January 1913

Wednesday 1st   The weather did not look promising when we got up this morning, the wind was from the N and there were black clouds in that quarter.
Willie, Grace & Alma drove over, we had our lunch with Jim & Jane.
There were a great number of people present  also horses and vehicles.  Unfortunately it came on a diving rain and people had to take shelter in the hall, the childrens races came off under disagreeable conditions,  I left in the afternoon walking home with Jim Greenwood, the others drove home soon afterwards.

Thursday 2nd    It was a bit damp first thing in the morning, but it turned out a fine day.
I was making up my Quarterly Returns, also the Accounts of the Public Library.

Friday 3rd   It was threatening for rain, but we got none, ‘tho the wind is at the N.
Willie was spraying in the orchard.
I went down to the village in the evening to get the mail and attended the Library.
There was a dance in the Hall, our young people went, there was a good muster.

Saturday 4th   It was fine although there were some black clouds about, but it did not rain, wind at N.
Willie thrashed Danthonia in the barley paddock.
In the evening Willie drove Alma over to the Claim to stay with Jane,  Grace went with them.

Sunday 5th   Wind blowing strong from the NE, threatening for rain.
Revd Macdonald held service in the Hall in the afternoon, there was a fair congregation, Collection 10/-
Mrs Carr who is resigning the School after the holidays played the organ for the last time.  I was the only one from our house who attended.
Willie and Victor drove over to Ti Point in the afternoon.
It commenced to rain in the evening and rained nearly night. [sic]

Monday 6th   We had a lot of rain last night and it has gone deep into the ground where it has worked up fine, it is the first heavy rain we have had for ten weeks, it was very much needed as the ground was very dry.
It turned out a very fine day, the wind was blowing strong and has got round to the SW.
Mr & Mrs Banks and May Greenwood called in the morning.
I was helping Willie pick fruit all day, we picked 29 Cases Burbanks and 1 Case Jargonell Pears, Willie hauled them and 2 Boxes Eggs down to the wharf in the evening, he also attended a meeting of the Show Committee.

Tuesday 7th   It was showery in the morning, Willie was planting Maize below the house.  In the afternoon he was thrashing Danthonia.  After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail, saw the steamer off, got a bag of sand, Willie Dunning gave me a ride up to our gate.  In the afternoon I got firewood and dug between the Dahlias.

Wednesday 8th   It was a fine day with the exception of a shower in the middle of the day.
I was digging the border leading to the front gate, dug up several clumps of Daffodils, and planted 4 Balsams.
Went down to the wharf in the pm, the “Kawau” used the new wharf for the first time.  Mr Tait was working the stone breaker and a scow was alongside the bin ,  I got a bag of sand, John Greenwood gave me a ride up to our gate.

Thursday 9th   It was very hot in the morning, after breakfast I went down to the village, went to see the Steamer off, carried up a bag of sand, in the afternoon I watered the Chrysanthemums with liquid manure,  I planted out several dwarf variegated nasturtiums and 2 Balsams.  Late in the afternoon there come on a thunder storm, thunder & lightening and afterwards a steady rain.
Willie was thrashing Danthonia.

Friday 10th   It was a fine day.  After breakfast I went down to the village to post some letters.
Heard of the death by drowning of Mrs Wm Wright neé Sarah Greenwood in Henderson creek while trying to save her niece, a young Parkinson, who fell into a hole, both of them were drowned.
After I returned home I was getting a lot of firewood and working in the garden.
In the evening the Bible Class gave a farewell to Mrs Carr the Teacher who is shortly leaving,  everyone were invited and a good number responded,  the Concert was sacred and Revd Blundell gave an address and the sunday school children gave Mr Carr a clock, a good supper followed  and we did not get home until midnight.

Saturday 11th   It was a beautiful day, a nice cool breeze was blowing.   After breakfast I walked over to the Claim to witness a Cricket Match between Omaha & Matakana, the latter went in first and made 78, Omaha getting on for 500, Angus Dunning made 143 and several of the others big scores, the club entertained me to dinner & tea, I came home with Willie Dunning in his waggon.
Willie and Grace drove over in the afternoon and staid for the dance.
Alma Wallace who has been staying with Jane returned with them.

Sunday 12th   It was a fine day.  Willie, Grace and Alma went down to the Goat Island beach returning in time for tea.  Revd O. Blundell held service in the Hall in the afternoon, I attended, after the service the Dead March was played out of respect for Mrs Willie Wright.
In the evening Messrs Rollinson and Birss accompanied by 42 scouts boys under Chief Scout Master Rust held a service in the Hall, there was a very large congregation.  Mr Rust played the organ and the boys sang very nicely.  The collection 16/7 was given to the Bible Class.

Monday 13th   It was a very fine day.  Willie & I were picking fruit all day, we picked 22 Cases Jargonell Pears & 2 Cases Burbank Plums.
In the morning Grace & Alma went down to the beach to have a bathe and in the evening they went to Mrs Dunning Senr and from there went down to get the mail, I received 5 numbers of the Garden of the following dates,  Oct 19th  &  26th and Nov 2nd,  9th  &  16th   1912.

Tuesday 14th   Cloudy in the morning, very hot in the pm , wind SW.
I was helping Willie pick Burbanks, we picked 16 cases.  Willie took down a load of fruit to the wharf in the morning and the remainder of the fruit and Alma Wallaces luggage in the afternoon, the “Kawau” was very late coming in as she called at Pakiri.
All of us went down to see her off, Willie hauled up some sand for me.

Wednesday 15th   It was a fine day.  Willie was thrashing Danthonia, I got firewood, cut all the docks and put them on the heap in the pigs paddock.  Went down for the mail in the afternoon.

Thursday 16th   A very hot day.  Willie hauled goods from the wharf in the morning, the remainder of the day he thrashed Danthonia.
I got firewood and worked in the flower garden, in the evening I went down to the village to post letters, called in at Mr Archie Dunnings,

Friday 17th   A very fine day.  Willie finished thrashing Danthonia.  I got firewood.   In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.  There was a dance in the Hall in the evening in aid of getting a band for the Show, Grace & I attended, Willie was not feeling very well so did not go, there was a good attendance and an enjoyable evening spent, I was playing bridge.

Saturday 18th   A very fine day.  There was a Cricket Match at the Claim between the married and single.  The single won by over 100 runs.  I walked over, called up at Jane and she got me some tea, I took Hector down to the Domain  to watch the match.  I had tea with the cricketers and  Chas  Dunning gave me a lift part way home.  Willie picked and sent away fruit.

Sunday 19th   It was a very hot day.  Willie & Grace drove over to Ti Point to spend the day with the Duncan Knaggs.  Mr G. Lochore (Presbyterian) held service in the Hall in the morning, there was a good attendance.  I returned home for lunch and in the afternoon I called at Mr Gravatts and at Jos  Wyatts where I had tea.
in the evening Mr G. Rollinson accompanied by the boy Scouts held service in the Hall in the evening.  There was a good congregation, the singing and responses of the boys was very good.  The Collection 12/4 was for the Melanesian  Mission.

Monday 20th   It was a very hot day.   Willie was picking fruit all day, I helped him in the afternoon, we picked 7 Cases Green Gages, 5 do Orleans plums & 4 do Diamond.
I got firewood in the morning.  In the afternoon I went down to the village to get the mail, carried up a bag of sand, called at Joe Wyatts to take them a Library book.

Tuesday 21st   It was a fine day.  We got up early and Willie hauled his fruit down to the wharf, I also went down to get sand which
W. Dunning carted up to our gate & Willie brought up home.

Wednesday 22nd   It was a  hot day.  Willie was picking fruit all day.  In the afternoon I went down to get the mail, and was down to the wharf when the steamer came in.  The new Teacher (Mrs Lees), her husband and family came up by her.  When I got home Mrs Ashworth,  Mrs Glegg  & daughter were here and staid tea.  Willie hauled the fruit down to the wharf in the evening.

Thursday 23rd   A very fine day.  Some showers of rain fell during the night, but the sun soon dried it up.  We were all up early, Willie hauled a crate of young roosters down to the wharf,  I also went down and got some sand which Willie hauled.
Mrs Carr & Harold left by the steamer, she has been Teacher here nearly 7 years.  Angus Dunning,  Angus Matheson & Harold Knaggs also went away by the steamer to work.  Mr McMahon came to spend the evening, we played at cards.

Friday 24th   It was a very hot day.  My cold was very much worse today and I was unable to do any work.  Willie was spraying in the orchard.
In the evening the Annual Meeting of Subscribers to the Library was held.  I attended, the old Trustees were re-elected.  There was a meeting of the Farmers Assn afterwards but I did not stay.

Saturday 25th   It was a very fine day.  Willie finished spraying the orchard , I got wood in the morning.  In the pm I went down to the Library to do some work,  Mr McMahn came in to have a look at the books and have a chat.  In the evening Willie went down to the wharf to fish.

Sunday 26th   It was a very hot day.  In the morning I went down to the wharf to meet the steamer coming from Mangawai to get the meat.  In the afternoon I attended Mr Paris’ service in the Hall, there was a large congregation.  After the service I went to Joe Wyatts to enquire after Ernest returning home for tea.  Grace went to Mrs Ashworths for tea.

Monday 27th   Wind from NW.  During the morning there was a very heavy shower of rain, it poured for a short time and sunk into the ground where it was worked up fine, I was the other side of the hill getting wood and I had to come home with out any wood with the sack over my shoulders to keep some of the rain out , but I had to change when I got home , so in the afternoon I went over again to get the wood.
After breakfast I went down to the P.O to get the mail and to send my Bank Book away.
Willie was picking fruit & Grace was helping him in the afternoon.

Tuesday 28th   There was a shower in the middle of the night and after we got up this morning there was heavy rain with hail.
I went down to the Steamer in the pm the Cricketers went away to Auckland by her to play matches with the Wanderers and Waitemata Clubs.  While down there I heard of the death of Mrs Fordham which took place at Whangarei, she was an old resident of this place & it is most likely that she will be brought here to be buried.
After the Steamer went away I walked over to the Claim to stay with Jane while Jim is away cricketing.

Wednesday 29th   It was a fine day.  Willie & Grace drove to Warkworth returning home in the evening, I met them at Jim’s gate and they took me as far as William’ where I got out and went to see my old friend Robert, he showed me round the orchards which are beautifully kept.  Mrs Williams was away in Auckland and his sister was keeping house for him.  I had dinner there and in the pm I walked back to Jim’s place.  While I was away Duncan Matheson called to tell me that Mrs Fordham was to be brought to Omaha to be buried and they wanted me to read the service.  Mabel Wyatt and Ab’s two girls were at Jane’s and staid the night.

Thursday 30th   It was a fine day.  After an early lunch I walked to the upper wharf and got on board the “Kawau” to go round to Leigh.
The remains of the late Mrs Fordham were brought from Whangarei to Leigh yesterday in the “Kaneiri“, also the Miss Fordhams and other relations came from Auckland in the “Kawau“, the Revd  Macdonald conducted the service at the grave, I assisted, there were not many people at the funeral,  the Fordham family returned to Auckland by the “Kawau“.  After the funeral I came up home and had tea and in the evening I walked over to the Claim and staid with Jane.

Friday 31st   It was a fine day.  In the morning I cleared all the thistles & docks in front of Jim’s house and put them into a heap.
In the afternoon I walked to Bowden Birdsalls, they were digging their potatoes, I staid tea there and afterwards I called at Mr Whitakers returning to Jim’s place just about dark.
The Cricketers returned this evening  in the “Kawau“, Jim arriving home about 11.30 pm.