June 1926

Tuesday 1st    It was a very fine day.  I carried more manure and put on the rubbish heap.  Got some flax and tied up bean sticks.

Wednesday 2nd   It was a fine day.  As Agnes Torkington is to be married today to Sandy Matheson, Jim & Jane drove over to Leigh after breakfast as Jane is going to help Minnie to prepare the hall, and get the food ready for the wedding breakfast.  I went over in the pm in Revd Parson’s sulky who was the officiating minister.  There was a large gathering of friends and relations.  Agnes was attended as bridesmaids by her sister Eileen and her cousin Dorothy Torkington,  Roddie Matheson was best man and Arthur Torkington Groom’s man,  the ceremony was performed under a beautiful floral bell.  The wedding breakfast was laid on two long tables on the stage.  On a cross table occupied by the bridal party a 3 decker wedding cake stood, the handy work of Mrs D.  Matheson.   The parson conveyed the good wishes to the wedded couple.  It took several relays to entertain the large gathering.  The happy couple left for Auckland by steamer in the afternoon.  Will Dunning gave me a lift home in his car.

Thursday 3rd   The King’s birthday and a general holiday.  It rained all day.  Were not able to do anything outside.  Wrote a report of the wedding.

Friday 4th   It did not rain, but everything was very wet.  I gathered up 3 tins of manure & put them on to the heap.  I cut a bundle of pea sticks.

Saturday 5th   It was a fine day, Jane went in the butchers lorry to see Annie Dunning.  Jim went to Matakana in the afternoon in Ted Gravatt’s lorry to witness hockey matches .  Jean went to get her music lesson.  I took up the Gladioli bulbs that Charl- gave me, they have increased wonderfully .  I finished taking out the sticks of the Lima beans.

Sunday 6th   Revd Rouprecht came to hold service in the morning.  It poured with rain when he left Warkworth, and it rained a little here. There were only 8 present at the service.

Monday 7th   It was a fine day.  I have a bad cold so Jane made me stay in bed, and I did not get up until lunchtime.  Revd Addenbrooke called about that time and joined us for lunch.

Tuesday 8th   It was a fine day.  My cold still bad, did not go out anywhere.

Wednesday 9th   It was a fine day, but dull.   My cold still bad, Jane went round to see Mrs Evans, she met Mrs Whitaker & Alma there.

Thursday 10th   It was a fine day,  cold still bad.

Friday 11th   It was a showery day.  Mr Perks the traveller with drapery goods called in the morning.  Dave Jones drove him here in their sulky , both had lunch here.

Saturday 12th   It was fairly fine.  There were Hockey matches at Warkworth, Jim went in Eddie Wyatts lorry.  There was a school boys Hockey match at the domain.  Hector played .  I wrote a long letter to my son Jack, it will be posted on Monday.

Sunday 13th   It was a very showery day.  Mr Milligan was to have held service in the hall in the morning, but on account of the weather no one turned out & I suppose Mr M did not come.  My cold still bad.

Monday 14th   A few showers.  My cold still bad.  I have been having my breakfast in bed for the last week, getting up just before lunch.
By to nights, mail I received a parcel of Renunculus bulbs.

Tuesday 15th   A very showery day.  Mildred remained at home from school.  Cold still bad.

Wednesday 16th   It was a very fine day.  Jim is in bed to day, so Jane has two sick men on her hands now.  When Jane went down to meet the butcher, Ted Wyatt was on his own,  Bob was sick and had gone to Auckland for medical advice.

Thursday 17th   It was a fine day.  Jim was sick in bed all day.  I got up before lunch and cut some firewood.

Friday 18th   It was a fine day. Jim still in bed laid up with a cold.
There was a send off this evening to Mr & Mrs Drower at Matakana, manager of the Dairy Factory who is leaving.

Saturday 19th   It was a fine day.  Jane & Mildred went round in the butchers cart to Alma’s.
Jim still laid up with a cold, I got up every day to lunch.

Sunday 20th   It was a fine day.  Mr Evans should have held service for the Methodists in the afternoon , Jane & Mildred went down, but there was only Dolly and two little girls present, so there was no service.
Jim & I are still laid up with colds.

Monday 21st   It was a fine day.  I wrote a long letter to my son Willie yesterday and it will be posted to day.

Tuesday 22nd   Wednesday 23rd   Both fine days.  My cold and cough still bad.  While the sun was shining I went into the garden & weeded the Onions with a Dutch hoe.

Thursday 24th   It was a very fine day.  Cold still bad.  In the afternoon I dug a strip at the top of the garden.

Friday 25th   It was fine, but dull day, and cold.  Jim went to the shop and he brought me a bottle of Baxters Lung Preserver which is doing my cold good.
Mr & Mrs Stewart returned with the children after school to stay here, there was Community Singing in the hall.  There were not so many present as usual , the collection at the door was £2 . 5 . 9  which is to be given to the Rodney Hockey Association towards the expenses of the team that is going to Auckland to contest for the White Horse Shield.  All in this house went to the hall with the exception of myself – on account of my cold I had to stay at home.

Saturday 26th   It was a fine day, ‘tho dull.  In the afternoon there was a school childrens Hockey match at the Domain, all our people went but me.  The children. the onlookers and bowlers were given tea in the hall – The Stewarts went home afterwards.

Sunday 27th   It rained and blew strong all day.  Revd Addenbrooke should have held service in the afternoon, but none of us stirred out, but I suppose he did not come.

Monday 28th   It did not rain, but everything was very wet outside. Hector & Jean went to school, but Mrs Stewart came to the school in Alf Dunning‘s car to tell the children that Mr Stewart was laid up with a bad cold and could not teach to day, so the children came home just as we were having lunch.  My cold is still bad so I staid in the house and started to write The History of Omaha District.

Tuesday 29th   Fine in the morning, but came on to rain in the afternoon .  The children did not go to school.  Hector rode to Big Omaha reports that Laurence was sick.
I continued writing the History of Omaha.

Wednesday 30th   It was fine in the morning, but showery in the afternoon and evening.  Hector & Jean went to school in the morning but soon returned as Mr Stewart is still indisposed so there was no school.

The rainfall in June as registered at the Warkworth Post Office was 7.45 inches.  Rain fell on 16 days – 2.28 in was recorded on the 3rd.