November 1903

Sunday 1st   It was a dull threatening day.  A few slight showers, but nothing to wet the ground.  Willie and the Avey boys walked to Ti Point to spend the day.  I staid at home.

Monday 2nd   It was raining when we woke this morning – although the day was dull, there were only a few slight showers.  The Avey boys went down to Charlie Dunnings to spend the day.  George Brown came in the middle of the day and brought us a young barrow Pig.  Willie and I were hoeing some ground ready for planting beans.

Tuesday 3rd   It was a fine day.   Jane returned home in the morning having been at a Euchre party at Matakana last night.  We packed a box of 13½ Doz Eggs and hauled them down to the “Claymore” in the afternoon and hauled up the return empty box and Jane’s luggage.
There was a Hall social in the evening , none of us went and we heard afterwards that very few were there.

Wednesday 4th   It was a fine day.  The Avey boys went to Chas Dunnings to spend the day.  We hoed and broke down some ground and planted a double row of White Dutch Beans.

Thursday 5th   There were several slight showers during the day.  Willie rode to Ti Point in the morning to bring Alma over to go with us to the picnic this afternoon, but as Joe was not at home, Minnie would not let her come, so Willie went fishing and did not return until late in the evening.  I planted another double row of White Dutch Beans and afterwards hoed another strip of ground, and dug between the Cabbages.
The Bible Class held a Picnic in Archie Dunnings paddock in the afternoon.  Jane & the Avey boys went and I went in the evening.

Friday 6th   It was a fine day.  We got some Sheep in from the barley  paddock and killed a big Wether.  We planted 2 rows of Dun Beans and then dug up between the Pumpkin holes.  Went down to the P.O. and Hall in the evening , there was a meeting of the Committee of the Flower Show.

Saturday 7th   It was a fine day.  Cut up the Sheep in the morning it weighed 70 lbs & was nice & fat.  We finished digging between the Pumpkin hills and hoed and broke down another strip of ground.  Willie and the Avey boys went fishing to the Maori Point and brought home a lot of fish.

Sunday 8th   It was showery in the morning, but not quite so bad in the afternoon .  I went up to Mr Handbys in the morning to take them some fish and staid dinner.  Willie and the Avey boys went to the Pa beach.

Monday 9th   The Kings birthday, also Henry’s 30th birthday.  It rained steadily all day.  The Avey boys should have gone home to day, but on account of the weather, they could not go.

Tuesday 10th   It rained nearly all day.  The tennis season should have been opened with great éclat and a general invitation was given to be present and the ladies were going to give afternoon tea, a dance in the Hall and supper, but the weather prevented playing tennis, they had engaged a pianist from town and as he came by the “Claymore“, they had a dance in the evening.  Jane, Willie and the Avey boys went, I staid at home.

Wednesday 11th   It rained in the morning.  I went down to the wharf to see the Avey boys off by the “Claymore” who were returning home via Auckland.  It cleared up in the afternoon tho’ the ground is very wet.  I was pulling up tea tree in front.

Thursday 12th   The weather was a little finer today.  We were pulling up tea tree in the front.

Friday 13th   The weather was a bit finer.  I went down to the P. O in the morning to post some letters and got the Weekly News which came by the “Rob Roy” this morning.  Willie started to dig round the Ohinemuri apple trees in this orchard.  I was weeding between the Peas and commenced to stick one row.  It rained in the evening, so no one went for the mail.

Saturday 14th   It was a fine day and the ground is drying up.  Willie went fishing to Maori point, but only brought home a few fish.
I finished sticking one row of Peas, dug up between the Peas and Turnips, and weeded the other row of Peas.  The new Tennis court was opened with play this afternoon , the ladies gave afternoon tea, there was a dance and supper in the evening , we were at it.
Mr Wm McGregor  &  Mr S. Grant were at the Hotel in the afternoon having just arrived from Mangawai on a canvassing tour on behalf of the new Steamer the Company is building for the Mangawai & Omaha trades.  The plans of the new steamer were on view and several took up shares.  I took one for £1.12.6 .  Mr McGregor returned to Auckland in the “Rob Roy” which called in at 6.30 pm.

Sunday 15th   It rained heavily after we got home early this morning and there were several showers today.  Willie went to Ti Point to spend the day.  Jane went down to the beach to John Wyatts.
In the afternoon I was surprised to see Minnie put in an appearance, she had ridden over thinking that Jane was at home .

Monday 16th   It poured with rain & thundered & lightened for about 10 hours last night without intermission, all the drains overflowed and channels are washed through the garden.
We were pulling up tea tree in the front in the morning.
In the afternoon it rained too much to do any work out of doors.
Whitehouse had his Bioscope in the Hall in the evening, Willie went, there were not many present.

Tuesday 17th   It was showery in the morning.  We did not send the Eggs away by the “Claymore” this week as the butter was too soft.
I took a bouquet of Flowers to the “Claymore” just before she was leaving.  Willie Wright sent some Sheep away in her.

Wednesday 18th   A showery day.  I was laid up with a slight attack of La Grippe.  Willie took the box of Eggs down to the wharf.

Thursday 19th   Willie took the bullock down to the wharf and hauled up 100 lbs  Flour that came up in the “Claymore“,  also empty Egg box.

Friday 20th   Willie went down to the Post Office in the morning to post some letters, he got some Castor Oil, some of which I took.  Willie also went down for the mail in the evening.

Saturday 21st   It was a fine day wind blowing from the SW.  Willie went fishing to Goat Island beach, and brought home some fish.  I stuck the second row of Peas.

Sunday 22nd   It was a fine day.  Willie went over to Ti Point to spend the day.

Monday 23rd   It was a fine day.  We planted out some Cauliflower Plants, also some Kumera shoots.  I attended a meeting of the School Committee in the evening.

Tuesday 24th   It was a fine day.  Walter Frearson got his Sheep up and Ernest commenced to shear, but he had to leave off as he was taken bad,  Willie & I went over and got a Ewe & Lamb and also a Ewe and put them into our place.   Willie walked to Ti Point in the evening and brought home a sitting of Duck Eggs.
I took the box of Eggs down to the Steamer in the evening, also a bouquet of Flowers for the Steward.  I carried up a Bag of Sugar that came from Dumpers.

Wednesday 25th   It was a very hot day.   I went down to the wharf in the morning to see the “Claymore” off, carried up an empty Egg box.
We were loosening the soil between the Strawberries.  Willie went fishing in the evening with Willie Dunning and brought home a few fish.

Thursday 26th   I set a Hen in the foul house with 11 Duck Eggs.  We finished loosening the soil round the Strawberries .  It rained in the evening.

Friday 27th   It was a fine day, but the wind is blowing very strong from the SE.  Willie was cutting the Pine branches up the lane.  Jane took a ride to Matakana in the afternoon, returning by way of Ti Point, she brought Alma home with her.  I was working in the flower garden.

Saturday 28th   The wind was blowing very strong from SE and it was a very disagreeable day.
Willie and I were digging in the flower garden.

Sunday 29th   Disagreeable day and showery.  Wind still blowing very strong from SE.  Heard that Archie Dunning‘s yacht was blown ashore this afternoon on John Wyatts Point.  Willie went to Ti Point to spend the day.  Jane and I staid at home.

Monday 30th   A showery day.