February 1866

Thursday 1st   The weather showery again, went over to Mrs Kirkbrides in the afternoon to get some butter, I took her over a bottle of ginger wine that Mr Foster sent me up, also two large vegetable marrows that came off of my ground.  In returning home I called at Mrs Andersons & took her a bottle of wine.

Friday 2nd  Very unlike summer weather, it was showery again.
I went to McKenzie’s in the afternoon to get some money he owed me for some firewood, I called at Mrs Porter’s to bring home some clean clothes.

Saturday 3rd  Showery again.  I went over to Mrs Porters in the afternoon to take some dirty clothes. Called at the Anderson’s to get some Phormium Tenax 

Sunday 4th  Showery again.  I went to Mr Wyatts in the afternoon & staid for tea.

Monday 5th  It cleared up and was quite a fine day.  I thinned the maize out and gathered in some pease for seed.  I went over to Mrs Kirkbride’s in the evening to have a game at cricket.  Mathew & Jim Anderson were the only two there.

Tuesday 6th   I went over to the Anderson’s early in the morning to get some Mangold Wurzel plants that Jim had promised me, he also gave me a few onions.  I planted the Mangold Wurzels down on the flat where the potatoes came out of.
A Cutter came in the harbour in the evening, black Charlie is the captain of her, he brought me a letter from the Post Office from Janie, all are well at home.
The “Dot” is expected in this evening she has some things on board for me.

Wednesday 7th  Gathered in some Pease for seed and did several other jobs.  I went over to Mrs Kirkbrides in the evening and took her a Cucumber, we had a game at cricket,   Jim, Tom & Joe Anderson were there,  Mrs Anderson & Lizzie came later in the evening & we had some music and singing, Mrs Anderson can play the piano very well.

Thursday 8th  The “Dot” & the   “Ida Zeigler” were in the harbour in the morning.  The “Dot” brought a few things for me.  Charlie’s cutter the “Stag” went out of Great Omaha in the afternoon.

Friday 9th  It was a fine day.  Fell bush in the afternoon.

Saturday 10th  Went up to Mrs Kirkbrides in the evening to get some butter, we had a game at cricket, Jim & Tom Anderson were there, we adjourned to the house when it was getting dark and played a rubber of whist, it came on to rain in the evening & I had a wet walk home.

Sunday 11th  Went over to the Andersons in the afternoon had a good look round their place & had tea there, they are very nice friendly people & I enjoy their society very much.

Monday 12th   Mr Wyatt, Tom and Joe went up to their land in the big bush to fall some bush there.  John went up with them to help carry some of their things, but he returned again in the afternoon.
Jim Anderson came over in the evening.

Tuesday 13th  I went over to Mrs Porter’s in the morning to fetch my clean clothes home.
Jim & Tom Anderson and Mathew Kirkbride came over in the evening, we had a game at cards.

Wednesday 14th  The “Stag” went out of Great Omaha this morning.  I finished thinning out my corn & continued to fall bush.
The Andersons & Mathew Kirkbride went to the Goat Island today, but I do not know what sport they have had.

Thursday 15th  It was a fine day, but rather windy.  I continued to fall bush on my last acre.  The “Dot” went out of harbour in the morning, I think she has gone to Pakiri to load.

Friday 16th   John Wyatt & I went up Saddleback to where Mr Wyatt is clearing, when we had got near my land we met them coming down as they had run short of bread, but as John had some with him they turned back again, they have built a good whare & fell about half an acre, I consider they have done very well considering the short time they have been up there.
I went over to Mrs Kirkbrides  in the evening to get butter.  I took her a Cucumber and Mrs Anderson two.

Saturday 17th  The Wyatts came down from the bush in the afternoon to spend Sunday at home.
Jim & Tom Anderson called here in the afternoon on their way from the Pa.

Sunday 18th  I went over to the Anderson’s in the afternoon, had tea there & Jim & I went up to Mrs Kirkbrides in the evening, Mrs Picken played for us & we sang hymns, chants etc.  I enjoyed myself very much, it is a very pleasant and rational way of spending a Sunday evening.

Monday 19th  We had a few showers during the day, but nevertheless it was very hot.  I commenced to make a pig-sty next to the duck’s place.  The Wyatts went up into the again to fall bush.

Tuesday 20th  Jim Anderson & I started off to Pakiri early in the morning, we went by the road and returned by the beach, we called in at Mr Whittons & looked at his garden which looks very nice especially his fruit trees, we went on to Mr Dyers, there was a book & two letters  from England for me there, the book Aunt Anne kindly sent me, one letter was from Fanny and the other from Tom, the deeds have arrived safely in England.  Mrs Dyer kindly made us some tea which was very acceptable after our long walk, & the day was very hot.

Wednesday 21st  Wrote a letter to Tom and & finished my one to Mr Foster & took them over to ask Mrs Picken to post for me in Auckland.  The “Dot” arrived from Auckland she went round to Great Omaha to load.

Thursday 22nd  The “Stag” sailed from Great Omaha  for Auckland, she had a fair wind so I suppose she will get up to town this evening. The cutter “America” arrived in harbour from the north.

Friday 23rd  The “America” sailed in the morning for Auckland.  I went over to Mrs Porter’s in the morning to get some honey, I called at the Andersons on my way home.  Jim came over in the evening.

Saturday 24th  The Wyatts returned from their land in the afternoon .  I went over to the Andersons in the evening.  The “America” is gone to New Caledonia loaded with timber.

Sunday 25th   Jim Anderson and I took a walk up the new road in the afternoon it was very thick & misty & we had a smart shower of rain so we had to take shelter under a tree.   We saw the land that Kirkbride & Greenwood had burnt the bush off of, but it has not made at all a clean burn.  We called in at old Mr Kempts to enquire after Angus’ foot that he chopped some time ago.  We went down a track through their land to Mrs Monkhouse’s she showed us some water color sketches that Mr Monkhouse had drawn of places round here, we returned by the beach.  Jim staid here for tea.

Monday 26th  The “Stag” was in the harbour early in the morning, I got Charlie to take Mr Foster’s hamper & leave it at Combes and Daldy’s store, it contained some honey, a vegetable marrow, cucumbers & apple melons.
I drowned Fan in the afternoon.
The “Stag” went round to Great Omaha to load.

Tuesday 27th  The “Stag” went out of Great Omaha in the afternoon.  I continued digging the potatoes up in front of the house, they turn out very well, but the worm & the crickets have done great havoc to them.
It looked very much like rain in the evening, but it has been threatening for the last two or three days past.
Made a gallon of yiest after the receipt I found in “Enquire Within”

Wednesday 28th  Continued digging Potatoes in front of the house.
Weather looks very threatening , very much like rain