February 1865

Wednesday 1st   The weather is very hot now and almost unbearable to work out in the sun in the middle of the day.  We continued splitting firewood.

Thursday 2nd  The “Isabella” arrived in harbour this morning, Alfred came up by her and brought all my things, also the parcels that were sent me out from England containing some socks and under-shirts, and pictures of poor Uncle John’s.   We got up all the things from the beach.
Jim and Sidney Anderson came for tea.  I cut a large Cucumber for tea.  Mr Wyatt sent me over a fine large Vegetable Marrow.

Friday 3rd  We had several showers during the day, which freshened up the vegetation a great deal.  We split some Porticover logs.  I pulled five Beets from the flat in the evening.

Saturday 4th  We finished splitting the Porticover logs.  Alfred and Joe ground the two hoes and an axe in the afternoon.  I went over to the Anderson’s in the afternoon.  I settled with Alfred up to and including today, but did not pay him the money which is 7s 6d,  he wishes to date from the beginning of a week so he is going to recommence on Monday.

Sunday 5th  The weather is beautifully fine but very hot.  I cut a vegetable marrow today.  I remained at home all day to read and commune with myself.

Monday 6th  Alfred’s wages dates from today.  We split up some firewood and sawed off a post log.  In cultivating any of the gourd species it is best to have seed a few years old, they always produce better plants with less leaves and male flowers but more female or fruitful ones.

Tuesday 7th  We sawed and split some firewood and rolled the post log out of the way.  The weather is very hot and relaxing.

Wednesday 8th  We began making the wharf or quay down below to stack firewood on.  I cut a large vegetable marrow and two Cucumbers.

Thursday 9th  We continued making the wharf and put up the framework of it.  I cut two cucumbers.  Went out for a row in the evening.

Friday 10th  We continued making the wharf.  I cut three cabbages from the flat they are hearting nicely now.  I cut my first Water Melon one of the yellow variety, it was self sown so that makes it so early

Saturday 11th  We went on making the wharf, we can only work at low water so that it will take a long time to finish it.  I cut a large Cucumber for seed and hung it up in the house.

Sunday 12th  Alfred and Joe went to Big Omaha.  I staid at home, after working hard all the week I prefer having the Sunday to myself.

Monday 13th  We began to split the post log in the morning and went on with the wharf in the afternoon.  I went to the Andersons in the evening, they lent me the Weekly News.  I called at the Wyatts on my way home.  They had made a fire down on the beach and it had spread up the hill. they had a difficulty in preventing it from burning the fowl house and a pig sty.  However it did not do much damage.  Cut a Vegetable Marrow.

Tuesday 14th  Jim Anderson came over early in the morning to borrow ½ Cwt of flour.  The vessel on the flat was launched in the morning, there were a great many people present and and it was a most successful launch, Miss McKenzie of the Waipu christened her the “Banchee“.   Alfred and Joe took a holiday.

Wednesday 15th  I put a new axe handle into an axe.  We went on with the wharf in the afternoon.  The “Isabella” arrived in harbour in the afternoon.

Thursday 16th  I cut two Vegetable Marrows.   Alfred and Joe ground three axes on the flat.  We went on with the wharf.  The “Industry” and “Eclair”  arrived in harbour in the afternoon.

Friday 17th  I rose in the morning with a sick headache and felt very unwell all day.  I was unable to do any work.  Alfred made a maul handle.  The “Isabella” went to Auckland and the “Industry” to Big Omaha.

Saturday 18th Alfred hoed up before the house.  I washed some clothes.  Alfred went fishing in the afternoon but brought home no fish.

Sunday 19th  I went over to the Andersons by invitation to have dinner and tea and to have a look round.  All their things are looking very well, they have a great quantity of Pumpkins and Corn, the latter is getting ripe.  Cut two Vegetable Marrows.

Monday 20th   Went on with the wharf.  It was very showery all day.  Cut two Vegetable Marrows.

Tuesday 21st  Went on with the wharf.  It was showery all day.  Cut four Cucumbers.  We had a Pumpkin for dinner for the first time this season.

Wednesday 22nd  Continued at the wharf.  The “Three Brothers” came into harbour for shelter because there is such a strong wind blowing outside.  The “Isabella” arrived in harbour in the evening.  Cut a cucumber.

Thursday 23rd  Went on with the wharf in the morning and split some posts in the afternoon.  The wind blew very strong.

Friday 24th  The wind continued to blow very hard.  We split posts in the afternoon.  Cut a Vegetable Marrow.  A Maori Schooner came into the harbour in the evening.

Saturday 25th  We split posts in the morning.  I cleaned the house out in the afternoon.

Sunday 26th  The Andersons came to see me in the morning.  Cut two vegetable marrows.  Went over to the Wyatts in the evening.

Monday 27th  It was a very high tide today, higher than I have seen it since I have been up here.   We finished splitting the post log in the morning, we got thirty one out of it altogether.  We worked at the wharf in the afternoon.  In the evening the “Banchee”  came round from Pakriri she was unable to get a load so she had to go down to Auckland in ballast.  John Wyatt went down with her , I wrote to Aunt Anne and sent it by him.  Cut a Vegetable Marrow.

Tuesday 28th  The tide was so high in the morning that it washed some part of the wharf away.  The ship-wright’s flat looks quite deserted now the carpenters are all gone away and not a soul lives there, silence now reigns where before the stroke of the mauls or merry peals of laughter were heard.   Such is the contrast between the presence and the absence of man.   Man makes a solitary place cheerful and happy, but when he leaves that place it seems even more solitary than before it was inhabited.