September 1925

Tuesday 1st   It was a showery day.  I was not able to do anything outside.

Wednesday 2nd   It was a fine day.  Jane & I went to spend the day with Laurence and Alma.  Jane walked as she wanted to call at Redwoods.  I went in Bob Wyatt’s butcher’s lorry.  Mr & Mrs Wallace had come yesterday by train.  Mr Wallace had walked to Matakana this morning to see his brother in law (Joe Smith), but he came back in the afternoon and Tom Smith with him.  We had dinner and afternoon tea there and Jane & I returned home in the butchers lorry.  We heard that Mr Wallace had bought Mrs Edgar Meiklejohn’s place at Big Omaha next Laurence’s place, but they are not coming down to live on it just yet.  We are very pleased to have them as neighbours.

Thursday 3rd   It was a fine day.  I was paring the weeds off the piece of ground where the tomato & carrots were.

Friday 4th   It was a fine day.  Jim was laid up with a bad cold.  I started to dig the piece of ground I cleared of weeds yesterday.  I dug all the weeds into the trenches.

Saturday 5th   It was showery and very windy.  I finished digging the piece of ground I started yesterday.  Later in the morning i t blew a hurricane and there were several showers during the day.
As Jim was laid up in bed with a severe cold the children got firewood and chopped it up.  Later in the afternoon Pat very kindly carried up some firewood, chopped it up and milked some cows.

Sunday 6th   It was a fine day.  No service to day.  In the afternoon Laurence, Alma & Mr Wallace drove over to see us, they had a look at the garden, Jane gave them afternoon tea, while we were at it Mrs Evans called in and joined us.

Monday 7th   It was a fine day.  Jim was still in bed with a cold.  I also had a cold, but mine was in my head, sneezing and running of the nose and eyes.
I marked out another piece of ground which I started to dig, it was this side of the row of carrots, I buried weeds in the trenches.

Tuesday 8th   There were several showers during the day, and a water spout at about 5.30 pm.  I finished digging the piece of ground I started yesterday.  I took up 500 onion plants for C. Whitaker.

Wednesday 9th   It was a cold disagreeable day.  The wind was so cold I could not do anything in the garden.  In the afternoon I put on an overcoat went up in the garden and took up 200 onion plants for Dolly.  Late in the afternoon he delivered some goods from Jack’s store and coming up the paddock he very kindly loaded up the waggon with firewood that Jim had cut near the gate.

Thursday 10th   There were a few showers.  We thought that Mrs Wallace was returning to Auckland by the “Kawau” that was to leave the top wharf at noon today, so Jim & Jane walked round to see her off, but she has changed her mind, as she is going tomorrow by train.  I took up 200 onion plants for Mr Whitaker and Jim left them in his cream box.
In the afternoon I wrote out for Jane 5 Notices of the Community singing which is to be in this hall on the 25th.

Friday 11th   It was very bright first thing in the morning, but it was very showery later on, but fine in the afternoon.  I took up and bundled 1000 onion plants for Mr Dalatour.  I got Jane to take some of my daffodils to show to Mesdames  [sic] Jack & Gordon Matthew of Big Omaha,  Will Dunning‘s car had broken down so he got his brother Alf to take his car to get the mail, Jane went to Big Omaha in Alf’s car, Mrs Wallace was going home by train so Alma & her mother got into Alf’s car to go to Warkworth, but when they got to Parkingson’s hill the road was so bad that they had to leave the car there & walk to Warkworth, they were caught in a shower of rain, & Mrs W & Alma got muddy feet, Alma returned home in the car.
Jane first called at Mrs Bromleys and heard there that Mrs Gordon Matthew was away in Auckland, so she left the daffodils with Mrs B. Also head that Mrs J. Matthew was laid up with flu so she sent the daffodils to her by her daughter.  Jane spent a very pleasant day with Mrs Bromley and returned home in the car.

Saturday 12th   It was a cold disagreable day.  I did no work out of doors,  Jean took the bundle of onion plants down to give to Bob to take to Mr Delatour.
Jim rode to Whitakers in the afternoon and they gave him some books for me to read.

Sunday 13th   I was awakened this morning by a heavy clap of thunder, also lightening and heavy rain, which continued for some time.  Jane staid in bed all day to nurse her cold.  The others had their breakfast first and brought me mine in bed so I did not get up till dinner time, with having a cold I could hardly speak.  It was very fine and bright in the afternoon.

Monday 14th   There were two of  [sic: or]  three showers which made the ground sticky otherwise it was a fine day.
I sowed in a box cauliflower seed.  Also started to trench the piece of ground next to the shallots.  I received a letter from Willie in the evening.

Tuesday 15th   A very showery day.  I took up 500 onion plants before breakfast for Mr Neeley and Hector took them to the school. Jane went in the cream lorry to Laurence’s place at Big Omaha to get some eggs for sitting.  I wrote a report of the community singing for the Rodney Times, also a letter to Mrs A. Torkington of Johannesburg thanking her for the silk handkerchief she sent me.

Wednesday 16th    It was a fine day.  I continued trenching the piece of ground I started on Monday.  Jim planted Potatoes where the onions grew last season.

Thursday 17th   I finished trenching the piece of ground early in the morning, when it came on to rain and it was showery all day.  During a lull in the afternoon I took up 200 onion plants for  [rest of sentence blank]

Friday 18th   When they got up this morning they found that Mona the horse had got in a bog below the house, she might have been in all night , Hector fetched Pat to help, they got her out after much labour, but don’t know if she will get over it.
I went down to Pats before to give him the onion plants to take to Ivy, also to change my Library books.

Friday 19th  18th   It was a very fine day.  I planted out next the Shallots a row of Vanguard Cabbage  15 plants.  Also made and manured 2 trenches for peas.  Will Dunning‘s car got stuck on cemetery hill and remained there all night

Saturday 20th  19th   It was very windy and several slight showers, but the wind dried the ground more then the showers wet it.
Hector went to spend the day at Laurences in the cream lorry, he took some flower plants for Alma.
I sowed the 2 rows that I prepared yesterday with Stratagem peas (extra special seed), and dug up the ground between the rows

Sunday 21st  20th   It was a windy showery day.  Revd Addenbrooke held service in the hall in the morning, there were only 8 present, Jane did not go, so Mr Redwood played for the hymns.  Collection 6/10.  The parson went to Pats for dinner.

Monday 21st   I wrote a long letter to  Elsie yesterday and it was posted today.  I dug a strip of ground round the silver beet extending in width from the broad beans to the row of cabbages.  It was a windy day with a few showers.
Hector was the only one who went to school, Jean & Mildred have colds.

Tuesday 22nd   A very windy day, but no rain,  I have a bad cold so did not work outside.

Wednesday 23rd   It was a fine day.  My cold is still bad,  I did no work outside.

Thursday 24th   It was a fine day.  As Jim had put new posts in the top fence of the garden, I dug a strip next the fence where I had planted the onions for seed.  In the afternoon I went down to Pats.
I transplanted the peas so as to make one good row, and resowed the other two rows with Stratagem Peas.  Nelly Lloyd came for me to witness her signature .  Jim finished planting his onions.

Friday 25th   It rained heavily last night, but it was fine today with the exception of 1 or 2 slight showers.  In the morning I stuck the row of Stratagem Peas down at Pats.  When I came home before lunch I took up 200 onion plants for Will Dunning and took them down in the pm and put them in his car.  While down there I made a new fastening for Pat‘s front gate, also sowed a row of Intermediate Carrots next to the row of stuck peas.  There was Community Singing & Dance & Supper in the hall in the evening, Mr Stewart was Song Leader & Mrs L. Whitaker accompanist.  There was a good gathering although there were none from Matakana.  The collection was for the Tennis & Bowling Clubs, and resulted in £2 . 4 . 5.  All of them went from here except me, as I had a bad cold.
I received by to nights mail a long letter from my friend Mr W.  Birss.

Saturday 6th   It was a showery day.  Jean went to Laurences in the cream lorry.  My cold is no better so I did no work outside.

Sunday 27th   It was a fine day.  Revd Rouprecht Presbyterian held service in the hall in the morning, there were only about 10 present, collection 6/8.   Jim & Jane were the only ones from this house who went.  My cold prevented me from going.  Hector went to Ti Point to attend Boy Scout  drill.  The parson came here for dinner.

Monday 28th   It was a very dull day, ‘tho fine.  I took up 500 onion plants for Mr Stewart, that is all there are left,
the first bed contained 3,700
the 2nd bed contained 1,950   
I resowed Tomato seed in a box,
Pat Dunning variety and Burwood Prize
Jim planted Cabbage plants that Jane got from Mabel yesterday.

Tuesday 29th   It was a very fine day, sun shining all day.  I prepared the ground and sowed a row of Short Horn Carrots next the other row.  Revd Addenbrooke called in the afternoon.

Wednesday 30th   I went up to the garden in the morning and dug a strip next the carrots, it was a very dull day and then it came on to rain and was showery all afternoon so I was not able to do any more outside. My cold is still very bad.

The rainfall for September as registered at the Warkworth Post Office totalled 5.59 in.  Rain fell of 24 days, the maximum being on the 12th when 1.05 in was recorded .  High winds and cold squalls have persisted all the month checking growth of grass and condition of stock.