November 1926

Monday 1st   It rained in the early morning, but it cleared up later on and was very fine in the afternoon.  Jim did not work on the road, so he earthed up the Potatoes.  I dug up all the ground that was in onion beds.  Ivy sent me some nice Cabbage Plants.

Tuesday 2nd   It was a fine day.  Jim was working on the road.  I dug a strip of ground below the Tomato sticks.  Also planted a row of Cabbages next the Carrots (14) ,  plants that Ivy sent me.  It looked in the evening as if there would be a change of weather.

Wednesday 3rd   It rained a little in the morning and it did not turn out such a bad day.  Hector was the only one that went to school.
I was weeding and tidying up the flower garden.

Thursday 4th    It was a very fine day, and very hot in the middle of the day.  I planted out 13 Cabbage plants (Henderson’s Succession) also planted out 4 Tomato plants (Burwood Prize) dug up the ground in front of the row of Tomatoes, also the onion beds.  Mr Wallace and Alma came to spend the day & Laurence came in the car to take them home.

Friday 5th   It was a showery day.  I loosened the ground between the peas and cabbages, also dug a strip next the cabbages I planted last night.  The children went to Wilsons in the evening to see the fireworks as this is Guy Fawkes Day.

Saturday 6th   It was a very dull day and about 3 pm it came on a slight  [rain]  and it kept  [up]  all evening and night.  There was tennis opening at Leigh and at Big Omaha,  Jane, Jean and Mildred were at the latter.  There was a Cricket match at Pakiri,  Omaha  V  Pakiri, The former won,  Jim & Pat went in Tom Ashton’s lorry.  Hector and I were the only ones left at home.  Everything in the garden was very wet and I was not able to do anything..

Sunday 7th   It was a wet day.  Revd Rouprecht went to Leigh in the morning, but as no one turned up there was no service so he went back home again.  Mr Evans was planned to hold service here in the afternoon, but on account of the weather he did not come.  In the afternoon I went down to have a yarn with Pat.

Monday 8th   Showery in the morning, dull all day.  Ground very wet. Was not able to do anything in the garden.

Tuesday 9th   It was a fine day.  I weeded and dug up between the broad beans and dwarf beans ,  weeded and dug up between the strawberrys and sweet peas.  Planted out 3 Canterbury Bells

Wednesday 10th   It was a very fine day, very hot in the afternoon. Jane went to spend the day at Mabels.  I dug a strip below the Tomatoes, also a strip next the Canadian Wonder Beans and planted 14 Cabbage plants (Hendersons Succession) next the ones I planted on the 4th inst.

Thursday 11th   It was fine in the morning, but the weather is threatening for rain .
I sowed a double row of Homestead Beans, the seed Mabel gave me.
There was a heavy shower of rain about 3 pm, I was not able to do anything in the garden after this.

Friday 12th   It was a very fine in the morning.  I dug strips of ground next the homestead beans I sowed yesterday, also below the tomatoes and next the peerless peas.  It came on a heavy rain soon after 3 pm and I am afraid it will spoil the work I have done.

Saturday 13th   It rained heavily last night and it was very showery to day.  The Matakana cricketers should have come here to have a friendly match with the Omaha boys , but on account of the weather they did not turn up, a few of our boys came so they had a practice.
The ground was too wet to do any gardening.

Sunday 14th   A great improvement in the weather, only a few slight showers.    Revd Addenbrooke held service in the hall in the afternoon, there were only Jane, Mr Evans, 6 children and myself present.  Collection  3/4½ .

Monday 15th   There was a misty rain first thing in the morning, but it cleared off and the sun came out and a breeze sprung up which dried the ground and I was able to work in the garden.  I sowed a row of Stratagem Peas (seed of 1st Quality) where the onion plants grew, I forked the ground each side of the row, also forked between the peerless peas and Canadian Wonder beans.
Hector was not at all well and did not go to school.

Tuesday 16th   It was a very windy day, but it did not rain.  I forked the ground between the beans and cabbages, also dug again the strip below the tomatoes.  Hector was a little better to day but Mildred is now sick.

Wednesday 17th   It was a very fine day.  Hector was well again and went to school.  Mildred was a little better towards evening.
I dug a strip of ground next the homestead beans also a strip next the peerless peas, and then I sowed a long row of Canadian Wonder Beans below the Tomatoes.

Thursday 18th   It was a fine day.  I planted 14 Red Beet plants that Mabel sent us, as these did not fill the row I sowed Beet seed in the remainder of the row,  I forked the ground between the row of beans I sowed yesterday and the tomatoes.
I was not feeling very well so I did not do anything more in the garden.

Friday 19th   There was a very heavy shower about 6 am, and another heavy one at 8 am, but after that it cleared up and was a fine day.  Tom Ashton was going to Matakana to attend a factory directors meeting, so Jane & I and Tom’s wife went with him in his lorry.  I went to Dr Whetter to consult him, then went to have a chat with Mr Richards about church matters.  Jane, Mrs Ashton and I spent the day at Mrs Williams where we spent a very pleasant time.

Saturday 20th   It was a fine day, but windy.   There was a cricket match at the Domain, Omaha  V  Matakana, each side were short of men, Matakana won on the first innings.  The visitors were entertained at lunch and tea in the hall.  Mrs Jack Matthews came with her husband and she brought some beautiful Pansies, sweet peas &c to show me.

Sunday 21st   It was a very fine day, but a cold wind was blowing. Revd Rouprecht held service in the hall in the morning, the congregation was lot very large, the parson came here for dinner also May Dunning who had come from Warkworth with him.  After dinner I went with them in the car to Jack Matthew’s where I spent a very pleasant time,  Mrs M showed me her flower garden which she shows a great interest in and which is gay with blooms , she gave me several cuttings.  After tea Jack & Clary went to milk.  They are milking 31 cows which is done by machines.  He has several nice Jerseys and they are all in very good condition.  In the evening Jack brought me home in his car.

Monday 22nd   It was a very fine day.  I planted the cuttings that Mrs Matthew sent me, earthed up the Peerless Peas.  Dr Whetter sent me a bottle of medicine.

Tuesday 23rd   It was a very fine day.  Jim had to take the horse to Matakana to get shod, so Jane went with [him] and they drove, Jane spent the day with Alma and the Wallaces and I was left on my own, as I am not allowed by the Dr to do any hard work I spent a quiet day reading.

Wednesday 24th   It was a fine day.  As the Dr told me I was not to work I spent a quiet day reading.

Thursday 25th   There was a heavy shower in the morning, we did not get it so heavy here as at other places .  Jane went in the steamer to Ti Point to see Minnie as she heard she was not well, she returned by the beach.  I went to the shop in the afternoon to make a few purchases.  I wrote a long letter to Jack and also to George, this will be posted tomorrow.

Friday 26th   There were a few slight showers in the morning , they were heavier later in the afternoon, I sowed a double row of Homestead Beans extra special seed.
Mr & Mrs Stewart came for tea and staid the night, there was Community Singing in the hall,  Hector,  Mildred and I staid at home, there were a good many there, some from Warkworth.

Saturday 27th   It was Jane’s 47th birthday.  It was a very showery day, but fine in the evening.  The Omaha cricketers should have gone to Whangaripo to play a match with the local club, but on account of the weather the match was put off.  I spent a quiet day reading.  In the evening Jane & Jean walked to Ti Point to Harold Torkingtons to hear a wireless concert.  Ray Civil manipulating to radia  [sic: the radio]

Sunday 28th   It was fine in the afternoon, although showery in the morning.  Mr Milligan should have held service in the morning, but on account of the weather he did not turn up.  In the afternoon I went to Mr Whitakers.

Monday 29th   It was a fine day, but very windy.  I loosened the ground next the homestead beans up to the sweet peas, and beat down the ground the upper side of the peerless peas.

Tuesday 30th   It was a fine day,  Dug the strip of ground next the Peerless Peas.  Examination of 6th Standard pupils in the Ti Point School.

The rainfall for November as recorded at Warkworth P.O totalled 6.15 inches,  rain falling on 18 days.  The maximum fall being on Nov 6th when 1.33 in was recorded.