September 1891

Tuesday 1st   It was a fine day.  We were putting the wire on the fence.

Wednesday 2nd  The boys were hauling goods from the Wharf.  I was putting wire on the fence .

Thursday 3rd,  Friday 4th,  Saturday 5th   We were planting Potatoes in the orchard.  On Saturday afternoon was the adjourned Annual Meeting of Ratepayers, also a meeting of Road Board.  Maud went up to Pratts.

Sunday 6th   It was a fine day.  Revd R. McKinney preached in the morning, there was no service in the afternoon.  I went to Pakiri to spend the day.

Monday 7th   It was a fine day.  We planted Potatoes in the pm.

The remainder of this week the boys were splitting posts and carrying them out to make up the 400.
On Saturday I finished the picket fence near the creek .

Sunday 13th   A fine day.  Revd S. Griffith preached in the afternoon in the Hall and at Dacres Claim in the evening, I rode over to hear him, there was a large congregation.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 14th, 15th & 16th   The boys hauled out posts with the bullocks also some goods for T. W. K. and commenced fixing up the fence up at the gate.

Thursday 17th   Finished fixing up the fence.  Finished planting Potatoes the far side.

Friday & Saturday 18th & 19th   We were digging the piece of fern ground far side of the orchard.  I regrafted lower Winter Nelis Pear Tree with Louise Bonne of Jersey, also top French Crab  with Red Warrior.

Sunday 20th   Fine day but a few showers.  Charlie & Maggie were here for dinner.  I read service in the pm.  John Salt & Madeline &
Mr P. were here for tea.

Monday 21st   We were digging over on the far side, also digging up the Onion beds.  It rained very heavy in the evening.

Tuesday 22nd   Daisy calved a heifer calf which we Killed.  The boys took some cattle up to our land on the big range.  I regrafted the  lower French Crab with Gozer’s Apple and part with Scarlet Pearmain.  It was a showery day.

Wednesday & Thursday 23rd & 24th   We were breaking up ground in the orchard also planting Negro Beans near the manure heaps.

Friday 25th   We cut the Lambs today & cleaned the Sheep:
They are as follows.
Wethers           25
Ewes                   20
Total                    45
1 of the wethers died soon after it was cut, thus reducing the numbers to 44, but there are several Lambs we did not get in.

Saturday 26th   We were breaking up ground in the orchard.
Revd  F.  Gould called here on his way to Pakiri and had some dinner.
I went over to Big Omaha Point in the afternoon to have a look at Duncan Knaggs’ place.

Sunday 27th    Revd F. Gould preached in the Hall in the pm, there were about 60 present.  Collection 16/4.
Mr Gould, Mr Walter, Mr, Willie & Sarah Pratt were ere for tea.  Mr Gould preached at Dacre’s Claim in the evening.  I rode over to the service.

Sunday 28th   (Should be Monday 28th)  We loosened up and sowed two beds of  Brown Spanish Onion  dug up a bed intended for parsnips, also sowed a row of Veith’s Perfection Peas

Tuesday 29th   We were digging at the bottom of the orchard.  Maud & Sarah Wyatt went to see Mrs D. Knaggs at Omaha Point

Wednesday 30th   The boys hauled a load for Mr Walter and also hauled a load of posts from Neeley’s hill,  I planted a row of Cauliflowers in a manured trench.  In the pm, dug up the Turnip bed for carrots and sowed them 4 rows in the bed .