December 1921

Thursday 1st   It was a fine day, but it came over dull in the afternoon and as the wind is in it is likely we will get some rain, which will be very welcome.  After breakfast I went down to the P.O to get p n’s  & post letters.  I did not go up to the garden until the afternoon,  I resowed beans that had missed and drove in the stakes for the Dahlias.

Friday 2nd   It was a fine day.  I planted several Dahlias in the same place,  I generally grow them near the summer house.  I went down for the mail in the evening and attended the Library to number books.

Saturday 3rd   It was a fine day, but windy.  I was up at the garden all day.  I planted some Red Beet that Minnie brought me last night.  Mr & Mrs Stewart came to see my garden in the afternoon, I gave them afternoon tea.  Mr & Mrs Willie  &  Ray Harper & Alf Dunning came here in the afternoon to play tennis.  Alf & Ray stayed for tea.

Sunday 4th   It was a very fine day.  Eddie, Ivy & the children went to spend the day at Angus Dunnings.  Jim & I had dinner down at the beach,  I conducted service in the Church at 2.30.   Congregation 20. Collectn  7/7  .

Monday 5th   There was a shower last night, but not enough to do any good.   It was a fine day.  Jim started to reap Ernie Wyatts Oats, but a cog wheel of the machine broke so he had to knock off.   Eddie & Alf Dunning were digging in the orchard in the morning and packing Lemons in the afternoon.
Alec Haskell came to see my garden in the morning.  I planted out 2 Dahlias and sowed Enfield Market Cabbage in a box, also some flower seeds.  I went down for the mail in the evening.

Tuesday 6th   It was blowing very strong from N and threatening rain,  it came on a misty rain in the afternoon & continued in the evening.  I planted 3 Single Dahlias,  did a lot of watering & liquid manured the Onions,  mended the kerbing & tidyed up.  Jim drilled Turnips in the barley paddock, but had to leave off for the want of manure.  Alf Dunning picked Evans’ Early Plums, and carted them & a lot of Lemons down to the wharf to go by the “Kawau” this pm.

Wednesday 7th   It rained all last night, a misty rain falling to day which has sunk into the ground and will do a lot of good.  Alf Dunning & Jim were sieving Danthonia up at Collingwood house.  I went up in the morning, but the ground in the garden was too wet to do anything with it, so I dug below the house.  I did not go up in the pm, but went down for the mail after tea.  I received a 2nd lot of stuff to make sulphur baths,  & I had a bath at night.

Thursday 8th   It rained again last night, it was very misty this morning, but it cleared off in the afternoon.  Jim & Alf were sieving danthonia at the old house.  It was too wet to dig, so I weeded and straightened up.
Took a bunch of flowers down to the Captain of the Steamer;  there were a lot of passengers going to Auckland.

Friday 9th   It rained again last night and it was misty all day, but it did not rain, it came on a slight rain late in the afternoon and continued in the evening.  There was to have been a Big Omaha School Concert in the Claim Hall this evening, but on account of the rain it was put off.
Jim was reaping Ernest Wyatt’s Oats, but did not finish them.  I was working in the garden all day.  I dug between the beans, planted a Scarlet Verbena, a Zinnia  &  a Dahlia  (E. C. Wilkins).  Went down for the mail in the evening, called in to Mr Dunnings for some smoked fish.

Saturday 10th   It was a showery morning, I did not go up to the garden until the pm when I only picked the first picking of Peerless Peas, these were sown on 19th August, also picked a bunch of flowers which I took down to Mrs Dunning in the evening, called at the P.O which had just come by the “Kawau“;  also went to the Library to see if anyone wished to change their books.  There should have been a meeting of the Farners Union, but as only 5 turned up there was no meeting.

Sunday 11th   It was very fine first thing, but later on it became showery,  Revd Poole held service in the Hall at 10.30, I attended, the congregation was not large.
Eddie, Ivy, the children went to Mr Dunnings to spend the day.
In the pm we had a look round his garden.

Monday 12th   It was very fine & bright first thing, but in the afternoon it thundered and we had some very heavy showers, but towards evening the wind changed to W.  and it was much colder.
Charlie, Eddie & Jim went to Pakiri to spray the cattle for the Tick.
I went over the hill & got some tea tree rods & I sawed them in lengths for kerbing and I replaced some that were rotten.
I went down for the mail (overland from Matakana).  Jim went to the adjourned Big Omaha school concert at the Claim Hall.

Tuesday 13th   The weather was a slight improvement of yesterday, but there were showers.  I finished sawing up & sharpening, and fixing the kerbing.  Jim & Alf  D  were sieving Danthonia in the old house.  In the pm Charlie & Eddie took some fowl manure over to the farm orchard to cultivate round the Lemon trees.

Wednesday 14th   It was a fine day, not very much sun, but calm & mild.  Jim finished reaping Ernest’s oats.  Alf was helping pick plums, two loads were taken down to the wharf of plums & lemons, I was working in the garden all day, I cut grass on the paths, I cut down and threw over the fence  for the cows all the Silver Beet except 1 which I am saving for seed.  I sowed in a box Enfield Market Cabbage as what I sowed before got upset.  I also sowed a few seeds of Blue Lupin.

Thursday 15th   It was a fine day.  I went as far as Ti Point school in the cream cart and then walked to Joe’s place,  Alma had returned from the Training College by yesterdays steamer,  I had dinner there and had a look round their garden and had a look at the new wharf.
Called in at Harold’s place on my way home to see Mrs Simpson who is staying there,  Mr & Mrs Stewart had come for tea and to spend the evening.
I called at Mr Ashworths & had tea there & Mrs A  gave me a few Casmea plants.  Arrived home soon after 6 pm.

Friday 16th   It was a very hot day.  I took my lunch up to the garden and was working there all day.  I planted the 3 Cosmea plants that Mrs Ashworth gave me, put sticks to the Tomato plants leaving 4 stems to each plant, dug each side of the last sown Stratagem peas, also between Peas & Red Beet, also between the Tomato plants, also dug in manure between the Dalia plants .
There was a School Concert in the Hall in the evening, I attended,  there were not  [many ?]  present, the best items were given by the Grigg family.  I received a Cheque for £16 . 5 . 0 in the evening from the Manager of the Bank at Te Araroa.

Saturday 17th   It was a very hot day, but it came over a misty rain in the late afternoon.  After breakfast I went down to the P.O to lodge £16 . 5 . 0 in the Bank.  Afterwards I went up to the garden and cleared away a lot of the Bignonia that was growing up the verandah.  Mr Grigg came up to the garden in the afternoon to get some Dahlia plants.  The young people went to play tennis on the courts next the Church.

Sunday 18th   It was a very hot day.  Revd Richards held service in the Hall in the pm.  I attended.  The choir was augmented by the addition of Miss & Eddie Grigg.  After church I took a box of Dahlias down to the wharf to send to Mr Nelson at the Little Barrier, as Keith Matheson is going to take Dr  &  Mrs Mazenzie  [sic: Mackenzie] over to the Barrier tomorrow.  Jim & I were the only ones home for dinner & tea & Eddie & Ivy were out visiting.

Monday 19th   It was a fine day, but windy.  I was up at the garden all day.  I cleared the front verandah of all the rubbish I had on it.  Commenced to dig the strip between the peas and the homestead beans.  Went up again in the evening & cut some peas sticks for the last row of stratagem peas.

Tuesday 20th   It was a very hot day and not so windy as yesterday.
I stuck the last row of Stratagem Peas.  Finished digging the strip next the homestead beans.  Went down to P.O before dinner to get a p n for 10/6 to send to Dr Whetter of Matakana, also got the mail.
In the afternoon I cleaned the office out.

Wednesday 21st   It was a very fine day.   I was up at the old place all day cleaning up.  I went down in the evening to meet the “Kawau“, Willie, Grace & Raymond came up and with them Mr & Mrs Kirk & their two boys to camp in the old house, Jim took the cart down to the wharf and carted their things up.

Thursday 22nd   It rained a little first thing in the morning, but afterwards turned out a fine day.  I was up at the garden in the morning to see how Willie, Grace & the Kirks were getting on, also went up in the afternoon and cut 6 Cabbages & some peas and took them down to the Hall for the Jumble Sale this evening.  There was a Christmas Tree in the Hall, all in this house went, Jane & Minnie and their families were there.  100 adult tickets were sold, and there must have been quite 100 children who were admitted free.  Harold Torkington was Father Christmas and took the part well.  I did not stay for supper but came home.

Friday 23rd   It was a very fine day.  I went up to the garden after breakfast & got some Dahlia plants and took them over to Mrs Whitaker in the cream cart, I had dinner there and then went to Jack Walden’s store to make some purchases, then called in for a few minutes at Mr Holders, but only Charlina was at home, then went on to Mabels where I had afternoon tea, came back to Leigh in Mr Ashworth’s motor car, as he had to go for the mail to day as  C. Gravatt had an accident, his horse fell and broke the shaft of his buggy so he had to turn back and get Mr Ashworth to take him to Warkworth to get the mail.  So I waited to get the mail and then came home & had tea & then took 2 letters up to Willie, he & Mr Kirk and one of the boys had been out fishing and they caught a lot of fish.

Saturday 24th   It was a fine day, but there was a pretty strong wind blowing from NW.  After breakfast I went up to the garden & picked some flowers and took down to the Church.  I then went to the store & p.o  &  also to Mrs Gravatts.
There was a Tournament on these courts.  I had dinner at Mr A. Dunnings and I witnessed the different events,  Minnie & Jane were over, Minnie, Agnes & Arthur were playing.

Sunday 25th   Christmas Day.  Weather fine.  I went up and  [had] dinner with Willie, Grace and the Kirks.  Revd Hawksworth held service in the Church in the afternoon, there were about 60 present. Collection £1 . 5 . 7  .

Monday 26th   Boxing Day.  The weather was not very good. Wind blowing strong from N.  Very slight showers in the afternoon.
Willie, Mr Kirk & his two boys went fishing.  I took my lunch up to the garden and staid there all day.  I had my lunch with Grace & Mrs Kirk.
I put permanent stakes to the Tomatoes, and gathered in the Cauliflower seed and dug up the ground where it grew.
The Tennis Tournament was resumed today.  The final winners were Ladies Singles   Jessie Wyatt.   Gents Singles   Eddie Wyatt.  Ladies Doubles   Minnie & Agnes.   Gents Doubles   Eddie & Jim Wyatt. Combined    Jessie & Eddie Wyatt.
There was a dance in the Hall in the evening, but I did not go.

Tuesday 27th   There was a misty rain falling nearly all day.  I went up to the garden after breakfast and tried to do some work, but I only got wet.  It cleared up a little after tea, so I went up to the garden and cut a bunch of flowers & 2 Cabbages and took them to Arthur Greenwoods.

Wednesday 28th   It was a fine day, ‘tho dull in the afternoon .  I was working in the garden all day.  I planted clumps of Nerene and White Bella Donna Lilies, also three plants of Ageratum.   I took Mrs Ashworth some Dahlia roots,  I came back by the village.  Willie, Grace & the Kirk’s who had been spending the day at Ti Point came back home in the steamer.  I received letters from Jack & Lily

Thursday 29th   It was a fine day and very hot.  Jim commenced to cut with the reaper & binder the Oats in the front paddock.  Eddie was stripping Danthonia.
After breakfast I went down to the P.O and drew £6 out of the Bank and made a few purchases at the store.  The remainder of the day I was working in the garden.  I planted a large Dahlia, to prevent it withering I drove some stakes round it and put an opened sack on to the stakes.  Also did some weeding & watering.

Friday 30th   There was a misty rain first thing in the morning, but it cleared up & the sun came out.  After breakfast I went down to the village to post a letter, afterwards went up to the garden.  As there was a slight rain I shelled and cleaned the Cauliflower seed.  Willie, Grace and the Kirks went picnicing down to the Pa beach.  I had my lunch with me so did not go home in the middle of the day.  I sowed a row of Canadian Wonder beans.
Charlie W  & the boys were at Pakiri spraying cattle for the tick.

Saturday 31st   New Year’s Eve.   It rained last night, but it was fine during the day.  It came on to rain about 5 in the evening.
After breakfast I went up to the garden and got some flowers for the Church & some Roses for Mrs Harper.  Took the bag of vegetables and sent them to Jane by Gus Neeley , put the flowers in the Church & then went up to the garden again.   Johny Greenwood came to get my signature.  I took my lunch up & we had it with Willie & Grace.