minnies, and then rode home in the afternoon.   There was a meeting of the Hall Committee in the Hall in the evening.