March 1890

Saturday 1st

Sunday 2nd  Revd Mather preached in the Hall in the morning,
I rode over to Dacre’s Claim and read service.  Read service in the Hall in the evening.

Monday 3rd Made a new sledge.  Henry commenced another week at J. Salts today.  Mr Tutin brought Archdeacon Dudley here in the afternoon they both staid all night.  The Steamer arrived late at night bringing excursionists to the Show also Hunter’s Band.

Tuesday 4th  A fine day, but very windy, and uncomfortable on account of the dust.  We had here for lunch Mr Ellingham ,
Mr Morrison,  Mr Goatly, Mr Snell & Mr Jas Morgan & Alf Gravatt. There was a very large gathering  the largest that has been in Omaha before, and everyone enjoyed the music.  We got prizes as follows
Sow  2nd prize,  Oats 1st prize,  Cocks foot  2nd prize,
Rock Melon  1st prize,  Honey extracted  1st prize.
The “Rose Casey” went out at 5 pm as the wind was blowing in .  Archdeacon Dudley went in her.  The band remained and were driven over to Warkworth in Mr Dibble’s express.
There was a great crowed in the Hall in the evening, the band played until 12 pm, after which a concentina had to do duty.

Wednesday 5th   Mr Fenton brought the Ram I bought off Mr Came over in his trap yesterday, ear marked as follows.  Piece off top of left ear & piece off underpart of right ear.

Thursday 6th   We were cutting tea tree over on the farm.

Friday 7th  We commenced cutting tea tree over on the farm in the morning , when Herbert Fordham came & told us that our new Ram was dead in their place,  it had got out of our paddock yesterday afternoon and had got into Fordham’s place.  They had just got a Ram from Charlie Wyatt  which must have set on to our Ram and kIlled it, we brought it home on the sledge, skinned it and boiled it down for the fat.  We cleaned out the pigs and picked up the manure.

Saturday 8th

Sunday 9th  Read service in the Hall in the evening.

Monday 10th   I was making Cases.  John cut tea tree in the morning & picked pears in the afternoon.

Tuesday 11th   We were picking Damsons over on the farm orchard.

Wednesday 12th   I rode over to Mr Came‘s at Matakana.  I went over the hill from Meiklejohn’s which is a much shorter way.  I had dinner & tea there & met Mr Chaplin & Mr James Snell.  I bought a Ram of Mr Came to replace the one that we had killed.  I returned home the same way that I came.
We sent away by the Steamer 2 Cases of Damsons, 2 Cases Chaumontel Pears, 1 Doz Crasanne Pears, 1 Case Cellini Apples.
It is Willie Pratts birthday, he is 21 years of age to day.

Thursday 13th   I was cutting tea tree & John was hauling for Dunnings.

Friday 14th   It rained last night and early this morning.  We were splitting palings in the morning, in the afternoon I was making cases, John cut tea tree.

Saturday 15th   Cutting tea tree morning & afternoon.  John went fishing in the afternoon & caught a few fish.  Henry returned from Pakiri in the evening.

Sunday 16th   Revd R. McKinney preached in the Hall at 2.30 pm, there was a very good congregation.  I went down to John Wyatt’s for tea.  I held no service in the evening.

Monday 17th  Willie Pratt & Maud went to the Caledonian Sports at Matakana.  John & I were cutting tea tree.

Tuesday 18th   Mr Birdsall came & staid for dinner. John picked lemons & cut tea tree.  I made a Lemon case.

Wednesday 19th   John went & fetched a pig from Graham’s in the morning.  He then took 2 Cases Fruit to the Wharf with the Bullocks, viz 1 Case Crasanne Pears & 1 Case Lemons.  9½ Doz Henry’s & 7 Doz of my own.

Thursday 20th   We were cutting tea tree morning & afternoon.  We got the Sheep up in the evening.  It came over very thick and misty in the evening & has every appearance of rain.

Friday 21st   It rained last night.  There was misty rain during the morning, but it rained heavily during the afternoon & evening.
I made a Case in the shed.  We killed a Sheep in the afternoon.

Saturday 22nd   It was very showery and misty all day, but cleared up in the evening.  I was making cases in the shed.  There was to have been a meeting in the hall in the evening of Subscribers to the Show, but as it was such a dirty evening there were very few present, so the meeting was adjourned until this night fortnight.

Sunday 23rd   Mr Wm  Bourton  preached in the hall in the morning.  Miss Greenwood came here for dinner .  I read service in the evening.

Monday 24th   We were cutting tea tree in the morning, & cleaned out all the pigs in the afternoon.  We also picked all the Golden Russet Apples.

Tuesday 25th   Cut tea tree.  Went to Mr Walter’s in the evening.

Wednesday 26th   John took down 4 Cases of Apples to the Wharf with the bullocks in the morning.  We cut tea tree and mended up the fence near Mathesons.

Thursday 27th We cut tea tree.

Friday 28th   We cut tea tree.  It came on to rain in the evening

Saturday 29th   It rained last night.  We cut tea tree in the morning.  John went up the hill in the afternoon to pay my Highway rates.  It was very showery in the afternoon.

Sunday 30th   Read service in the evening.  There were a few showers.

Monday 31st   We were cutting tea tree morning & afternoon.