May 1906

Tuesday 1st   Henry returned from Auckland early this morning in the “Kawau“.
I went down to the wharf in the afternoon to meet the Steamer from Mangawai, but she did not come to time.   Mr Jos  Greenwood and Mrs Jos  Harper were waiting to go away in her to see their father who is dangerously ill.

Wednesday 2nd   We heard this morning that Mr Wm  Greenwood died early this morning at Whangarei.   I went down to the Steamer in the morning afternoon

Thursday 3rd   I went down to the Steamer in the afternoon.
A Steam launch brought Mr Greenwoods body from Whangarei to be buried in the Leigh Cemetery alongside of his wife who predeceased him by 13½  years.   Ernest & Albert Wyatt were digging his grave.
John Greenwood came in the evening to ask me to read the funeral service over his father.

Friday 4th   It was a fine day, but there was a strong wind blowing. Mr William Greenwood was buried in the Leigh Cemetery at 2 pm this afternoon, there was a large attendance of neighbours.   I read the funeral service at the grave.  Mr Greenwood was 84 years of age.

Saturday 5th   Henry was out shooting.  Willie took Joe’s horse over to Ti Point and afterwards he took the bullock down to the wharf and hauled up 1 Sack Bran,  1 Sack of Sharps & 1 box bottles.

Sunday 6th   It was a fine day.  Rev E. G. Evans (Presbyterian) held service in the Hall in the morning.  Willie D.  was here for tea.

Tuesday 8th   Henry rode to Pakiri to shoot, he staid all night at Bob Wyatts.   Willie Dunning was up here in the evening and we played at cards.

Wednesday 9th   Henry returned from Pakiri.  Jane went down to the Steamer in the afternoon she did not get in until after dark.   Mr Roose came in the evening and staid all night, we did not give him an order, we had quite an exitable game of euchre.

Thursday 10th   Henry rode to Wilsons at Dacres Claim in the afternoon and afterwards went to Ti Point and staid all night at Joes. Willie returned from fishing in the afternoon.

Friday 11th   In the morning I went down to the Post Office to post a letter and also to get the mail which came early this morning.   Walter Frearson went to Auckland in his yacht early this morning, he took up the fish that he & neighbours caught last night.  Willie was picking in Apples. I was burning on the ridge next Albert Wyatts, it burnt very clean. Jane and Henry rode to Pakiri in the evening to be present at the anniversary of the Pakiri Hall opening.

Saturday 12th   It was a fine day.  Willie and I were burning grass and tea tree on the farm the other side of the creek.   Messrs Jos Greenwood & B. Birdsall came to get me to witness their signature to a deed.  Henry rode Warkworth way to try and get some men to go down and bush fall for them.

Sunday 13th   It was a beautiful day.  Willie went over to Ti Point in the morning to be ready for fishing tomorrow.  Revd  Walker from St James’ Presbyterian Church Auckland held service in the Hall in the afternoon, he gave us a splendid sermon,  he held service in the Claim Hall in the evening.

Monday 14th   It was a very dull day.  In the morning I was pulling up tea tree in the front.  The first part of the afternoon I was gathering in Apples and afterwards I was pulling up tea tree in the front.   Mr Sadler came for me to witness his signature to some papers in connection with the census.

Tuesday 15th   It was a very disagreeable day, driving showers.  I was pulling up tea tree in the front between the showers.  Henry returned from Matakana in the evening.

Wednesday 16th   It was a fine day.   I commenced to rig up the dipping trough in the pen under the pine tree.  In the afternoon while I was working the Miss Shakespears came and told me that their grandmother had died in Auckland and was to be brought here in the “Kawau” to be buried in this cemetery, so I went down to the funeral,  Mr Aldiss read the funeral service.
Henry, Jane and I went to Mr Archie Dunnings to spend the evening.

Thursday 17th  It was a fine day.  I finished fixing up the dipping tub.
Mr Birdsall came and staid dinner.  Willie returned from Ti Point in the pm.  Henry and Willie got the sheep up into the barley paddock in the evening.

Friday 18th   It was a fine day.   We got up early in the morning and got the sheep in.
We dipped 63 Sheep and we killed a wether.  Harold Torkington was here for dinner.
Jane and Henry went down to the village in the evening and afterwards Henry went to Joe Wyatts.

Saturday 19th   It was a fine day.  Cut up the sheep in the morning and Willie took the mutton out.  Henry rode to Ti Point in the pm and from there he went to Matakana.  I cleaned the pig sty out and bedded the sty out with danthonia hay.  Willie went to Auckland in the evening in the “Kawau” to stay at Wallaces.  I went down to the wharf to see him off.

Sunday 20th   It was a fine day.  Jane and I walked to Ti Point in the morning to spend the day.  We called in at Harolds first then we went down to Joe’s for dinner.  It was Minnie’s birthday  (30 to day)
I returned home early to milk and do other work, but Jane stayed until later in the evening.

Monday 21st   It was a fine day.  In the morning I cut down a kerosine tin for Jane, finished digging the kumeras and then picked in all the seed Dun Beans.  In the afternoon I picked and packed 4 Cases kentucky Red Streak Apples and 1 Do Red Warrior.

Tuesday 22nd   Several showers during the day.  I picked 1 Case Red Warrior Apples.  Henry returned from Pakiri in the morning and he rode to Matakana in the evening to be present at a Social given by Sandy Matthew on the occasion of his marriage with Miss Croker.

Wednesday 23rd   It was a fine day.  Henry returned from Matakana early in the afternoon.  I packed the bottled fruit, jams & a case of pears for Henry to take with him, these things and my 6 Cases of Apples I took down to the beach wharf in the afternoon.  Ernest Pratt brought a pig dog that Henry bought of him to take home with him,  Ernest staid here all night.  We had a few friends to spend the evening as a send off for Henry , namely Mr & Mrs and Willie Dunning, Mabel & Ernest Wyatt,  Albert and his wife and Ernest Pratt.  We amused ourselves by playing cards.

Thursday 24th   Empire Day.  Jane and I and Ernest Pratt went down to the “Kawau” to see Henry off.  The Steamer left the wharf at 9.30 am.  I was digging in the far side of the orchard in the afternoon.

Friday 25th   It was a fine day.  I went down to the Post Office in the morning to post some letters in the morning, also got the mail that was landed from the “Kawau” early this morning.  The remainder of the day I was digging the far side of the orchard round a Beurre Clairgeau.  Jane and I went down to the Hall in the evening to attend the Annual Meeting of the Tennis Club.  Jane was put on the Committee.

Saturday 26th   It was a fine day.  Jane went down to the Steamer in the morning to give the Captain a small parcel to take up to Henry, she remained out all day, visiting Aunt Jane down at the beach.
I was digging in the orchard all day.  I collected leaves and dug then in round the young Beurre Clairgeau trees.

Sunday 27th   It was very dull in the morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon.  Revd Jory (Wesleyan) held service in the afternoon, I attended.  Willie Dunning was here for tea.

Monday 28th   It rained a little last night, and it was very dull all day. The Telegraph men began to put in the Telephone posts in the extention to Pakiri.
I cut some pine logs up and made a fire the far side of the orchard. Also dug under the Beurre Diel.

Tuesday 29th   It was very dull and misty all day.  I was burning pine logs the far side of the orchard.
In the afternoon I went down to the Post Office to post some letters and to get the mail, also was down at the wharf when the “Kawau” called in from Mangawai.  It rained heavily in the evening.

Wednesday 30th   It rained nearly all last night and the ground is very wet.  It did not rain in the morning, but was very dull and misty, wind blowing strong from NE.  In the afternoon I went down to meet the Steamer, she was late in coming round from Big Omaha.  The “Gael” was lying alongside of this wharf, being unable to get into Waipu with this wind.
I sold some eggs and butter to the Steward.  It was raining heavily all the time I was down at the Steamer, and as I was without an overcoat I got very wet and had to change when I got home.

Thursday 31st   There was a misty or driving rain nearly all day, the wind has shifted round to SW.  I was pulling up tea tree on the hill over Haskell’s side all day under the shelter of the bush.
The bridge over the Mangawai river was to be opened today by Mr F. Mander M. H. R.  Not very nice weather for the function.