January 1900

Monday 1st   It was a fine day the heat was tempered by a pretty strong E wind.
The boys cut off a paling length from the Kauri log that they took shingle blocks off near the creek.  I was bundling up shingles all day.  Willie went to Dacres Claim picnic in the morning and Jack, Henry, Jane and Miss Harding rode over there in the pm.
Henry felt so unwell that he turned back.  Jane & Miss H  returned home before dark, but Jack staid for the dance.

Tuesday 2nd    It was a fine day, but the wind blowing strong from the E.   It was an idle day nearly everyone was laid up with influenza.  Mrs Kiri Brown died at the Pa this morning.
The “Kapanui” arrived from Auckland this afternoon and the “Rose Casey” arrived at 11.30pm.

Wednesday 3rd    It was a fine day, but blowey.  We all got up early this morning, Jack & Henry went away by the “Rose Casey”  –  en route for Gisborne, I hauled their luggage down to the wharf also a Crate of 18 Fowls sent to Donald & Edinborough.  After we came home we milked the cows and then went down to the E.R. , we picked in seed peas, dug some potatoes.   Willie was sick in the pm so I went down to the E.R. by my self and I cut all the oats for hay.
Mrs Whitaker came in the evening to register the birth of a daughter.

Thursday 4th    It was a very hot day.  I was digging Potatoes in the E.R. in the morning.
I got a fearful head ache and had to go home and lie down.  After this I was laid up with Influenza or La Grigge,  we were all suffering from the same, Miss Harding as well.

Monday 8th   Willie took Miss Harding on a horse to Mrs Gravatts to stay.

Tuesday 9th   We picked 1 Case of Apricots and packed a Box of Eggs and Charlie hauled them down to the Wharf for me as I was unable to take the bullocks down.

Sunday 14th   It was a fine day.   Revd G. Frost preached in the Hall in the afternoon.  Jane went.  Miss Harding who is staying at Mrs Gravatts called in the afternoon .   Minnie & Joe came over from Warkworth last night, Jane having taken a spare horse over for them.  Joe & Minnie  went over to Ti Point this afternoon returned in time for tea, and Jane went with them as far as Matakana in the evening.

Tuesday 16th   Picked 2 Cases Apricots and hauled them down to the wharf in the pm.  Miss Harding came back to stay.

Wednesday 17th  I went down to the Wharf in the afternoon and found the 50 empty Cases came by the “Kapanui” yesterday, so I took them to the end of the wharf and stacked them there.
Jane and Miss Harding rode over to Williams in the pm and from there they went to a Patriotic Concert at Matakana in aid of the War Fund.

Thursday 18th   Willie and I took the bullocks down to the wharf in the morning, I hauled up some doors and ridging up to the Hall, and afterwards hauled up 50 empty Cases.  Jane and Miss Harding rode up the hill to call at Kempts and Jos Greenwoods.

Friday 19th   Willie and I went down to the E.R. in the morning to dig Potatoes, in the afternoon we cleared away the landslip on the grade road leading down to the flat.
Jane & Miss Harding went to the Mr Knaggs‘s and had tea there.

Saturday 20th   Willie went to Ti Point to get some Oysters.  Jane and Miss Harding went to Jos Wyatts for tea and then went to the Orchestral practice in the Hall in the evening.

Sunday 21st   Jane and Miss Harding went over to have a look at
W. Frearsons orchard in the morning, and while they were away, who should walk in but my son Henry, he came out of the Auckland Hospital yesterday, and came up to Warkworth last night in the “Rob Roy“.  He hired a horse at Warkworth & rode over here,  Minnie & Joe came over with him, but they went to Ti Point.
Walter Frearson came over here in the afternoon and staid tea.
Mabel Wyatt and Annie Matheson called in the evening.

Monday 22nd   Henry left early this morning for Warkworth to catch the “Rose Casey” as he is going to Gisborne by the “Westralia” tomorrow.  We were busy picking fruit all day, Jane helped us.
Miss Harding went to Mrs C. Gravatts and Jane went there in the evening to a young peoples party.

Tuesday 23rd   There was a heavy shower of rain early this morning, but it soon dried up.  Miss Harding returned here this morning to pack her things as she is going back to Auckland today.
We hauled
5 Cases Orleans
3 Cases Green Gages
1 Do.  Japs & G.G
also Miss Hardings luggage.
Miss Hardy went in the “Rose Casey” and Jane went round to Ti Point in the steamer with her.
I hauled up a load of timber to the Hall and afterwards there was a meeting of the Hall Committee.

Wednesday 24th   It was a very hot day.  Got the bullocks up early in the morning and went round to the E.R.  I bundled up the Oats and hauled it home.  Willie rode to Ti Point, he brought home a few fish.
Mr Roose called in the pm and I gave him an order.

Thursday 25th   It was a hot day.  Willie and I were digging Potatoes in the E.R. in the morning.
In the afternoon I went down to the Hall and I was picking up pieces of wood and putting them in a heap, also pulling nails out of old boards.    A. Matheson, J. C. Wyatt & Heber Meiklejohn were working at the Hall, and Joe Wyatt excavating and levelling.

Friday 26th   It was a hot day.  I went down to the Hall in the morning to pull nails out of boards.  In the afternoon Willie and I were picking plums.
Killed a Sheep in the afternoon and went to the Library in the evening.  We heard distant thunder, and there were very black clouds in the west, but it did not rain.

Saturday 27th   It was a hot day.  Jane, Willie and I were picking plums, we packed 2 Cases Green Gages and 10 Cases Orleans and hauled them down to the Wharf in the evening.  The Rose did not arrive from Auckland until 9 pm, the tide was low so she could not get up to the wharf  –  she brought several passengers up and took away the cricketers who are going up to Auckland to play matches Monday & Tuesday.  Joe went up with them so Minnie came up and staid here.

Sunday 28th   It was a fine day.  I took some plums down to Mrs Wm Savage in the morning.  Walter Wyatt came up soon after dinner and told me that Old Mrs Wyatt had just died.  I went down there with Walter and found it only too true, she passed away very quietly about 4 oclock.    I staid for tea there.

Monday 29th   It was a fine day.  Jane rode to Pakiri in the morning to John Salts to tell them about grandmothers death.
Willie and I were picking plums in the farm orchard.

Tuesday 30th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I picked a case of plums in this orchard, I then hauled 6 Cases Orleans down to the wharf.
Old Mrs Wyatts funeral was at 3 oclock after the arrival of the “Rose Casey“,  John Wyatt who was in Auckland returned by her.   I read the service, and there was a fair attendance.
Willie and I went down to the Village in the evening to post a letter and take the Captain some fruit.
Miss Niccol & her sister Annie came up by the “Kapanui” after the Xmas holidays.

Wednesday 31st   It was a very hot day.  I took the bullocks down to the wharf in the morning and hauled up 2 Sacks Maize and some empty fruit cases , afterwards hauled some firewood.
In the afternoon I went down to the Hall and was clearing away rubbish and pulling nails out of old boards.
Miss Niccol and her sister came here for tea and spent the evening.