September 1928

Saturday 1st    It was a fine day.  I planted 2 rows of Cabbage plants that Willie sent me.  Hector went to Ti Point.

Sunday 2nd   It was a showery day.  There was no service or Sunday school.  Eddie & Ivy and their youngest boy came in their lorry.  Eddie went to Birdsalls and Ivy and the boy came here to spend the day.  Eddie picked them up at Pats late in the afternoon.

Monday 3rd   It was a fine day.  I was trenching a strip of ground between the Tomato stakes ready to plant Tomatoes.  In the evening I went down to Pats to meet the Leigh Postmaster who was bringing me some money from the Savings Bank.

Tuesday 4th   I went up to the garden and started to trench, but it came on to rain and was showery all afternoon.

Wednesday 5th   It was fine in the morning so I went up to the garden and started to trench, but it came on to rain and I had to knock off, it rained most of the afternoon, but it was fine in the evening.  There was Community Singing in the hall which was well patronized.  All from here went but me.

Thursday 6th   I went up to the garden and finished trenching between the tomato sticks.  It was showery most of the afternoon.

Friday 7th   It was a fine day,  Jane went to Warkworth in Harry Ashton’s car.

Saturday 8th   It was fine during the day.  In the morning I went down to the beach and cut a lot of pea sticks, carried them inside our gate, carried up a bag of sand.
Jim & Jane went to Matakana in the pm to witness a hockey match.

Sunday 9th   A disagreeable day, very windy.  A Mr Taylor held service in the morning.  Jim,  Jane & Hector went.  Two of Wil Dunning‘s girls were here for dinner.  I did not go any where.

Monday 10th   There was a slight shower early in the morning, but it turned out a fine day.  It was windy, but that would dry the ground. In the morning I cut pea sticks near the beach, Jim rode to Leigh to meet the steamer, as Jack Dunning was expected to come by her, he has finished his 3 years as Rhodes Scholar at New College Oxford and has returned home to his parents at Auckland.

Tuesday 11th   It was a fine day.  I planted some Cauliflowers.  Jim was preparing the ground for Onions.  Hector was helping Harry Ashton tail his lambs,  Jack & Alf Dunning called in the afternoon, but they would not stay.  I had a long talk with Jack about his experiences at Oxford.

Wednesday 12th   It was a fine day, but windy.  In the morning I went down to have a yarn with Dolly, she lent me some papers.
I wrote a long letter to Jack, and by the afternoon mail I received a parcel from Jack and Lily containing a nice pair of leather slippers.

Thursday 13th   It was a fine day.  It was the 18th Anniversary of Jim and Janes Wedding day.

Friday 14th   It was a showery day,  My back was bad.  Was not able to work in garden.

Saturday 15th   It rained last night, but it was fine to day.  I planted out a few Cauliflowers, sowed a row of Canadian Wonder  [beans]  and dug over the ground next them.

Sunday 16th   It was a fine day, but windy.  No service here to day.
Mrs Handby and Mabel called here in the afternoon.

Monday 17th   It thundered & lightened and poured with rain early this morning.  To day is the 26th Anniversary of the opening of the new hall at Dacres;   Fred Davey & Noel Wallace staid with us for the first time, and were at the opening of the hall, also Revd Latter who had just been appointed home missionary.
It was blowing so hard I did nothing in the garden.

Tuesday 18th   It was a fine day, but a strong wind was blowing.  I dug up a second time the ground between the tomato sticks.  Also pared all the weeds of the ground that was in cabbages.

Wednesday 19th   It was a fine day and the ground is drying up.
I stuck the first planted peas.  Opened out a trench to sow more peas.

Thursday 20th   It was a very fine day.  I sowed 2 rows of Stratagem Peas

Friday 21st   It was a very fine day.   I dug between the two rows of peas, also a strip next the top fence.  There was Community Singing at Matakana in aid of the local Cricket Club,  Jim,  Jane,  Hector & Mildred went.

Saturday 22nd   It was a very windy day.  I dug a strip next the Eschallots.

Sunday 23rd   It was very fine in the morning.  Mr Yule (Presbyterian) held service in the morning.  All went from here but Jean and I.
Revd Yule and Mr Gow  [sic: Dow]  County Engineers came here for dinner.  Revd Hart held service in the afternoon, all of us went, there were over 20 present,  Collection 18/4½ .  It came on to rain as we came out of church.

Monday 24th   It rained heavily last night, but was file to day, tho windy,  I dug between the tomato sticks , put the pea sticks firmer in the ground that the wind had blown down, dug between the rows.

Tuesday 25th   It was a very blusterous day, strong winds and driving showers of rain and hail.  There was a farewell party in the hall in the evening for Mr & Mrs Redwood and family –  who are leaving Big Omaha.  Mr Redwood has for several years been teaching two half time schools, Takatu & Big Omaha and lately Big Omaha full time school.   Mr Redwood has been appointed to a school in the Te Aroha district.

Wednesday 26th   There was a slight shower in the morning otherwise it was a fine day, and the wind is drying the ground.
In the morning I went down to have a yarn with Dolly.
In the afternoon I dug a broad strip below the tomato stakes.

Thursday 27th    There was heavy rain last night, but it was fine to day.  I finished digging the piece of ground I started yesterday.
Revd Yule called in the afternoon.

Friday 28th   It was fine during the day, but windy, it rained in the late afternoon .  I dug again between the tomato sticks, and broke up the ground next the eschallots.  Jane and Alma went to spend the day at Mr Stewarts.

Saturday 29th   It was a fine day.  In the morning I took up 200 onion plants and sent them to Dolly.  In the afternoon I went to see Mr Whitaker, they lent me some books.  Jane went to Evans, and met the Bromleys who were coming here, when they heard I was out they said they would come tomorrow, they left a bundle of Leicester papers for me.

Sunday 30th   It was a very fine day.  No service here.  The Bromleys came in the afternoon and we had a long talk about dear old Leicester.

The rainfall in September as registered at Warkworth was 6.92 inches.